2 weeks in Mauritius: Epic 14-15 day Itinerary (First Time Visit)


2 Weeks in Mauritius: What to Do and See?

Vacation time is approaching, and you’ve had the brilliant idea of spending 15 days soaking up the sun, more precisely, in Mauritius?

In that case, you’re in the right place!

Here, I propose an optimized itinerary for a 2-week stay in Mauritius.

As the island is quite small, spending 14-15 days in Mauritius allows you to fully tour it and enjoy all that this amazing country has to offer.

On the agenda: endless paradisiacal beaches, trekking through the tropical forest, visiting Mahébourg and the capital Port Louis, as well as a short trip to Rodrigues, a small sparsely inhabited Mauritian island.

To easily prepare for your trip and not miss any must-see places in Mauritius, I invite you to follow this guided 5-step itinerary designed especially for you!

Step 1: The North of Mauritius (3 Days)

Your plane has landed, and you have only one desire: to start exploring this paradise island!

First things first, I recommend taking care of the practical aspects of your stay. And that starts with getting a car, as it is almost essential to have one on the island.

While Mauritius has good public transport, the journey times can cause significant delays and may disrupt your schedule.

The best option, then, is to rent a car.

For this, I recommend using Booking.com Cars. It’s the service I always use for my trips and I have never been disappointed!

Booking Cars allows you to:

  • Easily compare the prices of all car rental companies in Mauritius in just a few clicks
  • Read other customer reviews
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  • Modify or cancel your booking for free
  • Enjoy a Best Price Guarantee: if you find a cheaper deal elsewhere, they will refund you the difference!

This is definitely what I recommend for a worry-free trip to Mauritius.

To compare car rental prices in Mauritius, you just need to click on the button below:

Once you’ve got your ride, I suggest you start your 15 days in Mauritius by visiting the North of the country.

In this region, you’ll find all the picturesque “postcard” views of the island. It’s the best way to dive right into the experience!

To fully enjoy the area, plan on spending 3 days visiting it.

Day 1: The Beaches

On the first day of your 2-week holiday in Mauritius, go discover the most beautiful beaches in the North.

Grand Baie beach is one of the most charming and popular with both tourists and locals. Its colorful boats and roaming vendors make it an unusual and vibrant place.

Relax on the white sands and try the different local specialties (samosas, roti, dholl puri…).

Just 3 km away, don’t miss a visit to Pereybère beach, a small family-friendly beach bordered by villas.

The clear shallow waters extending for several meters make it ideal for an afternoon swim with the kids. It’s the perfect beach for a relaxing family moment.

In the same area, Mont Choisy and Trou aux Biches beaches should also be included in your itinerary.

The first is a long idyllic beach that offers a peaceful and calm environment.

Conversely, Trou aux Biches is a lively beach with a variety of water sports and snack bars to choose from.

I highly recommend also making a trip to Cap Malheureux, just a 10-minute drive from Grand Baie.

It’s one of my favorite spots in Mauritius: an iconic beach with its bright red-roofed church, an intimate setting, and the Coin de Mire islet on the horizon. A rejuvenating and one-of-a-kind place!

You can finish the day in Grand Baie. The town comes to life in the evening with its numerous restaurants and bars.

My Advice

If you’re looking for a restaurant in the north of Mauritius, I have 3 to recommend in particular:

  • Shlomo (on Grand Baie’s coastal road): a charming little family-run coffee shop where you can enjoy delicious and innovative dishes made with fresh, local products. Whenever I’m in Grand Baie, this is my go-to place for a meal!
  • Les Canisses: great food, but I especially love it for its location, allowing you to dine on the beach overlooking the turquoise sea.
  • Luigi’s Pizzeria (located in Mont Choisy shopping center): their dishes and desserts are really good and the small outdoor terrace is super pleasant.

Day 2: Cruise in Grand Baie

For your second day in the north of Mauritius, I suggest you treat yourself to a little cruise towards the northern islets!

Numerous boat excursions are offered all over Mauritius.

The one I recommend is the catamaran cruise from Grand Baie, which will take you close to Coin de Mire Island, Flat Island, and Gabriel Island.

Plan for a full day at sea, with swimming and snorkeling breaks.

Drinks and lunch on board are included.

This activity is very popular, so you need to book your spots early. To do this, click the green button below:

My Advice

To best prepare for your 2 days around Grand Baie, you should read my detailed article: What to do and see in Grand Baie?

Trou aux Biches, Mauritius
Trou aux Biches Beach – Mauritius

My Advice

Want to make your trip to Mauritius truly unforgettable?

