Visit Le Morne Brabant: Top 11 Things To Do and Must-See Attractions


Things to do in Le Morne Brabant: The 11 Best Places to Visit and Highlights

Le Morne is one of the most iconic places in Mauritius.

Are you eager to discover this stunning region during your stay in Mauritius?

Well, I’ve got just what you need!

The Morne Brabant, the country’s most famous mountain and a UNESCO World Heritage site, towers over the Southwest coast.

It sits atop a small peninsula, from which you can enjoy a sublime lagoon, idyllic beaches, and lush nature.

In this article, I will give you all my tips and recommendations for visiting Le Morne and its surroundings without missing any of the most beautiful spots.

From hiking on Morne Mountain, lazing on the beach, water sports, exploring the natural wonders of Chamarel, and even seaplane flights, you’re in for a treat!

At the end, I will also list the best restaurants and top hotels for accommodation to help plan your trip.

So, what to do at Le Morne Brabant in Mauritius?

I’m about to tell you everything!

1. Le Morne Beach

Spending time in the Southwest region of Mauritius without visiting the famous Le Morne Beach is simply unthinkable!

Nestled at the foot of Morne Brabant at the tip of the peninsula, it’s ranked among the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius.

Indeed, it has all the characteristics of a dream beach: a long stretch of white sand, crystal clear waters, and palm trees.

With the majestic mountain on one side and the superb Le Morne Bay on the other.

It’s bordered by some luxurious hotels such as the essential LUX Le Morne.

This beach has the advantage of being less crowded and wilder than those in the North or at Flic-en-Flac.

It’s the perfect spot to enjoy a true moment of relaxation and contemplation!

Le Morne Beach
Le Morne Beach

2. Climbing Morne Brabant

An absolute must-do activity during your holidays in Mauritius: climbing Morne Mountain!

It’s one of the most beautiful hiking experiences in Mauritius, offering a stunning panoramic view from the top.

However, it’s only for experienced hikers and those who aren’t afraid of heights.

The trail is not very well marked and there are some rather steep sections. To enjoy this hike safely, I highly recommend hiring a guide.

You’ll benefit from their expertise, experience, and extensive knowledge of the cultural and natural heritage of the area.

The climb takes about 4 hours round-trip, and you can choose between a start at 5 AM or 1:30 PM.

It’s one of the most popular hikes in Mauritius and spots fill up quickly. Hence, you should book your guide in advance.

To do so, simply click on the button below:

Morne Brabant summit
View from Morne Brabant summit

3. La Prairie Beach

La Prairie is another remarkable beach in the Southwest of Mauritius, offering a stunning open view of Morne Brabant.

The beach owes its name to its vast and smooth terrain, with a large part covered in grass, behind the strip of white sand.

The setting is so idyllic that it’s often chosen by newlyweds for their photo shoots.

La Prairie Beach is located along the coastal road leading to Morne Brabant.

Make sure to stop by for a swim, snap a few photos, or simply to admire the breathtaking landscape!

My Advice

La Prairie is among the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius. There are plenty of others to see during your stay, and I’ve listed them in this dedicated article: Top 11 Most Paradisiacal Beaches in Mauritius

La Prairie Beach
View of Morne from La Prairie Beach

4. The Seven Coloured Earth of Chamarel

If you’re wondering what to do at Le Morne, don’t miss out on a trip to Chamarel, less than a 20-minute drive away.

It’s in this charming village where you can marvel at the island’s most famous geological curiosity: the Seven Coloured Earth!

It’s an area of volcanic earth dunes with surprising rainbow color hues.

The area is within a private domain (the Geopark) and requires an entrance fee.

Also on this site, you can discover:

  • the Chamarel waterfall (the highest in Mauritius!)
  • the Ebony Forest Reserve, which I’ll talk about next.

To save time, you can purchase your entrance ticket by clicking below:

The Seven Colored Earth of Chamarel
The Seven Colored Earth of Chamarel

5. Ebony Forest

Take advantage of your visit to the Seven Coloured Earth to also explore the Ebony Forest Reserve, located right next to it.

