Underwater Waterfall in Mauritius: The Definitive Guide


How to see the Underwater Waterfall in Mauritius?

Have you heard about an underwater waterfall in Mauritius that has piqued your curiosity?

Makes sense!

It’s hard to imagine that a waterfall under the sea could really exist.

Yet, among its numerous natural curiosities, Mauritius is home to a well-known “underwater waterfall” coveted by fans of extraordinary landscapes.

It is indeed a rare phenomenon, even considered unique in the world. And it’s during your stay in Mauritius that you’ll get the chance to see it with your own eyes!

So, what exactly is this Mauritius underwater waterfall? Where and how can you see it?

I’ll explain everything in this article!

Is the underwater waterfall in Mauritius real or fake?

Actually, the Mauritius underwater waterfall is an optical illusion.

But before uncovering its mystery, let me first tell you where it is located.

This incredible natural mirage is situated a few hundred meters off the coast of Morne Brabant, the emblematic mountain in the southwest of Mauritius.

And here’s what it looks like:

mauritius underwater waterfall
The Mauritius’ underwater waterfall

Impressive, isn’t it?

It’s an unbelievable landscape that you won’t find anywhere else but in Mauritius.

Do you see all that water that appears to fall and plunge into the depths, beneath the sea?

Well, in fact, this illusion of underwater waterfalls has an explanation.

What causes Mauritius underwater waterfall?

It’s not really a waterfall but more a flow of sand and sediments. These are carried from the beaches out to sea by the ocean currents, until they reach a fault where they are pulled to the bottom.

With the different shades of sand colors, it looks like you’re seeing a moving waterfall, bubbling and foamy. But it’s actually a sand waterfall!

Carried by the currents, the sand reaches the edge of the fault and plunges inside. The sediments then fall to a depth of 4000 meters, into the marine fault located there. It’s kind of like a giant hourglass!

How to See the Underwater Waterfall of Mauritius?

Seeing the Morne underwater waterfall with your own eyes is an experience that leaves no one indifferent. Those who have been fortunate enough to witness this spectacle report being awestruck by the beauty of this unusual landscape.

So if you’re eager to treat yourself to this gift during your holiday in Mauritius, you should know that you have several options:

Seeing the Underwater Waterfall During a Seaplane Flight

To fully appreciate the beauty of this mind-blowing optical effect, taking to the skies is a must.

From the coast or from the sea, the waterfall is almost invisible, and the viewing angle does not allow one to witness the illusion. The only way to observe this phenomenon is to see it from the sky.

And for that, you can turn to the team at LagoonFlight, which organizes seaplane flights over the lagoon of Morne and its famous underwater waterfalls.

Takeoff is from La Prairie beach, a beautiful wild beach east of Morne. Accompanied by an experienced professional pilot, you’ll have an incredible panoramic view over the entire southwest coast and its magnificent turquoise lagoon.

For this seaplane flight in Mauritius you can choose from several options:

  • A 15-minute Experience flight: moderate altitude, flyover of the village of Baie du Cap, Macondé rock, the underwater waterfall, Îlot Fourneau, and the village of Morne.
  • A 25-minute Discovery flight: higher altitude, flyover of the waterfall, Îlot Fourneau, Macondé rock, Bel Ombre beach, and Rivière des Galets.
  • A 40-minute Privilege flight: flyover of the underwater waterfall followed by the south coast up to Souillac and Gris Gris beach.
  • An 80-minute Excellence flight: a complete journey along the south coast towards Grand Port in the southeast, and up to Île aux Cerfs before returning.
For this seaplane flight over the Mauritius underwater waterfall, prices start at 139€ per passenger.

Book your scenic seaplane flight in Mauritius directly by clicking the button below (it’s a highly sought-after activity and spots sell out quickly, so I recommend you book as early as possible):


My Advice

The seaplanes can only carry one passenger in addition to the pilot. But if you’re vacationing in Mauritius with your loved one and you don’t want to be apart, you can enjoy a couples flight in two side-by-side seaplanes!