Then you should include some exciting tours and activities!

Here are the 5 best experiences to enjoy during your stay in Mauritius:

(Simply click on the orange links for details and to book)

1. Catamaran cruise to the northern islets – A day at sea in a heavenly setting with stops on several islands

2. Seaplane flight over the underwater waterfall – A breathtaking experience you must try at least once in your life!

3. Day cruise to Île aux Cerfs (with barbecue on board) – Sail into the sublime eastern lagoon, snorkel and explore Île aux Cerfs

4. Private tour of the South-West – Discover Chamarel, the Black River Gorges, Grand Bassin and much more, accompanied by a passionate local guide

5. Guided sunrise ascent of Morne Brabant – THE must-do hike in Mauritius, with exceptional view from the summit!

BONUS – My personal favorite: Kayak trip to Amber Island – An off-the-beaten-track adventure in the heart of the mangrove forest!

Day 3 – Port Louis and the Pamplemousses Garden

For the next part of your 15 days in Mauritius, I suggest a day trip focused on Port Louis, the capital.

After experiencing the laid-back vibe and white sandy beaches of Mauritius, immerse yourself in the bustle of local life.

Port Louis is a vibrant and lively city, perfect for diving into Mauritian culture.

You should head there in the morning for a half-day packed with activities, as there’s plenty to see in Port Louis.

To learn more about the city’s history and colonial context, don’t miss certain sites like:

  • Place d’Armes, right at the city’s entrance, where the statue of Mahé Labourdonnais (the French governor and city founder in 1735) stands
  • Fort Adelaide, or Port Louis Citadel, to learn all about the struggles between the British and French armies in the 19th century.

Once you’re well-versed in Port Louis’ history, go explore the Central Market on Queen Street, with its colorful stalls full of fruits, vegetables, and spices.

You will also find various local delicacies to snack on and can buy some souvenirs.

My Advice

At the markets in Mauritius, be cautious not to give in too easily and don’t hesitate to say no and bargain, as some sellers can be a bit too insistent with tourists.

Then, head over to Caudan Waterfront, the oldest shopping center in the country situated on the seafront, just a 5-minute walk from the market.

Its charming alleyways (including the main one: Umbrella Alley), a variety of shops, restaurants, and vendor carts make it a delightful spot.

My Advice

If you’re a foodie vacationing in Mauritius, I can only recommend the street-food guided tour in the capital, which will allow you to discover all these sites of interest while tasting a broad array of local culinary specialties:

To book your gourmet guided tour of Port Louis, click below:

My Advice

Find all the details and my tips for visiting Port Louis in my dedicated article: What to do and see in Port Louis?

Umbrella Alley Port Louis Mauritius
Umbrella Alley at Caudan

For the second part of the day, get back on the road and head to the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden (also called Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Garden), just 20 minutes from Port Louis.

It’s a unique spot in Mauritius: this 37-hectare garden is home to several hundred plant species from all around the world.

You might also encounter some endemic animals such as geckos, chameleons, fruit bats, and several species of birds with vibrant plumage!

Personally, I adore this garden; I sometimes stroll through it when I need to clear my mind and escape for a bit.

Pamplemousses Botanical Garden Mauritius
The giant water lilies at Pamplemousses Botanical Garden – Mauritius

Where to Stay in the North of Mauritius?

My Advice

Wondering where to stay during your 15 days in Mauritius?

Since the island is small, it’s not necessary to change accommodations at each stage of your itinerary. You can easily stay in one place and travel each day to your destinations. The journeys are quite fast (max 1.5 hours between each site).

If you’re not too keen on driving, the most convenient option is to switch hotels several times during your stay to shorten the driving times. It’s also the best way to optimize your time and deeply explore each region.

Whatever your choice, I have prepared a list of the best hotels for staying in Mauritius in each region, which you will find throughout the article.

I have sorted them by price category to suit all budgets.

Feel free to click on the links to learn more and book your stay!

You can also find my complete selection and more advice in my full article: Where to Stay in Mauritius?

