Visit Chamarel: Top 11 Things To Do and Must-See Attractions


11 Best Things to Do in Chamarel + Where to Stay

In the southwest of Mauritius, Chamarel is a must-visit during your stay!

The area is home to a wide array of natural and cultural sites: a unique geological curiosity in the world, the tallest waterfall on the island, lush forests, as well as a surprising museum and the manufacturing of Mauritian rum!

To help you organize your visit and ensure you don’t miss out on the best things to see in Chamarel, I’ve prepared this complete guide for you.

I’ll list the essential visits to do in Chamarel, giving you all my advice and tips.

From the Seven Coloured Earth to the Ebony Forest Reserve, the Rhumerie, and the Museum of Optical Illusions, you’re sure to be amazed!

So, what to see and do in Chamarel? Where to eat? Where to stay in the region?

I’ll tell you everything!

Why Visit Chamarel?

Chamarel is one of the iconic places in Mauritius.

This small Mauritian village of about 700 inhabitants is nestled in the valley of the same name, between Le Morne and Grande Rivière Noire in the country’s southwest.

Here, the nature is still very preserved, and the scenery is breathtaking.

People spend time in Chamarel to discover its rich and authentic heritage, amidst wild forests, spectacular panoramas, and cultural visits.

The region is especially known for housing the most famous natural curiosity in Mauritius: the renowned Seven Coloured Earth.

But it’s far from being the only wonder to see in the area!

Visiting Chamarel during a stay in Mauritius will delight both nature lovers and the curious who wish to delve deeper into Mauritian culture.

My Advice

Do you want to visit the Chamarel region with a guide? I recommend doing so to make the most of it and be sure not to miss anything!

The full-day excursion allows you to discover all the key sites in Chamarel: the Seven Coloured Earth, the waterfall, and the Rhumerie. And as a bonus, your tour guide-driver will also take you through other emblematic places in the wild southwest of Mauritius: Alexandra Falls, the valley of Grande Rivière Noire, Grand Bassin, and Trou aux Cerfs!

You can find out the full program in detail and book your spot by clicking on the button below (it’s a very popular visit, so if you already have your travel dates, I recommend booking without delay!):

Things to Do in Chamarel

So, are you tempted by a trip to Chamarel during your vacation in Mauritius? To help you plan your excursion, I’ve listed all the must-see sites in this region.

1. The Seven Coloured Earth

It’s THE place to visit in Chamarel and likely one of the most famous locations in the entire country.

The Seven Coloured Earth is an absolutely unmissable natural wonder that you must see during your stay in Mauritius.

You will discover a hill made of multicolored volcanic earth dunes! There are 7 shades of color visible: red, brown, violet, green, blue, violet, and ochre.

My Advice

This area of “rainbow” earth is entirely natural. The amazing gradient of colors is due to the presence of iron and aluminum in the soil in large quantities, related to the breakdown of basalt over time.

To witness this phenomenon with your own eyes, head to the Chamarel Geopark, which is located at the village exit. It’s a private site housing the Seven Coloured Earths and other attractions that I will discuss shortly.

The entrance fee for Chamarel Geopark is 500 rupees per person (about 10-12€) and 250 rupees per child (around 5-6€). With your ticket, you get access to:

  • the Seven Coloured Earth
  • the Chamarel waterfall
  • theturtle park
  • the café and souvenir shop.

It’s actually at the Geopark café where you can taste and buy the authentic Mauritian coffee produced on the volcanic lands of Chamarel. It’s a great souvenir gift to bring back from your vacation in Mauritius 🙂

Count on spending approximately 1.5 hours at the visit.

My Advice

You can save money on the entry ticket price by buying it online. In that case, it only costs 9€ per person, and it also saves you time!

To do this, simply click on the button below:

chamarel seven coloured earths Mauritius
The Seven Coloured Earths – Chamarel

2. Chamarel Waterfall

On the way to or from the Seven Coloured Earth, you can stop by the Chamarel Waterfall located just nearby.

It’s the highest waterfall in Mauritius, so I really recommend you schedule time to see it!

It cascades over the cliffs at a height of more than 100 meters. The view is truly a magnificent sight.

Depending on the time of year, the waterfall is more or less “full” of water. During the rainy season (from December to April), it is even more impressive.

You can admire the waterfall from above on a viewpoint, but you can also descend to see it up close! For that, it’s essential to be accompanied by a guide as the path is not signposted and quite steep. The guided hike to the Chamarel Waterfall is an amazing activity to do in Mauritius. You’ll have 3 hours of adventure with your trekking guide who will take you all the way to the foot of the waterfall, where you can enjoy a refreshing swim!

Book your guide without delay by clicking on the button below:

My Advice

For this excursion, make sure to bring:

  • good closed-toe and waterproof shoes because you’ll be crossing rivers and climbing rocks (no flip-flops or sandals!)
  • your mosquito repellent
  • a snack to refuel before heading back up
  • water, of course
  • your swimsuit and towel if you plan to swim under the waterfall!

