Visit Port-Louis: Top 21 Things To Do and Must-See Attractions


Things to do in Port-Louis: The 21 Best Places to Visit and Highlights

Want to visit Port Louis, the capital, during your stay in Mauritius?

Excellent choice!

Because Mauritius isn’t just about beaches, it’s also a country with a very rich historical and cultural heritage!

A visit to Port Louis allows you to immerse yourself in the real local life and learn more about the history and multicultural character of the country.

There are truly many things to see in Port Louis. The central market and Caudan Waterfront are must-visits. You can extend your stroll to the vibrant streets of China Town and up to the Citadel, which boasts a superb viewpoint over the city.

Visiting Port Louis also means discovering interesting museums, historic monuments, and magnificent religious buildings.

In this article, I will tell you all about the best things to do in Port Louis, along with my tips and recommendations.

Also, at the end of the article, you’ll find the restaurants you shouldn’t miss in the Mauritian capital, as well as my accommodation suggestions.

So, what can you see and do in Port Louis, on the west coast of Mauritius?

I’ll explain everything in this guide!

1. The Central Market

You simply can’t visit Port Louis without making a stop at the Central Market, the largest covered market in the city!

Open daily from 5:30 am to 5:30 pm (except Sunday when it closes at noon), the Port Louis market is located at the corner of Corderie Street and Queen Street.

Be prepared for a sensory overload: heaps of spices, huge displays of colorful fruits and vegetables, and local culinary specialties await you.

On the ground floor, you’ll find fruits and vegetables. Upstairs, there are souvenirs and craft items.

If you’re feeling peckish, there’s also a “food court” with local dishes and snacks to enjoy: boiled noodles, fried noodles, faratas, and also chili cakes, samosas, fruit juices, aloudas, and much more!

In fact, if you’re interested in Mauritian cuisine, I recommend this gourmet guided tour of Port Louis.

Your guide will take you to the Central Market and through the bustling streets of the capital to try the best street-food while sharing interesting anecdotes about the history and culture of Port Louis. Click here to book your spot.

My Advice

Don’t hesitate to haggle prices and to say no if you’re not interested in buying. The vendors at the Central Market can be a bit insistent with visitors, but it’s part of the experience!

central market port louis
Central Market Port Louis

2. Caudan Waterfront

One of the best things to do in Port Louis is to take a stroll at Caudan Waterfront!

Caudan is the oldest shopping center on the island. Outdoors, it resembles a small village with shops, restaurants, and a seaside promenade.

The main thoroughfare of Caudan is decorated with colorful umbrellas. It’s even called the Umbrella Alley.

It’s lined with shops on each side and punctuated by small carts selling a variety of treats: fresh fruit juices to quench your thirst, local pastries to indulge, and savory snacks to satisfy your appetite!

Things to do at Caudan:

  • take a walk along the waterfront
  • dine at a restaurant
  • enjoy some shopping
  • try your luck at the casino
  • catch a movie
  • experience the outdoor concerts on weekend evenings

And if you fancy a night out, there is also a performance venue at Caudan: the Caudan Arts Centre. It hosts plays, concerts, dance performances, and other local and international events. You can check out the program right here.

At Caudan, you’ll also find the Craft Market where you can shop for souvenirs to take home. There’s a bit of everything: clothes, handicrafts, local artists’ work, spices, rum, vanilla pods…

Another thing I recommend doing at Caudan: visit the Blue Penny Museum!

It’s a small museum dedicated to the colonial history of Mauritius. It’s very interesting and you can quickly tour it in about an hour.

You’ll find the museum at the entrance of Caudan, near the parking area. Admission is about 5€ for adults and 3€ for children. The museum is open every day except Sunday, from 10 am to 5 pm.

Umbrella Alley Port Louis Mauritius
Umbrella Alley Port Louis Mauritius

3. Place d’Armes

At the city’s entrance, Place d’Armes is a highly symbolic site for Mauritius and its history.

Located right in front of the Caudan waterfront, it connects the port to the Government House at the top of the street and is lined with several rows of century-old palm trees, forming the historic center of Port Louis.

Several statues of famous figures who contributed to the country’s development stand here. Prominently, there’s a statue of Mahé de Labourdonnais, the founder of the first French colony in Mauritius.

