Nature Lodge in Mauritius: Experience a Dream Stay amidst Nature


The 11 Best Nature Lodges in Mauritius

Are you yearning for a truly authentic experience for your next vacation in Mauritius?

Stay at an eco lodge!

These little havens of peace nestled in the heart of nature promise a rejuvenating stay, perfect for disconnecting from routine.

In this article, I will take you on a journey to discover the 11 best nature lodges in Mauritius.

From safari tents by the river to mountain chalets, from the bubble lodge deep in the forest to treehouses, Mauritius has something to surprise and enchant you.

You can live this unique experience throughout your vacation in Mauritius, or just for a short pleasant break, depending on what you’re after.

Whether you’re seeking an eco-friendly stay, in search of authenticity, or simply eager to recharge in an enchanting setting, these eco-lodges have everything to make for an unforgettable experience.

So, what are the most beautiful eco-lodges in Mauritius?

Let’s find out right away!

What is an Eco-Lodge (or Nature Lodge)?

An eco-lodge (or nature lodge) is a type of tourist accommodation built in harmony with nature and designed to have a minimal impact on the environment.

The nature lodges in Mauritius are usually located in preserved natural areas, whether in forests, mountains, or by the seaside.

The aim is to offer an authentic experience to visitors while contributing to the preservation of local ecosystems.

These accommodations in the wild typically offer basic equipment without skimping on comfort. In fact, some are quite luxurious!

By definition, an eco-lodge also incorporates a system of sustainable management which may include waste sorting, promoting green energy, and the use of natural and local products.

Whether in Mauritius or elsewhere, the eco-lodge is part of the ecotourism movement, also known as responsible tourism.

It’s a way to experience peaceful vacations close to nature while minimizing your environmental impact.

Why Choose an Eco-Lodge in Mauritius?

If you have that yearning for green tourism and eco-friendly holidays in Mauritius, the nature lodge is the perfect accommodation choice.

In Mauritius, eco lodges often combine luxury with nature, allowing for a comfortable stay away from the hustle and bustle in breathtaking surroundings.

For me, it’s the ideal way to escape everyday life and experience true reconnection with oneself.

Most eco-friendly accommodations in Mauritius offer a variety of outdoor activities to explore the surroundings and serve delicious homemade local cuisine. It’s perfect for experiencing a real moment out of time and discovering Mauritius differently.

Unlike hotels and guesthouses, eco-lodges blend into the natural environment allowing you to enjoy the peace and connect with nature.

It’s a fantastic idea for a stay if you’re looking to start a digital detox and completely disconnect from work and/or smartphones even just for a few days! I can tell you, it does wonders.

In short, choose an eco-lodge in Mauritius if you want to experience comfort in the heart of nature and enjoy a rejuvenating and eco-friendly holiday in a dream-like setting.

There are 2 ways to consider a stay at an eco-lodge in Mauritius. You can either:

  • choose to stay for a few days, in the middle or at the end of your trip, for a nature break
  • or spend your entire holiday there for an extended period of full disconnection.

So, are you tempted? To help you choose your eco-lodge in Mauritius, here are the 11 most beautiful and welcoming eco-lodges on the island:

The Best Eco-Lodges in Mauritius

1- Otentic Ecotent Experience

Otentic lives up to its name and is actually my favorite eco-lodge in Mauritius. I’ve stayed there several times and it’s always a delight.

It offers a unique eco-accommodation experience in Mauritius, featuring safari tents for your stay. These well-appointed tents offer perfect comfort, with one double bed and two single beds per tent, a large private terrace, and an open-air bathroom.

Everything is made from natural materials, mostly upcycled ones, including palettes and wooden crates. Each tent can accommodate up to 4 adults (or 2 adults and 3 children).

The site is situated by the riverbank on the east coast of Mauritius, at the mouth of the Grande Rivière Sud-Est which flows into the Indian Ocean.

Île aux Cerfs is practically right opposite. You can take advantage of the boat shuttles that leave each morning from Otentic’s shore for a few hours’ stopover at the islet.

The lodge is halfway between the lagoon and the Grande Rivière Sud-Est waterfall, one of the most beautiful on the island.

By staying at Otentic, you will also have access to several activities to discover the surrounding nature: hiking, biking, kayaking, paddle boarding, kitesurfing…

All activities, including the shuttle to Île aux Cerfs, are included in the price of the accommodation.

In addition to your personal tent, you can join the friendly communal area by the river which includes a bar, a restaurant, and a pool. The food offered at Otentic is homemade and simply exquisite, from breakfast to dinner.