You’ll even have a radio to communicate with each other live and fully share the moment.

To fly over the Morne underwater waterfall as a duo, all you have to do is book your tandem flight by clicking below:

underwater waterfall seaplane
Seaplane flyover of the underwater waterfall

Helicopter Flyover of the Underwater Waterfall

Helicopter tours are also available in Mauritius to fly over the underwater waterfall at Le Morne and get an aerial view of the island.

Destination Soleil offers a 45-minute helicopter tour that takes you over the country’s most beautiful panoramas, including:

  • the village of Chamarel (it’s impressive to see its mosaic of shimmering colors from the sky!)
  • the bustling capital of Port-Louis
  • Tamarin Bay, to try to spot dolphins
  • Île aux Bénitiers with its unique shape
  • the mountains of Le Pouce, Pieter Both, and Morne Brabant
  • the Black River Gorges with their lush forests and waterfalls
  • and of course the underwater waterfall, the highlight of the show!

So, a tourist helicopter flight is another great way to behold the famous “underwater waterfall”!

The price is higher than that of the seaplane flight, but the advantage is that you can be together in the helicopter and share this truly intimate moment. Each helicopter can carry 4 to 6 passengers, unlike the seaplane which only has one seat in addition to the pilot.

You can already book your Mauritius helicopter flight over by clicking the button below:

Other Ways to See the Underwater Waterfall

Not a fan of flying? Prefer to keep your feet firmly on the ground?

Or maybe you simply don’t have the budget for a seaplane or helicopter flight?

In that case, I have three solutions to allow you to still see the underwater waterfall of Mauritius (even though, of course, it’s nothing like the thrill and sensation of seeing it from above with your own eyes).

1. See the Waterfall from the Top of Morne Brabant

If you embark on the hike to the summit of Morne Mountain, you will be treated to a stunning view of the entire South coast. From there, you can spot the underwater waterfall in the distance, although you won’t see the illusion. But it’s still super cool!

It’s best to hike with a guide for your safety and to benefit from their extensive knowledge throughout the hike.

Book your guided hike at Morne Brabant very easily by clicking below:

randonnee morne brabant
Hiking Morne Brabant in the South West of Mauritius

2. View the Underwater Cascade of Mauritius in Video

If you can’t go see it in person, you can settle for admiring the illusion of the waterfall in a video.

It also gives you a preview of what awaits you during your future seaplane flight or helicopter ride.

You will find several videos of the waterfall on the Internet, including this one which is quite good, shot with a drone:

3. See the Underwater Waterfall on Google Map

Know that you can also view the underwater waterfall of Mauritius comfortably from home using Google Map, or more specifically Google Earth! To see it, click directly here and activate the “Satellite” mode.
Here’s a screenshot from my computer, to give you an idea of what it looks like:
cascade sous marine googlemap
Underwater Waterfall of Mauritius on Google Earth


  • Can you swim in underwater waterfall Mauritius?

It is not recommended at all due to the currents. It is also quite far offshore and, to my knowledge, there are no diving sessions organized at this site.

  • Is the underwater waterfall in Mauritius a dangerous site?

The underwater waterfall in Mauritius does not represent any particular danger as it is observed from a distance.

Travel Insurance for Mauritius: My Advice

My Advice

Many travelers mistakenly think (wrongly) that healthcare in Mauritius is affordable and that they don’t need travel insurance. But in reality, the public healthcare system is fragile and even a simple consultation in a private clinic can be very costly!

That’s why it is essential to take out a travel insurance that offers good medical coverage before you leave.

For a safe journey, I recommend the following two insurances (both include epidemic coverage, like COVID-19, very important!)

To subscribe, it’s very easy, just click on the orange links below:

And you, do you plan to see the underwater waterfall during your stay in Mauritius?

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