9 Natural Wonders to Discover in Mauritius


Natural Wonders in Mauritius: 9 Extraordinary Places to Discover

Are you looking to explore the natural wonders of Mauritius during your stay?

Great idea!

From bizarre landscapes, astonishing colors to remarkable geological formations: Mauritian nature is full of delightful surprises.

In this article, I’ve listed the 9 most unique natural sites that you can see on the island.

Some are highly touristic like the Seven Coloured Earths of Chamarel, and others much less known like the Pont Naturel or the Trou aux Cerfs crater, allowing you to venture off the beaten path!

And you’ll see that most of these wonders are located in the south of the island, which is the region that is the most wild and preserved in the country.

You can discover these natural curiosities through hikes, sea cruises, guided excursions or simple strolls!

So, are you ready to explore these 9 unusual places in Mauritius?

Let’s go!

1. The Underwater Waterfall

It’s probably the most bizarre and most spectacular natural site that you’ll see in Mauritius.

A waterfall… under the water, located in the lagoon of Morne Brabant, in the southwest of the country.

The Mauritius underwater waterfall (also known as the “underwater waterfall”) is talked about all over the world, simply because it’s a phenomenon unlike any other on Earth!

To see this extraordinary waterfall with your own eyes, there aren’t many options: you must fly over it!

And for that, the best solution is to book a seaplane flight. If you want a memorable experience during your stay in Mauritius, I assure you that this experience is second to none.

It’s the team at LagoonFlight that has been successfully organizing these panoramic flights for several years. The take-off is from La Prairie beach, right next to Morne and the flights last from 15 to 80 minutes depending on the package chosen.

To get all the details about this activity and book your seaplane flight above the underwater waterfall, just click on the button below:

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Travel Mauritius Tip

By the way, LagoonFlight offers solo flights but also duo flights! Each in your own seaplane with a pilot, you fly side by side and are connected by radio to communicate in real-time with your partner.

To book your panoramic flight as a couple above the underwater waterfall of Mauritius, click below:

underwater waterfall seaplane
Seaplane flight over the underwater waterfall

To learn more...

As you might guess, the underwater waterfall is not exactly a water cascade beneath the sea. It’s more of an optical illusion

To understand the explanation behind this phenomenon, I invite you to read the complete article that I’ve prepared on this incredible curiosity: The Underwater Waterfall of Morne – Explanations

2. The Seven Colored Earth

If you’re wondering what the most famous natural attraction on the island of Mauritius is, here it is: the Seven Colored Earth.

This celebrated site is located in Chamarel and draws a lot of visitors every year.

And it’s no surprise, as it’s not something you see everywhere: an expanse of rainbow-hued earth dunes, displaying shades of ochre, red, orange, green, blue, and purple.

The Seven Colored Earths of Chamarel are indeed a beautiful geological curiosity to behold. This array of colors is explained by the presence of certain minerals in the volcanic soil. As they oxidize, these minerals like iron or aluminum color the earth.

To admire it, head over to the Chamarel Geopark. There’s an entrance fee (about 10€ for adults) which also includes a walk to the Chamarel waterfall, the highest waterfall in Mauritius.

Mauritius Travel Tip

If you’d like to enjoy a guided tour in Chamarel, you can opt for the private full-day excursion in the southwest of Mauritius.

You’ll be taken care of by a Mauritian guide-driver who will handle the driving and will share all his knowledge about his country with you.

The tour includes all the highlights of the region: Grand Bassin, Alexandra Falls, Trou aux Cerfs crater, and of course, the Seven Colored Earth of Chamarel as well as the waterfall.

It’s a very popular activity so I advise you not to wait too long to book your spot. You can do so easily by clicking the button below:

To know more...

If you plan to visit the Seven Colored Earth during your vacation in Mauritius, don’t miss out on the other tours and activities to do in Chamarel.

I’ve listed everything in this article: What to Do and See in Chamarel?

Seven Colored Earth of Chamarel
The Seven Colored Earth of Chamarel

3. Eau Bleue

You simply can’t talk about the unusual natural sites on Mauritius without mentioning Eau Bleue.

This breathtaking spot is much less touristy, in fact, it’s still fairly unknown on Mauritius.

Located in the southeast region, just a few minutes’ drive from Mahébourg inland, Eau Bleue is truly a hidden gem.

Eau Bleue, which means “Blue Water,” is appropriately named as it consists of a series of waterfalls cascading into pools of bright turquoise water.

It’s an enchanting spot, especially for photography enthusiasts, offering countless opportunities for stunning pictures!

To find Eau Bleue, you’ll need to be vigilant. It’s camouflaged behind trees, invisible from the road, and not indicated by any signs.

You have to go to the small village of Cluny and follow the B83 road. Look for the “CWA Water Tank” pumping station and park at the entrance to a nearby sugar cane field (do not leave your car by the roadside, it’s very dangerous).

From the station, continue on foot, following the path that crosses the sugar cane field towards the trees. You’ll soon come across the first waterfall, and then the others as you move up the river.