This forest reserve aims to restore the original ecosystem by replanting endemic species, including the famous ebony wood that was once decimated by the colonists.

The visit is really well organized. Initially, a small museum sets out the context by tracing the entire history of the island in an enjoyable way.

Then a 4×4 shuttle takes you up the reserve to a first viewing area where you will enjoy a guided tour of about 30 minutes.

After that, you can choose to continue the ascent on foot or by shuttle to reach the Sublime Point.

This is the name given to the highest point of the reserve that offers a breath-taking panorama of the entire Southwest coast.

Up there, a small bar even offers you drinks and snacks to enjoy alongside the fantastic view.

My Advice

The Ebony Forest also offers guided hikes, birdwatching sessions for endemic birds, and even the opportunity to participate in tree planting.

Nature lovers should definitely not miss this visit!

You can find all the information on their official website.

6. Île aux Bénitiers Boat Cruise

If you’re heading to Le Morne during your trip to Mauritius, you should definitely set aside a day for a boat trip to Île aux Bénitiers.

This is a must-do cruise in the area, offering a chance to discover the beauty of the lagoon and the small, wild islet offshore on a magnificent catamaran.

You’ll also pass by Crystal Rock, a well-known floating rock in the middle of the water in the region.

Departure is in the morning from the indicated meeting point (La Balise Marina in Black River, about 20 minutes’ drive from Le Morne), where you’ll board the catamaran.

The excursion lasts 6 hours and includes several swimming and snorkeling stops, a barbecue, and unlimited drinks.

To book your cruise to Île aux Bénitiers, simply click below:

My Advice

If you prefer to be picked up directly from your hotel and enjoy a swim with dolphins during the cruise, then click on the button below:

Crystal Rock in Mauritius
“Crystal Rock”, in the lagoon of Le Morne

7. Macondé Road

Another sight to see near Le Morne Brabant is Macondé Road.

This coastal road connects the West to the South of the island, passing through La Prairie, the village of Cap Bay, and the area of Bel Ombre.

This road is ranked among the most beautiful roads in the world, and you’ll understand why once you drive it!

Just past La Prairie heading South, you’ll find the “Macondé Viewpoint” at a hairpin turn.

There are parking spots along the road where you can stop and then climb the stairs that lead to the top of the rock to enjoy the view!

My Advice

They say that on a clear night, you can even see the lights of Réunion Island on the horizon!

My Advice

To admire the beauty of this road and the various places to see around Le Morne without worrying about directions, you can reserve a private driver.

They will pick you up from your hotel and take you to all the places of your choice.

It’s really the best option if you want to make the most of it and/or aren’t comfortable driving on the left side of the road!

To book your guide-driver and visit Mauritius with peace of mind, click on this button:

maconde scenic road mauritius
Maconde Scenic Road, near le Morne Brabant, Mauritius – Credit : Xavier Coiffic

8. Kitesurfing

The Southwest of Mauritius is a favorite meeting spot for kitesurfing enthusiasts!

The warm waters of the lagoon are perfect for kitesurfing, which is a popular water sport in this part of the island, especially on the beaches of Le Morne and La Prairie.

The area even hosts regular international competitions!

Do you want to try kitesurfing in Mauritius?

Whether you’re a beginner or an accomplished kitesurfer, you can take advantage of private lessons to master the waves and get an adrenaline rush!

To book your kitesurfing session at Le Morne, simply click below:

kitesurfing at Le Morne
Kitesurfing at Le Morne

9. Diving and Snorkeling

Another fantastic water activity to enjoy around Le Morne, to discover the richness and beauty of the underwater world, is snorkeling and diving.

The main diving centers in the Le Morne region are:

Whether you want to have your first diving experience or go on an exploration dive, an unforgettable experience awaits you, surrounded by a super friendly team!