Here are my hotel and guesthouse suggestions in the North of Mauritius:

  • Le Mandala Moris: a guesthouse located in Pointe aux Canonniers, 700m from the beach, with a pool, comfortable rooms, and tasteful decor. Lovely staff and an ideal location. Starting from 100€ per night for a couple.
  • Bleu de Toi Guesthouse: beautiful and comfortable guest rooms just 5 minutes walk from the beach. The guesthouse has a pool, a superb garden, and a large terrace where you can enjoy breakfast to the sound of birds singing. Double room from 140€. One of the best budget-friendly places to stay in the North!
  • Océan V Hotel: a 4-star hotel in Peyrébère, 50m from the beach. It features an infinity pool, a gym, a jacuzzi, and a restaurant. Stay in a comfortable double room from 150€ per night, breakfast included.
  • Sakoa Boutik Hotel: an exquisite small hotel in Trou-aux-Biches, situated on the beach in a dreamy setting. White sandy beaches and a pool, bar, restaurant, and spa. Attentive staff and comfortable rooms. Double room starting from 230€ per night. I highly recommend it for a high-end stay in Mauritius.
  • LUX* Grand Baie Resort & Residences: this is THE vacation hotel of the north, luxuriously splendiferous, perfect for those who want to go all out! Double room from 450€ per night (breakfast is an additional 25€).

Stage 2: The East of Mauritius (2 Days)

For the next part of your Mauritian adventure, I invite you to discover the East coast!

After your excursion through the lively and bustling streets of Port Louis, there’s nothing like spending another 2 of your 15 days in Mauritius by the sea.

Day 4: Belle Mare and Île aux Cerfs

Start your morning on Belle Mare beach, another picture-perfect scenery to brag about to your colleagues.

It’s the epitome of a dream beach, lined with casuarina trees and stretching for miles.

The East of Mauritius is one of the island’s most beautiful and unspoiled regions, and you’ll understand why once you see Belle Mare!

This beach offers a very peaceful atmosphere and has remained somewhat wild, still untouched by major developments.

You’ll effortlessly find a quiet spot to rest on the sand or under the casuarina trees, or to have a picnic.

Also, take advantage of the beautiful lagoon (one of the largest in the country) and the shallow waters for a relaxing swim or a session of snorkeling.

The few luxury hotels lining the beach also offer various water activities. There’s something for everyone!

My Advice

I have prepared a complete article on Belle Mare and the Eastern region of Mauritius to help you plan your visit: What to Do and See in Belle Mare?

Bellemare plage Maurice
Bellemare beach – Mauritius

Then, head a few kilometers south to the village of Trou d’Eau Douce, with its beautiful beach lined with villas.

It’s from here that you can reach Île aux Cerfs.

A pleasant boat ride will take you to this little paradise island where you should spend the rest of your day.

Although it may appear to be a deserted island, it’s actually quite the opposite. On Île aux Cerfs, you will find plenty of shops and restaurants, and it’s usually bustling with people.

But it’s spacious enough that you can find a wild and quiet spot away from the crowds by walking around the island.

To get there you can:

  • take a water taxi from the Trou d’Eau Douce jetty (departures are approximately every 30 minutes)
  • or opt for a day catamaran cruise. It’s one of the most beautiful boat tours to do in Mauritius!

Book your catamaran trip to Île aux Cerfs without delay by clicking the button below:

My Advice

For preparing your visit to Île aux Cerfs, you’ll find all the useful information in my comprehensive article here: How to visit Île aux Cerfs?

Île aux Cerfs Mauritius
Île aux Cerfs

Day 5 – A Stroll in Bras d’Eau National Park

The next day, I suggest a nice hike in the Bras d’Eau National Park.

This forest nature reserve, not well-known by tourists, spans nearly 500 hectares!

From Bellemare, the entrance to the park is just a 10-minute drive away.

There’s a parking area where you can leave your car before starting the “Bras d’Eau Nature Walk” (the trail).

You can get there in the morning and spend half a day with a picnic.

The nature in this national park is lush, with a very diverse flora!

The fauna is very present too, and not just birds. Expect to see monkeys and bats (the famous flying foxes) during your walk.

And if you arrive early, you might spot endemic birds from the area, such as:

  • the Coq des Bois
  • the Kestrel
  • or the Grey White Eye!

What better way to start the day?

You’ll also stumble upon old stone walls, a former railway, the ruins of a sugar factory, and a lime kiln.

My Advice

Remember your mosquito repellent!

Bras d'Eau National Park - Mauritius
Bras d’Eau National Park

Where to Stay in East Mauritius?