Among the other statues at Place d’Armes, you can also see:

  • Queen Victoria, former queen of the United Kingdom, which Mauritius was once a part of
  • Sir John Pope Hennessy, a former British Governor of the colony
  • Sir William Newton, who contributed to the establishment of democracy in Mauritius
  • Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam, the “father of the nation,” who led Mauritius to independence in 1968

At the very top of Place d’Armes, you can admire the Government House, an imposing building dating from the 16th century. Also, don’t miss the Treasury Building right next to it. Built between 1883 and 1889, it currently serves as the office of the Prime Minister.

My Advice

To make your Mauritius holiday truly unforgettable, there’s nothing better than including some exciting excursions and activities in your stay!

Here’s my Top 5 experiences not to miss during your trip to Mauritius:

(Click the orange links for details and to reserve your spots)

1. Catamaran cruise to the Northern islets – A day at sea in a heavenly setting with stops at several islands

2. Seaplane flight over the underwater waterfall – A breathtaking experience you must try at least once in your lifetime!

3. Full-day cruise to Île aux Cerfs (with onboard barbecue) – Sail in the stunning Eastern lagoon, snorkel and explore Île aux Cerfs

4. Private tour of the Southwest – Discover Chamarel, Black River Gorges, Grand Bassin, and more, accompanied by a passionate local guide

5. Guided sunrise hike up Morne Brabant – THE essential hike in Mauritius, with exceptional views from the summit!

BONUS – My personal favorite: Kayak excursion on Amber Island – An off-the-beaten-path adventure through a mangrove forest!

4. The Jardin de la Compagnie

Less than 300m away from Place d’Armes, to the left at the top of the street, The Jardin de la Compagnie is another must-see attraction in Port Louis.

This small public garden is a little green oasis amidst the city’s buildings. It’s known for its impressive trees: centuries-old giant banyans with characteristic long aerial roots that stretch from the branches down to the ground.

You will also find several statues of men who contributed to the building of Port Louis.

Up until a few years ago, The Company’s Garden was poorly maintained and even downright neglected. It has been recently renovated and has become a very welcoming spot for a lunch break or a leisurely stroll, sheltered from the sun and the city’s heat. There are several benches to sit on as well as a kiosk.

If you go around noon, you’ll see that many locals settle down on benches to eat. Nearby, you’ll find a small market where you can purchase some Mauritian treats to enjoy on a bench in the Garden.

jardin de la compagnie port louis
The Company’s Garden, Port Louis

5. China Town

Following Place d’Armes, Le Caudan, and The Company’s Garden, China Town is another essential area to explore in Port Louis.

As you might guess, it’s the Chinese district of the city. You can’t miss its entrance, marked by a large gate.

It’s just a 10-minute walk from The Company’s Garden or Place d’Armes.

China Town is worth visiting for its impressive collection of street art that decorates many walls, its quaint little shops, and its Asian restaurants.

My Advice

Back in the 1940s, a group of Chinese immigrants settled in Mauritius and brought life to this typical neighborhood. In fact, Mauritius’ China Town is one of the first Chinese districts in Africa.

My Advice

The best way to ensure you don’t miss out and to enjoy a truly enriching visit of China Town is to opt for the Port Louis street-food guided tour. You’ll discover its most beautiful nooks and its finest specialties with the help of a local guide who is passionate about the area.

Book your guided tour of Port Louis and China Town by clicking the button below:

china town port louis
China Town, Port Louis

6. The Citadel (or Fort Adelaide)

When visiting Port Louis, make sure not to miss a climb up to The Citadel, also known as Fort Adelaide.

This old fortress was built in the 19th century by the British. It overlooks Port Louis from the top of a hill and served to protect the city from invaders.

From there, you can admire a stunning panoramic view of the city, the harbor, and the surrounding mountains.

My Advice

Fort Adelaide was named in honor of Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen, the wife of William IV, king of the United Kingdom (which included Mauritius at the time of construction).

The hike up to The Citadel takes about 30 minutes from China Town if you take the stairs just before Sebastopol Street. Be aware, it’s quite a climb!

If you’d rather not walk, you can also drive by car. There’s a small parking lot where you can park right next to the entrance.