Mauritius Travel Tip

It can be very tempting to swim in the turquoise pools, and you can do so, but exercise caution as the pools are very deep and there may be strong currents.

If you’re into adventure and seeking excitement, you can also go canyoning at Eau Bleue!

It’s actually one of the most beautiful canyoning spots on Mauritius. The agenda includes a 3-hour circuit with natural slides, jumps, and abseiling, topped off with a picnic by the water to finish beautifully!

All of this is supervised by a certified instructor who will guide you and ensure your safety. The course isn’t too difficult and is accessible to children from 10 years old and up.

To book your canyoning session at Eau Bleue, click below:

Eau Bleue
Eau Bleue

4. Pieter Both Mountain

Mauritius is a volcanic island filled with hills and mountains.

Among them, one stands out for its truly unique shape and is particularly emblematic of Mauritius.

That would be Pieter Both Mountain, located in the center of the island near the town of Moka.

What makes it special is its peak formed by a kind of “ball” that appears to balance precariously on a spike.

From a distance, the shape of this mountain might remind you of a human silhouette, which is why it was named Pieter Both (after the former Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies who died in Mauritius).

Pieter Both reaches an altitude of 820 meters and is the second highest peak on the island.

You can admire it from the road if you come to the center of Mauritius (for example, to visit the Creole house of Eureka).

Mountain hiking enthusiasts will also have the pleasure of climbing it to get a closer look at the strange rock formation.

The ascent of Pieter Both involves both hiking and climbing with a fairly high level of difficulty. Therefore, it is a hike reserved for the fit!

For your safety and to avoid getting lost as the path is not marked, it is essential to hire a professional guide for this hike.

Jah is an expert mountain guide who organizes guided hikes on Pieter Both. The excursion lasts between 7 and 8 hours (starting at 7:30 AM) and the price is 4000 rupees per person (around 80€).

The package includes:

  • All safety equipment for an optimal and enjoyable climb
  • Professional photos captured with an Insta 360 camera to help you keep a great memory of this adventure.

If you already have your travel dates for Mauritius, you can book this incredible excursion now. To do so, send a Whatsapp message to +23059024487 stating the desired date(s), the number of participants, and their ages. Note that the ascent is limited to a group of 6 people maximum.

pieter both
Pieter Both

5. The Pont Naturel

In the southeast near Mahébourg, you can traverse the wild coast and discover a geological curiosity aptly named: the Pont Naturel (Natural Bridge).

It’s a formation of volcanic rocks with a surprising shape. Carved by the waves over time, it has taken the form of a bridge about 2 meters long, connecting two sections of cliffs over the sea.

The entire area is very windy and prone to impressive waves that crash against the rocks. Caution is advised, but the place is truly beautiful.

However, to get there, you must travel on very rocky paths, so it’s not accessible with all types of vehicles.

If you don’t have a 4×4, a great idea is to join an ATV excursion that takes you to the Pont Naturel and other must-see locations in the wild southern part of Mauritius.

This guided ATV tour in the wild south lasts about 3 hours and allows you to discover all the most beautiful spots of this still very preserved coastline. In addition to the Natural Bridge, you will also pass by the wild beaches of Bouchon or Cambuse.

You can book your place by clicking the button below:

natural bridge ATV tour
Natural Bridge ATV Tour

6. Le Souffleur (The Spouter)

If you’re going to see the Pont Naturel, you should not miss the other natural attraction located right next to it.

It’s Le Souffleur, also situated along the rocky cliffs of the coastline.

As its name suggests, Le Souffleur (meaning “spouter”) refers to a narrow cliff area where waves rush in and are violently “blasted” back out by the rocks.

When it’s particularly windy, it’s quite impressive to witness. And it’s also very exotic since the landscape is vastly different from the rest of Mauritius!

It’s possible to walk from the Pont Naturel to The Spouter by following the coast, taking about 30 minutes.

Travel Tip for Mauritius

If you want to discover this unique spot in a more fun way, I recommend the guided Fat Bike tour along this preserved coastline inaccessible by car.

The fat bike is an all-terrain bicycle with large tires and electric assistance. It allows you to cover long distances on any type of path, without getting tired.

From the Pont Naturel to Le Souffleur, passing by the wild beaches of the South, this guided Fat Bike tour lets you explore the entire wild southern coast of Mauritius.

Book your Fat Bike tour in the south of Mauritius without delay by clicking below:

Find out more...

To prepare your visit to the Southeast of Mauritius and learn about all the best things to see and do around The Spouter and the Natural Bridge, I invite you to read my dedicated article about this region: What to do and see in the Southeast of Mauritius?

7. La Roche qui Pleure (the Weeping Rock)

When I told you that the south of Mauritius is full of unusual wild sites… here’s another one!

La Roche qui Pleure is a section of cliff located at the southernmost point of the island.

To see this Mauritian natural curiosity, head to Gris Gris beach.

If you follow the beach eastwards, you’ll come across a piece of volcanic cliff that juts out into the sea.

Signs marked “Roche qui Pleure” also lead you directly there by road if you’re by car.

You can go right up to the end of the cliff. By leaning over slightly, you can then admire the infamous rock against which waves crash relentlessly.