Below, I’ve handpicked the best accommodations for staying on the East coast:

  • EvaZion: located in Grande Rivière Sud-Est, nestled in a tranquil area, 20 minutes from Bellemare beach. Comfortable double room with sleek decor starting at 80€/night. Outdoor pool, restaurant, kayaks available, and direct shuttle to Île aux Cerfs. Exceptionally welcoming hosts and a peaceful setting.
  • Otentic Eco Tent Experience: Have an extraordinary stay by sleeping in a comfortable tent in the midst of nature, situated between the river and the ocean, in luxury camping style. Tents accommodating 2 to 5 people starting from 130€ per night. Plenty of on-site activities, pool, and exquisite restaurant featuring local produce. My top pick for a rejuvenating stay in East Mauritius!
  • Veranda Palmar Beach Hotel: a stunning hotel set by the lagoon in Bellemare. Bright, spacious, and cozy double room with balcony starting at 175€/night, meals included. Beach access, pool, and spa.
  • Le Touessrok: a grand luxury hotel on the seafront in Trou d’Eau Douce. Idyllic setting with pools, restaurants, wellness center, and even access to the hotel’s private little island! Top-notch double room with a balcony and sea view for 450€/night, breakfast included. I recommend this if you’re looking for a luxury stay in Mauritius!

Step 3: The West and South of Mauritius (5 days)

Day 6 – Flic-en-Flac Beach and Diving

For the third phase of this 2-week Mauritius itinerary, I’m taking you on a journey to the West!

And as you might have guessed, the best way to discover a region in Mauritius is to start with its beaches.

Head over to Flic-en-Flac, one of the most popular beaches in the country.

You’ll quickly understand why, once you see its 8 km of white sand and heavenly surroundings. Flanked by filaos, this beach is perfect for relaxing quietly with your head in the shade, listening to the ocean.

Whether it’s swimming, diving, or just chilling out, indulge yourself!

Like many Mauritian beaches, Flic-en-Flac is ideal for snorkeling with its clear waters and abundant fish (but watch out for sea urchins!).

Around the beach, you’ll also find several scuba diving centers.

If you want to take advantage of your 2 weeks in Mauritius to learn diving, allow me to suggest a discovery session in Tamarin Bay (extending from Flic-en-Flac beach).

It’s one of the most spectacular underwater spots, and the team is incredibly friendly too!

To book your dive in Tamarin Bay right now, click below:

My Advice

Along Flic-en-Flac beach, you’ll encounter several food carts offering a variety of snacks and fruits.

You should try the Roti Aka Vinoda cart, serving faratas (also known as “roti”), which are somewhat like a savory pancake or more similar to an Indian naan filled with various curries and sauces.

Faratas/rotis are found all over Mauritius, but the Aka Vinoda rotis in Flic-en-Flac are definitely my favorite on the entire island!

It would be a shame to spend 2 weeks in Mauritius without tasting them!

My Advice

For more details on all the things to do and see in Flic-en-Flac and the surrounding area, feel free to read my detailed guide: The 21 Things to Do in Flic-en-Flac

Flic en Flac Beach
Flic-en-Flac Beach

Day 7 – Hiking in Black River Gorges National Park

The next day, start off on the right foot and lace up your hiking boots because you’re going on a hike!

About 15km from Flic-en-Flac lies the Black River Gorges National Park.

This vast reserve, encompassing 6.5 hectares of tropical forest, is home to a rich fauna and flora. There are no less than 300 plant species and 9 endemic bird species!

It’s a walk in the midst of nature, dotted with waterfalls, river crossings, and numerous viewpoints of the forest and the sea that will make you appreciate the island’s beauty all over again.

You will also see many black fruit bats (endemic frugivorous bats) and even monkeys!

There are several marked hiking trails in the park, such as:

  • The Macchabée Trail: 10km, suitable for experienced hikers (quite a climb).
  • The Piton de la Rivière Noire: 9km round trip, fairly easy but with a very steep final section to the summit.
  • The Mare Longue Loop: 12km round trip, medium difficulty.

If it’s your first time in the park, it’s best to go on a guided hike.

There are numerous trails, some of which can be challenging, and it’s hard to know what you’re getting into if you’re not familiar with the area.

Accompanied by a local guide, you’ll be ideally placed to fully enjoy the hike while learning a lot about the park’s wildlife and plant life.

To book your 3-hour guided hike through Black River Gorges Park, simply click below:

You can then return to Flic-en-Flac and spend the evening in this vibrant and touristy seaside resort, dining in one of its many restaurants.

My Advice

For everything you need to know about visiting Black River Gorges Park, I invite you to read my complete article on the subject: How to visit Black River Gorges Park?

Black River Gorges National Park
Black River Gorges National Park

Day 8 – Grand Bassin and Chamarel

Let’s head now to the South-West, where I propose a little road trip!

Here is my favorite itinerary in 5 stages:

1) As touring the region takes a good part of the day, I invite you to start early in the morning towards your first stop: Grand Bassin, also known as Ganga Talao.

A pilgrimage site for Mauritian Hindus, this sacred lake is a very important cultural location in the country.