My Advice

To learn more about the history of Mauritius’ capital, you should consider this full-day guided excursion that allows you to combine:

  • A tour of all the must-see sights in Port Louis (the Citadel, Le Caudan, the central market, China Town, and more).
  • + several iconic sites in the North of the island (the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden, Cap Malheureux Church, and the black tea factory).

Additionally, this guided tour of Port Louis and the North includes round-trip transfers to your hotel. This full day only costs €22 per person (for a group of at least 4 people).

This tour is highly popular, so don’t delay and book your place by clicking the button below:

fort adelaide port louis
Fort Adelaide Port Louis

7. Admire Street Art

Port Louis is also a city of street art! There are over 70 urban artworks scattered here and there.

They are mainly located in China Town, but you can also find them around Le Caudan, Bourbon Street, and Edith Cavell Street.

Most of them were created as part of the “Porlwi by Light” festival and through initiatives by the New Chinatown Foundation, which aims to revitalize and enhance the Chinese district of Port Louis.

With manga characters, abstract art, and symbols of China and Mauritius, the artworks are varied, colorful, and add a new dimension to the charm of the city.

During your stroll, have fun finding them and taking great photos.

In recent years, street art hunting has become one of the essential things to do in Port Louis!

port louis street art
“Manga” street art in a Port Louis street, Mauritius – Credit: Isabelle Decotter
port louis mauritius street art
A mural worth seeing in China Town, Port Louis, Mauritius

8. Port Louis Theatre

Among the historical sites to visit in Port-Louis, you can’t miss the theatre on Remy Ollier Street, just behind the Government House.

Built in 1820, it’s one of the oldest theatres in the Indian Ocean, and even the Southern Hemisphere! Its architecture is modeled after Italian theatres, with a U-shaped auditorium featuring several floors of balconies.

The Port Louis theatre hosted theatre and opera performances throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. In those days, it was the heart of artistic, cultural, and social life in the city.

Companies performed shows there up until the 1980s, before successive cyclones severely damaged the building.

The theatre has seen little use since then and completely closed in 2008. Restoration projects are currently underway.

theatre port louis
Theatre Port Louis
My Advice

Easily plan your trip to Mauritius with my ready-to-go itinerary suggestions! Whether you’re planning a 5-day trip, a week, 10 days, 15 days, or even a 3-week holiday, I’ve put together the best itineraries for you to follow.

Don’t hesitate to check them out by clicking the links below:

9. Discovering Street Food

While exploring Port Louis, you won’t be able to ignore the enticing aromas and food vendors on every street corner. Indeed, street food is an integral part of the city’s culture.

Mauritian cuisine is a mix of Creole, Indian, Asian, and European cultures. And there’s no better place than Port-Louis to discover the likes of dholl puri, roti, macatia, biryani, gâteaux piments, and other sweet and savory delights.

For this, I recommend this guided culinary tour. Accompanied by a local guide, you will be taken to the best spots in the capital to savor delicious Mauritian specialties while learning about the city’s history.

Book your food tour in Port-Louis by clicking below:

street food ile maurice
Preparing faratas, a delicious Mauritian specialty to discover in Port-Louis

10. Admire the View from Signal Mountain

Another activity to do in Port Louis, this time a little outside the city, is to climb to the summit of Signal Mountain!

Rest assured, it’s an easy climb on a smooth trail. It takes about 30 to 40 minutes of walking to reach the top. From the summit, you’ll get a over Port-Louis, the ocean, and part of the West Coast.

To get to the starting point (about 5km from the city center), drive and park at the base of the mountain. Then, simply follow the broad concrete path up.

My Advice

The best way to end the day is with this walk, to admire the sunset view!

montagne signaux port louis maurice
View of Port-Louis, climbing towards the summit of Signal Mountain

11. Visit the Aapravasi Ghat

If you’re still wondering what to do in Port-Louis, Aapravasi Ghat is another must-visit. Especially for history buffs!

This UNESCO World Heritage museum is dedicated to the history of indentured laborers who came to Mauritius after the abolition of slavery.

These workers arrived in Mauritius by the thousands in the 19th century, mainly from India, to work in the sugarcane fields and sugar production.

The museum is set up in the old “Aapravasi Ghat” (meaning “immigrants’ arrival place” in Hindi). Built in 1849, it’s where the immigrants were welcomed, registered, and contracted by plantation overseers.

These laborers were contractually obligated for 5 years, but many settled in Mauritius permanently and started families.