In short, a dream stay, authentic and intense, awaits you at this superb eco-lodge. You should stay for at least 2 nights to really take everything in.

You should book as soon as possible because Otentic is very popular and often fully booked several months in advance.

Book your stay without delay by clicking the button below:

otentic maurice
Otentic Mauritius

2- Bubble Lodge Ile aux Cerfs

Sleeping in a transparent bubble in the midst of nature, well protected yet with a direct view of the surrounding nature and the stars… Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it?

Well, this is an experience to be had on the beautiful Île aux Cerfs!

The Bubble Lodge Île aux Cerfs is an unusual and luxurious accommodation, nestled in the heart of this paradisiacal islet.

The suites are set up in transparent-walled bubbles of around 24m², offering a panoramic view of the surroundings. Here you enjoy the comfort of a five-star hotel while being immersed in the natural environment.

Each bubble features a queen-size double bed, a lounge area, a shower room, and a furnished outdoor terrace, all in a modern and refined style.

You can choose from 4 suites for 4 different experiences:

  • the Banyan Tree Bubble, nestled under a magnificent century-old banyan tree
  • the Ocean Bubble, for waking up facing the sea
  • the Lake Bubble, overlooking a peaceful body of water
  • the Lake and Sea View Bubble, between the lake and the lagoon!

Meals are served at the golf club restaurant located a few meters away. And the cherry on top, the stay also includes a butler service available to meet all your needs and offer personalized service.

This is the kind of eco-lodge in Mauritius you treat yourself to for an exceptional getaway of a night or two, to live a unique experience.

Imagine falling asleep while gazing at the starry sky from your cozy bed, and waking up with the sunrise and the song of birds!

Again, think of booking in advance as this is a highly sought-after accommodation.

Book your stay at Bubble Lodge Île aux Cerfs by clicking directly below:

bubble lodge ile aux cerfs
Bubble Lodge Île aux Cerfs, Mauritius

3. Ferney Nature Lodge

Now let’s head to the Southeast, right into the heart of the lush Ferney Valley for a dream stay at Ferney Nature Lodge.

Overlooking the entire nature reserve, this eco-lodge in Mauritius exudes a chic safari style with wood, thatch, and rattan, blending seamlessly into the natural environment around it.

This eco-friendly lodging in Mauritius has 4 double rooms offering optimal comfort, each with a direct view of the valley from the floor-to-ceiling windows facing the bed.

The rooms are decorated with elegance and modernity, each featuring a private bathroom and a terrace.

Ferney Nature Lodge also has a cozy communal lounge and a large panoramic terrace where you can enjoy delicious local and seasonal cuisine, against an incredible landscape backdrop.

Guests can also take advantage of the infinity pool which also overlooks the verdant valley.

Located in a secluded spot, accessible only via the estate’s 4×4 shuttles, it’s an unparalleled oasis of peace and nature. From the lodge, you even have direct access to hiking trails that allow you to explore the reserve.

This sublime natural haven is located near Mahébourg, just 15 minutes from the airport.

It could, for instance, be your final retreat in Mauritius to end your trip on a high note!

Click on the button below to book your stay at Ferney Nature Lodge:

Ferney Nature Lodge
Ferney Nature Lodge

4. La Vieille Cheminée

Here’s another eco-cottage in Mauritius, charmingly named La Vieille Cheminée. This eco-lodge is nestled in the Southwest, in the mountainous region of Chamarel.

At La Vieille Cheminée, you’ll stay in a small local farm at the core of the endemic tropical forest. Surrounded by nature, you will be accommodated in a rustic cottage with all the necessary comforts. Some even come with a fireplace!

Yes, it can get chilly in the evenings at altitude, so this is the ideal place to enjoy tranquil evenings by the fireside. Each lodge also has a private bathroom, its own kitchen, a barbecue area, and a small garden.

The six individual lodges are well spaced apart from each other, ensuring real and enjoyable privacy.

The location of this lodge is exceptional, set within a dense mountain forest area on an estate where respect for nature is of utmost importance. In this farm, fruits and vegetables are grown using sustainable agriculture. It is even possible to order meals made from the farm’s local products.

The small grocery store on-site also offers provisions for those who wish to cook for themselves.

La Vieille Cheminée offers a variety of activities to enhance your stay, including guided tours and hiking. Not to forget the swimming pool located at the top of the estate, where the view of the surrounding mountains is simply breathtaking!

If you yearn for an authentic and eco-friendly stay in Mauritius, this is the perfect eco-lodge for you.