The two massive statues of the gods Shiva and Durga overlook the site and are quite impressive upon arrival.

At Ganga Talao, you’ll have the opportunity to visit several temples and immerse yourself in the Hindu culture of Mauritius. You may even encounter wild monkeys! (Keep an eye on your belongings, they can sometimes be quite mischievous!)

My Advice

Prepare for your visit to Grand Bassin by reading my complete guide to the site: Visiting Grand Bassin – The Complete Guide

Grand Bassin Mauritius
Grand Bassin – Mauritius

2) Then drive south to Plaine Champagne where you will meander along small roads flanked by a forest filled with tart little exotic fruits: the Chinese guavas. This is where locals come to pick them every year between April and June.

Continue until you reach Alexandra Falls (Alexandra Falls), a site marked by signage. Here, take a break to admire one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the island and a stunning viewpoint over the coast.

3) If you’re on schedule, you will arrive around midday at the famous Seven Coloured Earth of Chamarel.

This spot is one of the most well-known natural curiosities of Mauritius, a major local attraction. It’s an area of volcanic land with surprisingly colorful nuances—definitely a must-see during your 2-week itinerary in Mauritius.

The area is located on a private site, and there is an entrance fee. You can buy your entrance tickets by clicking here.

chamarel seven colored earth Mauritius
The Seven Coloured Earths – Chamarel

4) On the same private site, you can also discover the fascinating Ebony Forest Nature Reserve.

It’s a preserved indigenous forest where you can take a stroll and additionally enjoy a magnificent panorama from the Sublime Point.

5) Finish this road trip with a stop at the Chamarel Rhumerie. Learn about the rum-making process, taste some of the finest blends and tickle your taste buds—I assure you, it will be memorable!

However, be careful not to indulge too much if you’re driving right after 🙂

My Advice

Once again, for convenience, you can be accompanied by a guide for this road trip.

The guided excursion is really well organized. Plus, you won’t have any trouble with the roads and won’t risk losing time trying to find your way!

This guided tour of South West Mauritius with a guide is popular, so I recommend you reserve as early as possible, by clicking below:

My Advice

I give you even more details about the visits in the South-West in these complete articles:

Day 9 – Hiking: The 7 Waterfalls or Climbing Morne Brabant (your choice)

For this 9th day, deepen your exploration of the West of Mauritius by partaking in one of the most beautiful hikes in all of Mauritius.

Here, I offer you a choice between two hikes, as you won’t have time to do both.

Option 1: The 7 Waterfalls Hike

The 7 Waterfalls Trail (also known as Tamarin Falls) is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful hikes to do in Mauritius.

The circuit takes you deep into nature to discover 7 stunning waterfalls surrounded by tropical flora.

This hike is quite challenging but it remains an unmissable experience for a two-week stay in Mauritius!

Besides a few river crossings, it includes quite a few steep ascents where you’ll need to hold onto trees to progress. Because of this, I wouldn’t recommend it to the elderly, children under 12, or those adverse to physical activity.

But don’t be alarmed because the hike is entirely doable, and the breathtaking scenery is well worth the effort!

In fact, I remember doing this hike at the beginning of my stay in Mauritius and it’s still one of my favorites!

There are two possible routes:

  • the halfway hike, which allows you to see the first four waterfalls and takes half a day
  • the full hike which takes the entire day to see all the waterfalls.

Since the trail isn’t marked and the hike is rather tough, I highly recommend that you hire a local guide.

To book your guided hike to the 7 Waterfalls, click on one of the links below:

Option 2: The Morne Brabant Hike

It’s the other essential hike to do in Mauritius, leading you to the summit of Morne Brabant mountain.

It’s a bit less strenuous than the 7 Waterfalls hike, except for the last part which is quite vertiginous to reach the summit.

That’s why I also recommend hiring a guide here. They’ll ensure your safety and also teach you a lot about the history of the place and the animal and plant species you might encounter.

At the top, you’ll be rewarded with a stunning 360° view of the entire West coast.

Allow half a day for the round trip. Afterwards, you can relax on the magnificent beach at the foot of the mountain.

Book your guide to climb the summit of Morne Brabant by clicking here.

Morne Brabant Beach Mauritius
Morne Brabant and its paradise beach
My Advice

Find all the things to do and see in the Morne Brabant region in my complete guide: What to do at Morne Brabant?

Day 10 – The Tea Route

For the tenth day of your 15 days in Mauritius, I suggest learning more about one of the country’s greatest expertise: tea making.

The Tea Route is a very interesting journey that takes you through 3 stages.