Today, a significant portion of the island’s current population descend directly from these indentured laborers. Aapravasi Ghat is thus a historical site and an important place of remembrance for understanding the country’s history.

The museum is located along the seafront, opposite the bus station, and entry is free. Plan for about 1 hour for the visit. You will explore the remains of the buildings, see objects that belonged to the workers, and learn their story through information panels.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm, and Saturday from 9 am to 12 pm. Closed on Sundays and public holidays.

My Advice

There is no parking on site. If you’ve come by car, the best option is to park at Caudan’s parking lot and then walk to the museum in just 10 minutes.

aapravasi ghat ile maurice
The Aapravasi Ghat museum, a must-visit in Port Louis, Mauritius

12. Visit the Natural History Museum of Port Louis

The Natural History Museum is another interesting place to visit in Port Louis. It’s located opposite the Company’s Garden in a beautiful colonial house.

Built in 1842, it’s the oldest museum in the country and the whole of Southern Africa. And the good news is: entry is free.

Inside this small museum, you can admire a collection of insects, shells, fish, reptiles, and other endemic species of Mauritius. But the star attraction that draws most visitors is the authentic dodo skeleton on display.

Found in 1900 (over 200 years after the species’ extinction), it’s one of the only complete dodo skeletons in existence today.

The collection of natural specimens is found on the ground floor of the museum, while an exhibition about the history of Mauritius during the two World Wars is displayed on the upper floor.

The museum is open daily from 9 am to 4 pm (except Wednesdays when it opens at 11 am), and on Saturdays from 9 am to 12 pm. You should plan about 1.5 hours for your visit to see everything.

dodo ile maurice
dodo ile maurice

13. Go Shopping

Port Louis is also the shopping capital of Mauritius!

If you’re looking for an activity idea in Port Louis in addition to sightseeing, you’ll find tons of things to purchase.

From clothes and fabrics, spices, handicrafts, vanilla pods, to rum and other souvenirs to take back in your suitcase, Port Louis is brimming with treasures.

For clothes and fabric, you’ll find great deals at the market on Dr Edouard Laurent street. There you will find lots of ready-to-wear and accessories at affordable prices. If you want to buy spices and fruits, head over to the Central Market or China Town.

Caudan Waterfront is also a prime shopping spot, but tends to cater to higher budgets. There you can find upscale boutiques offering clothes, cosmetics, shoes, etc.

For souvenirs, I recommend the Craft Market at Caudan, China Town or the central market.

14. Saint Louis Cathedral

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, Port Louis is home to stunning religious buildings. Here, churches, Hindu temples, mosques, and pagodas coexist, reflecting the cultural diversity that characterizes Mauritius so well.

Among these buildings, Saint Louis Cathedral is one of the country’s most significant Catholic churches. It dates back to the mid-18th century and was rebuilt several times over the centuries due to damage caused by cyclones.

This cathedral’s particularity is its cross shape when viewed from above. Inside you can admire several stained glass windows, an imposing altar, statues, and paintings.

port louis cathedrale
port louis cathedrale

15. Madurai Mariamen Temple

Right next to Caudan, the Hindu Madurai Mariamen Temple is another must-see religious building in Port Louis.

It’s truly magnificent with its mosaic of vivid colors and all the details in its structure made of sculptures and statues of deities.

It was recently repainted and its colors are more vibrant than ever, much to the delight of our eyes!

It’s a very peaceful spiritual place, perfect for a relaxing break during your busy sightseeing day in Port-Louis.

The temple is open to the public for free every day:

  • Monday to Thursday from 6 am to 5 pm
  • Friday from 6 am to 7 pm
  • Saturday from 6 am to 4 pm
  • and Sunday from 6 am to 1 pm.
temple port louis
temple port louis

16. Tien Tan Pagoda

The Chinese Tien Tan Pagoda (also Thien-Thane) is another must-see monument in Port Louis. It’s known for being one of the most beautiful pagodas on the island.

Built in the 1960s, it’s situated at the foot of the Signal Mountain, a bit outside of the city in a quiet and peaceful location. Click here to see its exact location on Google Maps.

The setting is beautiful and particularly photogenic. The bright red staircase contrasts superbly with the green mountain in the background.