To easily book your stay at La Vieille Cheminée, click here:

La Vieille Cheminée
La Vieille Cheminée

5. Bubble Lodge Bois Chéri

Believe it or not, there’s more than one bubble lodge in Mauritius!

The one at Bois Chéri also promises an extraordinary stay in the midst of nature, under the stars!

This unique eco-lodge is situated within the Bois Chéri Estate, the epicenter of Mauritian tea production. The area is renowned for its expansive tea plantations and a historic tea factory.

You can spend a few nights in this one-of-a-kind, verdant location, comfortably ensconced in a transparent bubble decked out like a five-star suite.

The lodges are nestled in a lush green setting where nature’s tranquility reigns supreme, with direct views of the lake. Each bubble can accommodate up to 2 adults and 2 children.

Meals are served in the estate’s restaurant located about a hundred meters away. Its terrace overlooks the lake and tea plantations, providing a stunning view of the surrounding waters and tea fields.

The estate is also home to semi-domesticated animals that roam freely: pigs, deer, chickens, roosters, and cats, which adds to the charm of the place and is sure to delight children.

A stay at the Bubble Lodge Bois Chéri also includes access to several activities: hiking on the estate’s trails, tea tasting, visiting the museum and tea factory.

This eco-lodge in the south of Mauritius is perfect for an extraordinary escape during your vacation. You’ll also be ideally located to explore the South/Southwest region of the island, being less than 10 minutes away from the sacred Grand Bassin lake.

Book your nights at the Bubble Lodge Bois Chéri by clicking on this button:

bubble lodge bois cheri
bubble lodge bois cheri

6. Lakaz Chamarel

Can’t decide between an eco-lodge and a luxury hotel for your vacation in Mauritius?

I have the perfect compromise for you: stay at Lakaz Chamarel!

This nature hotel in Mauritius, with authentic charm, is perched high in the heart of the lush Chamarel forest.

It welcomes you to an idyllic and intimate setting, boasting a panoramic view of the ocean below.

At Lakaz Chamarel, you’ll experience the comfort and luxury of a four-star hotel, while being surrounded by nature, peace, and far from the bustling resorts.

The suites are simply exquisite, each with its own private pool and views of the forest and sea.

You can savor Mauritian specialties at the estate’s restaurant, and get pampered in the outdoor wellness center which includes a sauna and a massage cabin.

This is the lodge to choose if you want to experience eco-luxury in Mauritius!

Book your stay at Lakaz Chamarel by clicking below (it’s a highly sought-after establishment so don’t delay):

lakaz chamarel
lakaz chamarel

7. Chalets Chamarel

Let me introduce you to Chalets Chamarel, another luxurious and nature hotel in Mauritius.

It’s definitely one of the most beautiful 4-star hotels on the entire island of Mauritius. But what is it doing in the section for eco-lodges, you might ask?

Actually, it’s a hybrid between an eco-lodge and a luxury hotel, welcoming you in individual chalets perched on the mountain’s ridge.

Not only is the setting breathtaking, but you’ll also enjoy an intimate atmosphere in the tranquility of nature, with staff dedicated to pampering you.

From your room, you have a panoramic view of the surroundings, on one side the lagoon and the West coast, and on the other, the Chamarel forest.

Each chalet is spacious and ultra comfortable, featuring a bedroom with a double bed, a sitting area, a bathroom, as well as a furnished terrace.

The meals (a real treat!) are served at the domain’s restaurant, where the view is unparalleled. You can also take advantage of the gorgeous infinity pool located right next to the restaurant.

When it comes to activities, there are several hiking trails nearby for you to explore the surroundings. Plus, you’ll be ideally situated to visit the Seven Coloured Earth, the rum distillery, and all the must-see spots in Chamarel!

Click below to book your stay at Chalets Chamarel, located in the South-West of Mauritius:

chalets chamarel
The incredible setting of the eco-lodge Les Chalets Chamarel

8. EvaZion

If you are in search of eco-tourism in Mauritius, you can also spend all or part of your stay at EvaZion, located on the East coast.

This eco-friendly guesthouse is set in an unusual environment, amidst a jungle landscape along the riverbank.

Its location is the main strong point, offering direct access to the river just outside your room. With kayaks provided by the owners, you can go on an adventure, reaching the lagoon on one side and the magnificent Grande Rivière Sud Est waterfall on the other.

The establishment also features a swimming pool, an airport shuttle service, and car rental.

The rooms are decorated simply, yet are very comfortable and impeccably clean. In the morning, you wake up to the songs of birds, and in the evening, the ballet of fruit bats lulls you to sleep.