Combining history and gastronomy, it’s an enriching experience for both culture and taste buds!

The first part of the journey begins at Domaine des Aubineaux, a former colonial house dating from 1872, near the town of Curepipe.

There, you can visit the tea room, the distillery, as well as the gardens and the old stables.

The second stop will take you to Bois Chéri, the tea cultivation area (25 mins drive).

You will have the chance to discover Mauritian tea plantations, and then move on to the factory tour which shows you the production process.

There is also a tea museum where you should definitely take a look before ending the visit with a tasting session in front of a magnificent panorama over the south of the island (which you will visit later on).

The final stage of The Tea Route is found in another colonial house in Saint-Aubin, dating back to 1819, which has since been transformed into a restaurant (20 mins drive from Bois Chéri).

Here, you can see the sugar factory, the rum distillery, and the “Maison de la Vanille”, where the famous Mauritian vanilla is produced, which is added to the tea, giving it so much character.

And to wrap up this splendid tour, you can enjoy a delicious traditional meal at the restaurant!

My Advice

Transitioning through all three stages is quite smooth, and the route is easily done in one day without hurrying.

However, there’s nothing stopping you from taking it at your own pace and spreading these three stages across several days.

You can also choose to do The Tea Route in one day with a guide-driver. You won’t have to worry about the road or timing!

Book your guided day on The Tea Route by clicking below:

Bois Chéri Tea Route Mauritius
The Tea Route – Bois Chéri

Where to stay in the West/South-West of Mauritius?

If you want to stay in the West, here are my accommodation suggestions:

The best accommodations near Flic-en-Flac:

  • Lariad BnB: A welcoming residence situated just 5 minutes walk from the beach at Flic-en-Flac. Stay in a comfortable double room starting at €50, including breakfast. The residence features a beautiful outdoor area with a tropical garden, 2 pools, and a terrace where breakfast is served. The ideal choice for an economical stay in Mauritius!
  • Shanti Ghar Guest House: Settle into a beautifully decorated guesthouse, well-located less than 2km from Black River Tamarin beach. Free access to the outdoor pool, shared lounge, garden, and bar. Comfortable double room with a balcony starting at €95/night.
  • La Mariposa Mauritius: Hotel located on the coast in Rivière Noire, in a quiet environment, only 10km from Chamarel and the land of seven colours. Superb views of Morne mountain. Double room with bed starting at €120/night, breakfast included. The establishment has its private beach, a swimming pool, and a lovely garden.
  • Veranda Tamarin Hotel & Spa: A beautiful small hotel in the bay of Tamarin. Double room with balcony view of the sea or mountain for about €150 a night. The hotel includes 2 restaurants, 2 swimming pools, and a spa. Very attentive staff. A great choice for an affordable luxury stay in Mauritius!
  • Sugar Beach A Sun Resort: A splendid hotel situated on the beach of Flic-en-Flac. For a minimum of €390/night, you can stay in independent and luxurious villas with direct ocean views. The top choice for a luxury stay in the West of Mauritius.

The best accommodations near Chamarel and Le Morne:

  • Résidence au Bout du Morne: a family-run guesthouse by the sea, just 1km from La Prairie beach. The rooms are spacious, modern, and well-decorated, with a large double bed and a balcony. The hosts are very welcoming and attentive. Prices are around €54/night for two people, with an optional delicious and hearty breakfast for an additional €10. The best choice for a budget-friendly stay at Morne Brabant!
  • Pingo Studio: modern, comfortable, and nicely decorated independent studios located 5km from Le Morne beach. Each studio has a well-equipped kitchenette and bathroom. Starting at €72 per night for 2 people.
  • La Vieille Cheminée: absolute comfort in the heart of nature: that’s what this exceptional establishment located in Chamarel at the edge of an endemic forest with a mountain view provides. You’ll stay in an independent chalet with a double room, bathroom, and equipped kitchen for €125/night, with a delicious breakfast included. My favorite in the southwest of Mauritius!
  • LUX Le Morne Resort: One of the most beautiful and largest hotels in the Southwest, at the foot of Morne mountain. A spacious and tastefully decorated double room from €295 per night. The hotel has several pools, restaurants, and a spa. Direct access to the gorgeous Le Morne beach.
  • Hotel Chalets Chamarel: a magnificent hotel on the heights of Chamarel village, providing breathtaking views of the mountain and Le Morne coast. Stay in ultra-comfortable independent chalets from €340 per night, breakfast and dinner included. Meals are homemade from fresh, local products. The ultimate stay for a luxurious nature retreat in the south of Mauritius!