You can also enter to visit the interior.

tien tan pagode port louis
tien tan pagode port louis

17. Jummah Mosque

During your itinerary in Port Louis, take a moment to visit the beautiful Jummah Mosque. It’s the second oldest mosque in Mauritius and also one of the largest in the country.

Built in 1853, it’s located at the entrance of ChinaTown, roughly a 3-minute walk from the Central Market.

You can admire its stunning architecture, which combines Islamic, Indian, and Creole influences. Feel free to enter and visit as the interior is just as aesthetic.

The mosque is open to the public every day outside of prayer times.

jummah mosque port louis
Jummah Mosque Port Louis

18. The House of Digital Art

We end this guide of the best things to see in Port Louis with an innovative and brand-new cultural center: The House of Digital Art.

If modern and digital art interests you, it’s a visit you should plan during your stay in Mauritius.

The House of Digital Art is located in the city center on Edith Cavell Street (about a 10-minute walk from Caudan Waterfront).

It hosts temporary exhibitions that blend digital art, street art, augmented reality works, and immersive experiences.

A cool family activity in Port Louis!

Find all the detailed information about the current exhibitions and purchase your entrance tickets on their official website.

How to Get to Port Louis?

There are several ways to get to Port Louis:

  • By car: you can come to Port Louis with your rental car or taxi. From the north coast (Grand Bay), it’ll take about 40 minutes. If you’re starting from the west coast (Flic-en-Flac), the trip takes around 45 minutes. Expect about 1 hour of travel from the east coast (Belle Mare) or the southeast (Mahébourg).

My Advice

Where to park in Port Louis?

To park in the city center, the hourly rate is 30 to 40 rupees (less than 1€), and you can buy the coupons at gas stations in the city. However, it’s quite difficult to find parking spots.

For ease, you should park at the Caudan and then walk to the city center.

The outdoor parking, on the port side, costs 50 rupees for the first 4 hours, then an additional 50 rupees per extra hour. It’s free on weekdays starting from 4 pm, on Saturdays from 12:30 pm, and all day on Sundays.

There’s also a covered parking on the other side, which is a bit more expensive.

  • By bus: this is the most economical way to go to Port Louis. Bus tickets cost about 1€, depending on your departure point. There are direct buses from Grand Bay. You’ll arrive at one of the two city bus stations: Immigration Square or Victoria station. It’s a quick walk to Caudan or the city center from these two terminals.


  • By tram (Metro Express): you can also take the Metro Express to Port Louis (the Victoria station is the last stop). This tram is relatively new and only serves a few areas on the island. As of writing, it’s possible to reach Port Louis from Quatre Bornes or Curepipe. The ticket costs around 40 to 55 rupees (1€ or less).

Where to Eat in Port-Louis?

Feeling hungry during your visit to Port-Louis? The capital of Mauritius is full of great spots for lunch or dinner.

Here’s my selection of the best restaurants in Port-Louis:

  • Wapalapam: considered by many to be the best restaurant in Port-Louis for its refreshing ambiance and delicious mix of Creole and European influences.
  • Maraz: the place I recommend for a quick local lunch! It’s where you can enjoy the best dholl puri in Port-Louis!
  • Le Courtyard: a charming little restaurant tucked away in an alleyway of Port-Louis. Enjoy the lovely outdoor terrace, refined cuisine made from fresh and local ingredients, and a very pleasant atmosphere.
  • Le Café Shangai: an iconic restaurant in China Town where you can taste delicious Sino-Mauritian and traditional Chinese dishes.
  • Namasté: if you enjoy Indian cuisine, you should definitely try this restaurant located within the confines of the Caudan. The menu is varied, and the dishes are hearty and flavorful (Tip: it’s better to speak English as the servers are Indian and don’t speak French).
  • The food-court at Caudan (next to Umbrella Alley): for an enjoyable and affordable meal in a friendly setting. There’s plenty of choices: from Asian steamed dumplings to paninis, burgers, and local specialties like “bol renversé”, stir-fried noodles, fried rice, and boiled noodles.

How Many Days to Visit Port-Louis?

In my opinion, one day is enough to visit Port-Louis during your holiday in Mauritius (especially if it’s your first time on the island as there are many other things to see).

My Advice

The gourmet guided tour I mentioned earlier is a perfect way to see most of the city’s points of interest in 3 hours. It’s an ideal solution for foodies to get acquainted with the Mauritian capital.