Cascade de Chamarel Ile Maurice
Chamarel Waterfall, Mauritius

3. Ebony Forest Reserve

In the same area as the Seven Coloured Earth, you’ll also find the Ebony Forest Reserve.

It’s one of my favorite places to visit in Mauritius!

Not only is it an opportunity to rejuvenate in a magnificent primary tropical forest, but it’s also supporting a crucially important biodiversity conservation project!

The mission of this site is to restore the black ebony forest, which was decimated by colonizers in the 17th century.

This protected forest area undergoing restoration has been open to the public since 2017 and offers several types of visits:

  • 4×4 excursion in the reserve
  • walking through the forest along marked trails
  • guided “Bird Watching” tours
  • 2 to 4-hour guided hikes
  • guided tour with tree planting
  • and more!

During the tour, your guide will explain the various stages of the project, introduce you to the animal and plant species you’ll encounter, and answer all your questions.

Stay alert and keep an eye out, as you’ll have the chance to observe the protected birds and reptiles that inhabit the reserve.

At the end of the visit, you’ll be invited to go (on foot or by 4×4) up to the “Sublime Point,” the highest peak in the reserve which truly lives up to its name.

From this vantage point, you’ll have a stunning view over the entire southwest coast and the Black River Peak, the tallest mountain in Mauritius!

You can order a glass of fresh juice and some Mauritian snacks at the small bar next door, then settle into the palette seats to contemplate this incredible view!

You can find all the details and practical information on how to visit the reserve on the official Ebony Forest website.

4. Chamarel Rhumerie (Distillery)

Another must-visit location in Chamarel: the rhumerie (distillery)!

It’s located as you exit the village heading towards Grand Bassin.

You can’t miss it with its red roofs and tall chimney reaching up to the sky.

Here, they produce high-quality rum made from sugarcane cultivated in the fields all around.

The place is luxurious, highly aesthetic, and beautifully maintained. It feels more like a spa than a distillery!

My Advice

Designed by Mauritian architect Maurice Giraud, Chamarel Rhumerie is considered one of the most beautiful factories in the world!

Here’s what you can do at Chamarel Rhumerie:

  • guided tour of the distillery
  • tasting of various rums distilled on-site
  • shopping in the store
  • lunch or dinner in the upscale restaurant (named L’Alchimiste).

It’s open Monday through Saturday from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

My Advice

Don’t forget that you can combine the Seven Coloured Earth, Chamarel waterfall, and a visit to the Rhumerie (+ other bonuses) by booking the complete guided tour of southwest Mauritius.

If you haven’t booked your spot yet, the link is below:

rhum ile maurice
Tasting Mauritian rums at Chamarel Rhumerie

5. Optical Illusion Museum (The Curious Corner)

If you have some time at the end of your day, you should visit the “The Curious Corner,” a small museum dedicated to optical illusions in Chamarel!

The Curious Corner is located right next to the entrance of the Seven Coloured Earth Geopark.

There, you can discover various rooms with trompe-l’oeils and other fun illusions. You can, for instance, walk on the ceiling in the “Upside Down” room, get lost in the mirror maze, become a giant or a lilliputian, and take lots of funny photos.

It’s a really well-done museum that provides a great time. If you’re looking for a fun family activity to do in Mauritius, I recommend it!

6. What to see around Chamarel?

If you’re staying in the Chamarel area for 2 days or more, you’ll have time to explore the surroundings. Here is a list of must-see places in the area:

Le Morne Brabant

When visiting Chamarel, don’t miss a trip to Le Morne.

Le Morne Brabant is the iconic mountain of Mauritius, UNESCO-listed for its rich natural and historical heritage.

Situated on a peninsula in front of a sublime lagoon, Le Morne oversees the beach sharing its name and is just a 30-minute drive from Chamarel.

You can admire it from below, with your feet in the sand, and even climb it by taking part in a guided hike to the top.

For more information on this excursion and to book your spot, click here.

My Advice

Looking for more ideas of things to do and see at Le Morne Brabant? I’ve prepared a complete guide on all the activities and visits available at Le Morne. Feel free to read it by clicking here: What to do at Le Morne Brabant?

morne montagne
Le Morne Brabant

Baie du Cap Village

Arriving at or departing from Chamarel via the coastal road, you’ll pass through Baie du Cap village.

This small, picturesque coastal village is nestled between the mountains, and it exudes an authentic ambiance that I just love.

Here, most inhabitants are fishermen, farmers, or run small seaside snack bars.

In Baie du Cap, you’ll find a very pretty, wild beach with crystal-clear turquoise water.

As you leave the village on your way back north by car, make sure to stop at Macondé Viewpoint.

It’s a rocky promontory located along the coastal road, offering a spectacular panoramic view of the ocean.

Macondé Road

The Macondé Road, between Baie du Cap and Le Morne, is considered one of the most beautiful roads in the world.

And you’ll see why as you drive along it!

The road follows the coastline and offers breathtaking views over the turquoise sea.