Step 4: Southeast of Mauritius (2 days)

Your two-week journey in Mauritius continues with the discovery of the Southeast!

It’s in this very typical and preserved region that you’ll find the first town ever built on the island by the colonists: Mahébourg. It was also the first capital before being replaced by Port-Louis in 1729.

Without a doubt, Mahébourg is THE emblematic city of the south of Mauritius and possibly the most pleasant place to spend time.

A must-see during a 15-day vacation in Mauritius!

Day 11 – Visiting Mahébourg and its surroundings

Plan a day to visit Mahébourg, explore its waterfront, the quaint cobbled streets, and the typical Creole houses that add an incredible charm!

Mahébourg is a city that truly immerses you in the heart of local culture. What I love about Mahébourg is the really unique atmosphere that prevails. It has a bit of a “disconnected”, very exotic and timeless vibe.

During your walk, do not miss la biscuiterie Rault which makes traditional Mauritian manioc biscuits and offers a really great guided tour.

The covered market is also worth visiting if you’re looking for fresh fruits and vegetables.

The visit to Mahébourg won’t take too much time, so I invite you to spend the rest of the day at Blue Bay, the neighboring village, which has beautiful beaches, including the main ones:

  • Blue Bay beach
  • Pointe d’Esny beach (one of the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius!)

Enjoy swimming and lazing around for a relaxing afternoon.

Also, if you enjoy watching aquatic life, you should take this snorkeling excursion in the Blue Bay Marine Park, which includes a picnic on a small island in the lagoon. A great activity to book below:

My Advice

To ensure you don’t miss out on the must-see attractions in Southeast Mauritius, I’ve prepared this detailed guide for you: What to do and see in Mahébourg?

Blue Bay Mahébourg Ile Maurice
Blue Bay – Mahébourg – Mauritius

Day 12 – Ferney Valley

The next day, complete your visit of the area by taking a trip to Ferney Valley, located 6km to the north of Mahébourg.

Discover a 200-hectare nature reserve composed of tropical forests and rolling hills where you can:

  • go hiking, either guided or on your own
  • try biking
  • embark on a 4×4 excursion.

You’ll find all the information on the trails and rates at the visitor reception center, as well as on their website.

Plan for a half-day to a full day in Ferney Valley depending on the hiking trail you choose.

The site also features a restaurant that focuses on natural and local cuisine, where you can have lunch (Falaise Rouge restaurant).

Ferney Valley
Ferney Valley

Where to Stay in the Southeast of Mauritius?

Here are some great accommodations I’ve tested and approve for staying near Mahébourg:

  • Le Jardin de Beauvallon: a charming small hotel located 10min away from the airport in Mahébourg. Individual bungalows for 2 people starting from 61€ per night. Free access to the outdoor pool and tropical garden. The hotel also has a restaurant. I highly recommend it for affordable and comfortable holidays in Mauritius!
  • La Peninsula Bay Beach Resort & Spa: just 200m from Blue Bay beach and 1km from Pointe d’Esny beach. A beautiful hotel with family room (1 double bed and 2 single beds) starting from 160€ per night. Private beach, water activities, and a paradisiacal setting.
  • Preskil Island Resort: a 4-star hotel facing the lagoon of Mahébourg, with a view of l’Île aux Aigrettes. Stay in a superb double room with sea view starting from 170€. Enjoy the two pools, spa, and activities and excursions included in the room price.
  • Ferney Nature Lodge: located 10km from the airport, stay in an eco-lodge in the heart of the magnificent Ferney Valley. The suites are superbly decorated, ultra-comfortable, including a sleeping area with a double bed, a private bathroom, and a terrace. All starting from 295€ per night. Outdoor pool and restaurant with a sublime view of the valley. A huge favorite for me!

Stage 5: Escape to Rodrigues (3 days)

Your two-week vacation in Mauritius is coming to an end.

On this 13th day, head to the airport but not to go home! You still have three days left, more than enough to wrap up this dream trip in style!

So yes, we’re leaving Mauritius, but not really. Take off for Rodrigues, a tiny Mauritian island located 600km east (about 1h30 by flight).

Rodrigues feels like it’s frozen in time, offering a peaceful setting far from the bustle of the cities and touristy beaches. In fact, it’s a popular region among locals who like to get away for a weekend every now and then to relax.

Here, there are no crowds or large hotels, but rather nature and tranquility all around. It’s the best way to end your Mauritian getaway!

These 3 days in Rodrigues will be quite busy as there is a lot to see in this little slice of heaven.