Diving in Mauritius
Diving in Mauritius

10. Optical Illusion Museum

Right next to the entrance of the Seven Colored Earths in Chamarel, don’t miss the small museum called “Curious Corner”.

It’s a museum dedicated to optical illusions and I definitely recommend a visit, especially if you’re with children!

I have been there several times myself and I enjoy it just as much each time.

You’ll discover several consecutive rooms, each dedicated to a type of illusion like the upside-down world, the mirror maze, and many other astonishing universes.

The settings are fantastic, it’s truly impressive and fun to do!

Expect to spend about 1 hour for the complete visit.

For more info about this museum, click here.

11. Seaplane Flight

Would you like to discover the Le Morne region from the sky?

Then I suggest you opt for this seaplane tour!

You will take off from La Prairie beach for a flight lasting 15 to 80 minutes, depending on your choice.

You’ll soar over the entire Southwest region and admire Le Morne Brabant, Black River Gorges National Park forests, and the magnificent lagoon with its incredible underwater waterfall.

An eye-popping experience!

To book your seaplane flight over Le Morne now, just click on the button below:

My Advice

The famous underwater waterfall off the coast of Le Morne is actually an optical illusion.

It’s not really a waterfall but rather a marine trench where sand is moved by ocean currents.

A phenomenon unique in the world, a must-see during your stay in Le Morne!

I explain all about it in detail in my dedicated article which you can read here: The Underwater Waterfall of Mauritius.

Seaplane in Mauritius
Seaplane in Mauritius

Where to Eat at Le Morne?

Here are some great places I recommend for dining around Le Morne Brabant:

  • Wapalapam: A delightful restaurant serving local and seafood dishes, with vegetarian options. It’s ideal for recharging after climbing Le Morne!
  • Le Bus Snack: Savor simple, tasty, and affordable Creole cuisine in a unique snack joint set up in a converted bus!
  • Floating Market: A great spot for fans of Asian cuisine!
  • La Palma: The restaurant of the Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa. Located on the beach, it offers delicious Mediterranean dishes with the ocean view and sand between your toes.

Where to Stay at Le Morne?

  • Résidence au Bout du Morne: A family-run guesthouse by the sea, 1km from La Prairie beach. Rooms are spacious, modern, and well-decorated, with a large double bed and a balcony. The hosts are very welcoming and attentive. Budget around 54€/night for two people. Breakfast is delicious and abundant, available as an option for 10€. The perfect choice for an affordable stay at Le Morne Brabant!
  • Pingo Studios: Modern, comfortable, and tastefully decorated independent studios, 5km from Le Morne beach. Each studio includes a well-equipped kitchenette and bathroom. Prices start at 72€ per night for two people.
  • LUX Le Morne Resort: One of the most stunning hotels in Southwest Mauritius, at the foot of Le Morne Brabant with pools, a spa, and direct beach access. Spacious double rooms from 295€ per night.
  • Dinarobin Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa: A pinnacle of luxury, located on Le Morne beach with breathtaking views of the ocean and mountain. You’ll stay in a spacious, modern suite with meticulous decor, about 473€. The best choice for a luxury stay in Mauritius!

Travel Insurance for Mauritius: My Tips

My Advice

Many travelers mistakenly think (wrongly) that healthcare in Mauritius is affordable and that they don’t need travel insurance. But the truth is, the public healthcare system is weak and even the simplest consultation in a private clinic is very expensive!

That’s why it’s essential to get travel insurance with good medical coverage before you leave.

To ensure your safety while traveling, I recommend the following two insurances (both include epidemic coverage – such as COVID-19, which is very important!)

Signing up is easy, simply click on the links below:


Well, this guide on the places to visit at Le Morne Brabant comes to an end here! I hope it has provided you with plenty of ideas and will help you enjoy a fantastic vacation in Mauritius.

Feel free to leave me a comment with any questions, remarks, and/or feedback from your own experiences!

And you, which attractions at Le Morne Brabant are you excited to explore?

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