It’s because the rock is constantly wet and dripping with water droplets that it has been given the poetic name of The Weeping Rock.

Travel Tip for Mauritius

If you wish to combine the discovery of Gris Gris cliffs and La Roche qui Pleure with a guided excursion, I recommend this full-day guided tour of the South which includes:

  • A visit to Île aux Aigrettes (a nature reserve accessible only by booking)
  • A lunch break at Blue Bay beach
  • A visit to La Vanille Nature Park
  • A stop at Gris Gris beach and La Roche qui Pleure

This private excursion should be booked in advance by clicking on this button:

plage gris gris
Gris Gris beach with The Weeping Rock in the background

8. Crystal Rock

Another natural wonder to see in Mauritius is the Crystal Rock, a coral rock that seems to float in the middle of the turquoise water.

This very emblematic rock in Mauritius is located on the Southwest side of the country, in the lagoon between Le Morne and Black River.

During your stay in Mauritius, you’ll have the chance to see it by taking part in a boat trip to Île aux Bénitiers, the elongated-shaped islet located opposite Le Morne Brabant.

Boats heading to this islet always make a stop at the Crystal Rock which is just a few meters behind it.

You can observe and photograph this stunning scene: a solitary rock formed of corals and topped with vegetation, set in the middle of the translucent lagoon.

A Site to Preserve

The area surrounding this extraordinary rock is inhabited by numerous fish, corals, and other marine species. It’s important to respect this place to prevent its degradation.

Unfortunately, many people do not hesitate to touch the rock, swim around and even climb on it. This is not something I recommend doing. The underwater life here is fragile and it’s important to preserve it.

To book your excursion to Île aux Bénitiers, including a stop at Crystal Rock, you just have to click on the button below:

Crystal Rock Mauritius
Crystal Rock Mauritius

9. Trou aux Cerfs

If you’d like to venture a bit off the beaten path during your vacation in Mauritius, here’s a natural curiosity that isn’t very touristy.

It’s Trou aux Cerfs, a volcanic crater 300 meters in diameter located right in the center of the island near the town of Curepipe.

Over the millennia, this former volcano has filled with water and become a perfectly round natural lake, surrounded by forest.

There’s a beautiful walk to be had on the trail that goes around it.

From the heights around the crater, you also get lovely views of the surroundings: the town of Curepipe, Trois Mamelles mountain and Mount Saint Pierre notably.

Taking a walk at Trou aux Cerfs is a great idea for a nature outing in Mauritius to enjoy a moment of peace.

The Voyage Île Maurice Tip

To save time on your sightseeing schedule, you can combine this stroll at Trou aux Cerfs with other iconic locations in the South by joining a one-day guided tour.

Accompanied by a guide-driver, you’ll be taken to different places to discover the southwest of Mauritius. On the agenda for this excursion:

  • Chamarel, with its rum distillery, waterfall, and colored earth
  • the picturesque village of Cap Bay
  • the sacred lake of Grand Bassin
  • Black River Gorges
  • Trou aux Cerfs
  • and as a bonus, a visit to a model ship factory in Curepipe.

This private tour day needs to be booked in advance. It’s very simple, you just have to click below:

Trou aux Cerfs Mauritius
Trou aux Cerfs Mauritius

Bonus: Shark Pit

I have one last natural curiosity to add to this list, especially for diving enthusiasts.

If you enjoy diving and unique places, here’s an exceptional underwater site to explore during your stay in Mauritius: Shark Pit!

This extraordinary spot is located in the north of Mauritius, off the coast of Grand Baie, and more specifically to the north of Plate Island.

Beneath the sea in this area lies a sort of shallow pit where numerous reef sharks regularly gather.

Divers are invited to dive in and observe these creatures in their natural habitat.

Rest assured, these sharks are not aggressive and tolerate divers well, provided that you do not disturb them and follow the instructions given by accompanying instructors.

A dive that promises thrills and adrenaline will surely be a highlight of your stay in Mauritius!

To dive with sharks in Mauritius, you need to contact a diving center in the North or West of the island.

I personally recommend Sunset Diving Center located in Grand Baie, which offers this dive and is an excellent center (voted best diving center of Mauritius in 2022!).

To save time you can already book your diving session with Sunset Diving online by clicking the button below:

To find out more...

Are you planning to go diving during your stay in Mauritius? Don’t hesitate to read my dedicated article on this activity. I list the best diving spots on the island and the best diving centers to help you organize. To read it, click here: Scuba Diving in Mauritius

Travel Insurance for Mauritius: My Advice

Voyage Ile Maurice Tip

Many travelers wrongly believe that healthcare in Mauritius is affordable and that they do not need travel insurance. But in reality, the public healthcare system is fragile, and even a basic consultation in a private clinic can be very expensive!

That’s why it’s essential to take out travel insurance with good medical coverage before you depart.

For a safe trip, I recommend the following two insurances (both include epidemic coverage – like Covid-19 -, which is very important!)

To subscribe, it’s very simple, you just need to click on the orange links below:

Book your trip and save!

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