Whether returning from Chamarel or heading there, roll down the window and let yourself be swept away, hair in the wind, on this spectacular stretch of road.

And don’t forget to stop at the Macondé viewpoint to admire the landscape from above and take some photos.

My Advice

If you’re keen on exploring Mauritius by car, I have prepared a special article for you on the best road trip routes in Mauritius, just read it here: Road Trip in Mauritius

La Prairie Beach

Another must-see spot near Chamarel is La Prairie Beach!

It’s one of the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius and it’s not very crowded.

Still wild and untouched, it offers a stunning view of Morne Brabant mountain in the distance, within a peaceful setting.

My Advice

It’s also from this beach that you can take off for a seaplane flight to admire the lagoon from above, and see the unique “underwater waterfalls” of the world!

Click below to book your panoramic seaplane flight over the Morne lagoon:

Mauritius underwater waterfalls
The extraordinary Morne Brabant lagoon, best admired from a seaplane!

Bel Ombre Reserve

Make the most of your stay in Chamarel by spending a day at the Bel Ombre Reserve!

This UNESCO biosphere reserve harbors a remarkable tropical ecosystem that you can discover in several ways:

La Vallée des Couleurs Nature Park

Less than 30 minutes from Chamarel, you can also spend time at La Vallée des Couleurs Nature Park.

This is an adventure park in the wilderness, offering a host of thrilling activities:

My Advice

You can combine a visit to La Vallée des Couleurs Park, the Bois Chéri tea plantations, and the Ganga Talao lake in a single day on a unique 4×4 or buggy guided tour in the south of Mauritius!

Click below to book this adventurous day trip:

Where to Stay in Chamarel?

To fully enjoy everything there is to see in Chamarel and its surroundings, the best option is to stay there for 2-3 days.

To help you save time, I have selected the best accommodations in Chamarel:

  • Surf House: stay with the locals in a comfortable apartment offering views of Le Morne and featuring a beautiful tropical garden. Located in the village of La Gaulette, 2km from the Seven Coloured Earths. The apartment is shared, and each guest has a comfortable room, plus access to a shared kitchen and a large terrace. Double room from just 25€ per night (breakfast option for an additional 5€). Great for an affordable stay in Chamarel!
  • Tam Studio: a studio available for rent, accommodating up to 4 people, 3km from Chamarel’s Geo-park. Very clean, comfortable, and fully equipped. Onsite dining available. Enjoy breakfast on a sunny terrace. Prices start at 45€/night.
  • La Vieille Cheminée: a true haven of peace in nature offering a stunning panorama over the mountains and forest. Stay in cozy, well-equipped cottages, tastefully decorated up in the hills of Chamarel, starting from 190€ per night for two people.
  • Lakaz Chamarel: a luxury hotel set in a beautiful natural environment, offering luxurious suites with panoramic ocean views. The property has a bar, a restaurant, a sauna, a massage cabin, as well as a library, a shop, and a bike rental service. Double rooms start at 260€/night.
  • Hotel Chalets Chamarel: a charming hotel perched on the mountain crest of Chamarel with views of Morne Brabant. The independent chalets are spacious, very comfortable, and quietly situated on the edge of the forest. The hotel restaurant is set in front of a stunning infinity pool. Starting from 300€/night. The perfect place for a relaxing stay in Chamarel!

Where to Eat in Chamarel?

In Chamarel, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the opportunity to savor delicious Mauritian dishes in both authentic village restaurants and upscale establishments. Here are the ones you should visit:

  • Le Palais de Barbizon: A great spot in the heart of Chamarel village. You can enjoy homemade, colorful Mauritian cuisine at modest prices, served by the lovely and warm hosts.
  • Le Bus Snack: This unusual little family-run restaurant is set up in a refitted bus! You can find it between Bel Ombre and Baie du Cap along the coastal road. It offers authentic, delicious Creole cuisine at a really affordable price. A hidden gem!
  • Le Chamarel: An upscale restaurant located in the heights of Chamarel offering sophisticated Mauritian cuisine—a feast for both your palate and eyes with breathtaking views.
  • L’Alchimiste: This is the restaurant of the Chamarel Rhumerie, which I mentioned earlier. Here, you can enjoy refined and tasty European/Creole cuisine. Plus, dining at L’Alchimiste grants you a complimentary guided tour of the distillery!

Travel Insurance for Mauritius: My Advice

My Advice

Many travelers mistakenly believe that healthcare in Mauritius is affordable and that they don’t need travel insurance. In reality, the public health system is fragile and even a simple visit to a private clinic can be very expensive!

That’s why it is essential to have travel insurance that offers good medical coverage before you depart.

To ensure your safety, I recommend the following two insurance policies (both include epidemic coverage, like COVID-19, which is very important!).

Signing up is very simple, just click on the orange links below:

That’s it for this guide dedicated to visiting Chamarel and its region! I hope it helps you plan your stay perfectly. Feel free to share your experience or ask me any questions in the comments section below!

What have you planned for your stay in Chamarel? 🙂

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