My Advice

As I mentioned, Rodrigues is very different from Mauritius and there are very few hotels. Here, it’s more about bed and breakfasts and houses for rent that allow you to stay while truly immersing yourself in the local life.

I’ll give you my selection of the best accommodations in Rodrigues at the end of the article.

Day 13 – East Coast Beaches and Mont Limon

On your first day, you can enjoy the beaches on the East coast, which consist of secluded small coves and long beaches lined with casuarina trees, by the edge of the turquoise lagoon.

Trou d’Argent beach is notably one of the most beautiful!

At the end of the day, set off to conquer the island’s highest peak, Mont Limon. The climb only takes a few minutes and promises a sunset like you’ve never seen before!

Day 14 – Port Mathurin and Île aux Cocos

The next day, I suggest you stroll among the colorful houses of the capital, Port Mathurin. Of course, it’s also the perfect opportunity to pick up a souvenir and taste the local specialties!

Then, head to the village of Pointe Diable for a canoe excursion to Île aux Cocos, a little gem of the Indian Ocean.

For lovers of marine flora and fauna, you should know that snorkeling here is even more intense than in Mauritius due to the richness of its marine life.

The crossing lasts about 1 hour and 30 minutes, and you can easily spend half a day or even a full day on Île aux Cocos.

You can explore the entire island, enjoy the beach, or go in search of the numerous bird species that inhabit it!

Day 15 – Canoe Excursion in the South of Rodrigues

For your last day in Rodrigues, treat yourself to another canoe crossing, this time to Île aux Chats and Île Hermitage, two tiny and very well-preserved islands. The shuttles leave from the small village of Anse Mourouk.

Again, you will be able to enjoy the magnificent nature and the clear waters of the lagoon to observe the multicolored fish.

And that’s it, your 15 days in Mauritius come to an end here! I hope you enjoyed this itinerary and that it will inspire the organization of your holidays!

My Advice

If you’re spending not 15 but rather 14 or 16 days in Mauritius, here’s how you can adapt this program:

  • For a 14-day stay in Mauritius: spend only 2 days in Rodrigues.
  • For a 16-day trip to Mauritius: add an additional day in Rodrigues to visit the Grande Montagne Nature Reserve or the François Leguat Reserve.
Visit Rodrigues Island
Rodrigues Island

Where to stay in Rodrigues?

Here is my selection of the best accommodations in Rodrigues:

  • Le Refuge: a guesthouse located 20 minutes from Port Mathurin, in a relaxing environment with a sea view. Double room starting from 55€ per night.
  • Le Pandanus: a very pleasant small hotel in the capital, with a pool, garden, and bar. Double room with a balcony and sea view from 72€ per night.
  • Résidence Foulsafat: a beautiful residence in Port Mathurin, with a pool and a magnificent garden. Accommodation for 2 people with a kitchenette, bathroom, and terrace with a sea and mountain view starting at 80€ per night.
  • Tekoma Boutik Hotel: a 4-star hotel with a pool and spa, located in front of the lagoon on Pointe Coton beach. Double room starting at 290€. The perfect choice for a luxury stay in Rodrigues!

Car Hire in Mauritius

To move around easily during these 2 weeks in Mauritius, I recommend renting a car upon your arrival.

It’s most practical for making the most of your trip without wasting any time and being totally free to go wherever you want (essential for successful holidays!).

A word of advice: Avoid at all costs the small, independent car rental companies. When it comes to insurance in case of damage (not to mention scams), it’s really not recommended, and it would be a shame to spoil your stay over this kind of issue.

To get the best price and best insurance for your vehicle rental, I suggest going through Booking Cars.

In my opinion, it’s the best provider and I always use them for my travels.

With Booking Cars you can be sure to:

  • easily compare prices for all the car rental offers in Mauritius
  • benefit from full protection insurance
  • get quick refunds in case of any problem
  • have the option to cancel your reservation for free right up to the last minute.

They are truly reliable, available, and their service is impeccable. Plus, if you find a cheaper offer elsewhere, they will refund the difference!

To compare offers and find your rental car in Mauritius it’s very simple, just click below:

Travel Insurance for Mauritius: My Advice

My Advice

Many travelers mistakenly think that healthcare in Mauritius is affordable and that they don’t need travel insurance. But the reality is, the public health system is fragile, and even the slightest visit to a private clinic can be very expensive!

That’s why it’s essential to take out travel insurance with good medical coverage before you leave.

To travel safely, I recommend the following two insurance providers (both include epidemic coverage – like Covid-19 -, which is very important!)

To subscribe, it’s very simple, just click on the links below:


And you, what have you planned to do during your 2 weeks in Mauritius?

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