The cuisine is another strong point of this accommodation! The breakfast served each morning at the restaurant or on the terrace is hearty and truly delicious. A daily dinner is also offered, homemade with fresh and local ingredients.

The hosts are lovely and provide great advice. You can also count on them to organize your visits and excursions in the area, especially to Île aux Cerfs, Île aux Aigrettes, and Vallée de Ferney.

If you are looking for an accommodation in Mauritius in the heart of nature within a preserved setting, and at a very reasonable price, EvaZion is the eco-lodge to choose.

Click below to easily book your stay at EvaZion, on the East coast of Mauritius:


9. The Good Life Eco Lodges

This charming eco-lodge is located on the North coast of Mauritius, near the resort town of Grand Baie.

The Good Life Eco Lodges is an adults-only retreat, making it a perfect choice for a romantic stay or a getaway with friends in Mauritius.

Greeted by the lovely host couple, you’ll stay in a spacious and beautifully decorated individual lodge, just 500m away from one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, Cap Malheureux.

With its elegant decor, lush gardens and peaceful surroundings, this ecolodge is truly a little paradise on Earth. You’ll have free access to the stunning tropical garden, the superb swimming pool and the sunny terrace for the most rejuvenating stay.

Every morning, a hearty breakfast is served on the terrace which delight both your eyes and taste buds for a great start to the day.

The establishment also includes a restaurant with a packed lunch service, as well as bike and car rental services.

Focused on a “healthy lifestyle”, The Good Life offers fresh fruits, healthy and tasty cuisine, and even on-site yoga classes. It’s also worth noting that the lodge is a non-smoking establishment.

This is the ecolodge to choose in Mauritius if you dream of an ultra-zen seaside stay!

Book your nights as early as possible by clicking the button below:

the good life ecolodge mauritius
the good life ecolodge mauritius

10. Tree Lodge Mauritius

Are you a fan of unusual accommodations? For a unique stay in Mauritius, consider spending a few nights at Tree Lodge Mauritius.

As the name suggests, it’s a tree house nestled in a tree! The wooden cabin with a thatched roof is simple and comfortable, about 15m² in size, complete with a double bed and a balcony-terrace. The separate bathroom and toilet are located on the ground level.

This accommodation is situated on a family-owned property that also rents out villas, just a 10-minute drive from Bellemare beach. It’s an ideal base if you’re looking to explore the East of Mauritius.

From high in your treehouse, you’ll enjoy views of the beautiful tropical garden and the pool.

The breakfast is really good, and you can choose to enjoy it on your elevated terrace or in the garden. Dinner at the property is also available.

Besides the unique and tranquil setting, the owner, Yannick, is a super friendly host full of thoughtful gestures and great advice.

A one-of-a-kind address in Mauritius for an adventurous stay with a delightful taste of childhood!

If you already have your travel dates, book your stay at Tree Lodge Mauritius directly by clicking below:

tree lodge mauritius
tree lodge mauritius

11- Green Cottage Chamarel

We wrap up this guide to the best eco-lodges in Mauritius with another unique and exceptional place: Green Cottage Chamarel, a charming little house located in the midst of a private park.

Set against a stunning natural backdrop, this lovely cottage can accommodate up to 6 guests for a peaceful stay in the beautiful Chamarel region.

The accommodation is spacious, clean, comfortable and very well-equipped (refrigerator, dishwasher, coffee machine, etc.). It offers a true country cottage ambiance, with a tropical twist.

You’ll enjoy the beautiful garden with mountain views, and the large terrace overlooking it. Spending evenings outside by the wood fire also contributes to making your stay at Green Cottage Chamarel so enchanting and warm.

I recommend this lodge for a timeless moment, surrounded by nature, during your family stay in Mauritius.

Staying here is a great opportunity to explore the Chamarel region. For those who love hiking, there are also several hiking trailheads near the cottage.

To book your stay at Green Cottage Chamarel is quite simple: just click the button below:

green cottage chamarel
Green Cottage Chamarel

Travel insurance for Mauritius: My advice

My Advice

Many travelers mistakenly believe that healthcare in Mauritius is affordable and that they don’t need travel insurance. But in reality, the public healthcare system is fragile, and even the slightest consultation in a private clinic is very expensive!

That’s why it’s crucial to get travel insurance before you leave that offers good medical coverage.

To ensure your safety, I recommend the following two insurances (both include epidemic coverage – like Covid-19 -, which is very important!)

Signing up is easy, just click on the links below:

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