The tour ends at 2 pm, which leaves you time afterward if you want to explore a bit more. For instance, you could visit the pagoda and then take a stroll up to Signal Mountain, or even visit the House of Digital Arts Museum.

If you haven’t booked your spot yet, here’s the reservation link again: I book my Port-Louis street-food guided tour now.

Plan for a day and a half or at most two days if you really want to thoroughly visit the capital. Here’s an itinerary to help you plan:

Day 1:

  • a quick tour of the Central Market
  • strolling through China Town and stopping by the Jummah Mosque
  • walking past Place d’Armes and the Theater
  • a quick lunch at Company’s Garden
  • visiting the Natural History Museum
  • seeing the temple Madurai Mariamen
  • shopping at Caudan

Day 2:

  • visiting Aapravasi Ghat
  • heading up to the Citadel, passing by the St. Louis Cathedral
  • touring the museum The House of Digital Art
  • checking out the Tien Tan Pagoda
  • taking a walk to the top of Signal Mountain at sunset

Where to Stay in Port-Louis?

I wouldn’t recommend staying in Port-Louis as the city isn’t really set up for accommodation. There are, in fact, very few lodging options. Instead, you should opt for accommodation on the coast and plan a day to visit Port-Louis.

However, if you really must stay in Port-Louis, there are 2 beautiful hotels on the waterfront, in the Caudan area:

  • Labourdonnais Watefront Hotel: a 5-star establishment overlooking the port with direct access to Caudan Waterfront. Double rooms with spacious and elegant balconies. Refined decoration, grandiose lobby, and luxurious ambiance. The hotel features a spa and gym, two restaurants and a pool. Starting at 445€ per night for two people.
  • Le Suffren Hotel & Marina: a 4-star hotel with a small private beach on the bay of Port-Louis. Elegant decoration with a seaside atmosphere. Spacious rooms with a sitting area. Guests can enjoy the pool, wellness center and fitness room. Free boat shuttle to the city.

What to Visit Around Port-Louis?

Here are the main attractions and sights to see around Port-Louis:

1. The Pamplemousses Botanical Garden

This is one of the most famous places in Mauritius. The botanical garden, which spans over 37 hectares and was created in the 18th century by Pierre Poivre, is located just 15 minutes by car from Port-Louis. It is home to a rich collection of plant species from all over the world.

Some are truly impressive, such as the huge centuries-old baobabs, the giant water lilies, and the talipots, which bloom only once before dying.

Furthermore, I highly recommend opting for a guided tour as there are few explanatory signs in the garden. The guides make the visit much more interesting and you will learn a lot.

Pamplemousses Garden
Pamplemousses Garden

2. L’Aventure du Sucre Museum

Located less than 20 minutes from Port-Louis, L’Aventure du Sucre is a museum dedicated to the history of sugarcane in Mauritius.

Set in an old sugar factory that operated for 200 years, you will move through 10 interactive thematic areas designed to inform you about sugarcane, its various uses, and how it contributed to the development of Mauritius over the centuries.

If you’re visiting Mauritius with children, there is a special route designed for them. A great activity to do with the family in Mauritius!

The museum is open every day except Sunday, from 10 AM to 4 PM.

3. The Labourdonnais Castle (Château Labourdonnais)

Another sight to see near Port-Louis is Labourdonnais Castle, which is just over 20 minutes away by car.

It is an old colonial mansion where you can visit the various rooms furnished as they were in the past, the orchards, and the large garden.

The visit also includes a tasting of rums, juices, and fruit pastes produced on the estate!

The castle is open every day from 9 AM to 4 PM (including Sunday).

Labourdonnais Castle Mauritius
Labourdonnais Castle Mauritius

Travel Insurance for Mauritius: My Advice

Mauritius Travel Tip

Many travelers mistakenly think that healthcare in Mauritius is affordable and that they don’t need travel insurance. But in reality, the public health care system is fragile and even a simple consultation in a private clinic can be very expensive!

That’s why it’s essential to take out travel insurance with good medical coverage before you leave.

For peace of mind, I recommend the following two insurance providers (both include epidemic coverage – such as for Covid-19, which is very important!):

Signing up is easy, you just need to click on the orange links below:

And you, what are you planning to do in Port Louis?

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