Mauritius Off the Beaten Track | 17 Hidden Gems to Discover


Off the Beaten Path in Mauritius: 17 Lesser-Known Places to Discover

Are you dreaming of an authentic and unique adventure on your trip to Mauritius?

Do you want to discover secret spots, far from the tourist crowds?

I’ve got just what you need!

While Mauritius is known for its heavenly beaches such as Trou aux Biches and Morne Brabant, and for its lush nature as seen at Black River Gorges or in Chamarel, there’s so much more to explore off the usual tourist trails.

In this guide, I’ll take you on a journey to discover 17 little-known places in Mauritius.

What you can expect are secret beaches, hidden waterfalls, underrated hiking trails, small family-run farms, and even mysterious pyramids… (Yes, really!).

Get ready to explore Mauritius’s secret spots that most visitors never get to see.

So, how can you visit Mauritius off the beaten path?

Here are 17 places to discover for a different experience of visiting Mauritius.

1. Albion Lighthouse

We’ll start with a beautiful yet lesser-known spot: the Albion Lighthouse.

Perched on a cliff on the Northwest coast of the island, it’s the one and only functioning lighthouse in Mauritius.

Built in 1910 and standing 46m tall, it’s one of four lighthouses erected by the British who occupied the island at the time.

Its red and white stripes make a stunning contrast with the blue of the sea and the black volcanic rocks. It’s even renowned for being the most beautiful lighthouse in the Southern Hemisphere!

For over a century, Albion Lighthouse guides ships heading towards Port-Louis, located 10km further north. It activates its light signals each evening about 15 minutes before sunset.

To reach the lighthouse, head towards the village of Albion and then follow a bumpy road to the point where the monument stands. The area is usually not crowded and parking is easy at the entrance, along the fence.

In addition to the lighthouse which lends a special aura to this place, you can admire the black rock cliffs and the magnificent view of the ocean stretching into the distance.

It’s the perfect spot to watch the sunset to the sound of the waves, in a peaceful and romantic setting!

phare albion ile maurice
Albion Lighthouse, Mauritius

2. The Nicolière Waterfalls

Another lesser-known spot in Mauritius is the Nicolière reservoir, located in the centre near the city of Moka.

It’s an artificial lake that serves as a water reservoir, surrounded by a dense forest.

The lake is accessible from the village of New Discovery, via a beautiful winding road that descends through the forest. You will often come across monkey families along the way!

Once you reach the bottom, you’ll be greeted by a grassy area along the lake shore, where many locals come to picnic over the weekend. You’ll also see several small vendors offering fruits and snacks (chili cakes, samosas…).

For a more intense adventure, you can head out on a walk by following the concrete path along the lake.

After about 25 minutes of walking, you’ll come across a damaged and vertiginous bridge that overlooks a deep ravine. I do not recommend crossing it unless you’re with a guide (because the hike continues on the other side up to some secret waterfalls).

The forest trail to the Nicolière waterfalls is not marked, so do not set off on your own!

However, with a guide, an authentic excursion awaits you that is far from the tourist crowds.

If an off-the-beaten-path excursion in Mauritius interests you, I have an excellent guide to recommend. His name is Arveen, a professional and passionate local guide, who is also super friendly! (I’m not just saying this because he’s my friend :D). He will gladly lead you to the Nicolière waterfalls, for a hike lasting approximately 3.5 hours.

To book your guided excursion to the Nicolière with Arveen, send us a message at +23059024487 (Whatsapp) specifying:

  • your travel dates
  • the number of participants
  • the age of each participant.

The rate is 30€ per person.

My Advice

If you just want to see the lake and take the short walk to the bridge without a guide, I recommend you come on the weekend when it’s busy. For your safety, avoid coming without a guide during the week as the place is very isolated.

3. Eau Bleue

Here’s a hidden treasure in Mauritius that you absolutely must see if you love wild places and waterfalls.

The Eau Bleue waterfalls are located in the southeast of the island at the village of Cluny, about a 15-minute drive from Mahébourg.

The site is increasingly popular but remains quite secret, mainly because it is not indicated by any signpost. So, you need to have done your research beforehand!

Here’s my little guide to lead you to Eau Bleue:

  • First, make your way to the village of Cluny and then drive along the B83 road which passes through the sugarcane fields.
  • Spot the “CWA Water Tank” pumping station. At this point, park at the edge of the sugarcane field and continue on foot along the path crossing the field towards the trees.
  • After a few minutes of walking, you’ll reach the first waterfall. You can then follow the river to discover the successive waterfalls.

There’s also another trail that leads directly to one of the waterfalls, which you’ll find a bit further up along the roadside, on the forest side.

Look for a trampled entrance among the trees. You’ll likely see people going in or coming out, which will indicate you’re at the right place. Be cautious with this passage as the descent is very steep. You’ll need to make your way down to the river by clinging onto the rocks.

My Advice

Do not venture to Eau Bleue in rainy weather, or just after heavy rains, as the rocks and paths are very slippery and it can be dangerous.

Although the passage is not easy to find, I assure you that the reward is worth it. You’ll find yourself in front of a pool of turquoise water, topped with a magnificent waterfall. The setting is simply enchanting!

It’s one of Mauritius’s most beautiful spots and a perfect place to take exceptional photos.

My Advice

Swimming is allowed in the pool but I advise you to be cautious as it is quite deep and the current can be surprising.

cascade eau bleue
Cascade Eau Bleue, a hidden gem to be discovered in Mauritius – Credits: Kurt François

My Advice

Want to make your holidays in Mauritius truly unforgettable? The best way to do that is by including exciting excursions and activities in your itinerary!

Here’s my Top 5 experiences not to miss during your trip to Mauritius:

(Click on the orange links for details and to book your spots)

1. Catamaran cruise to the Northern islets – A day at sea in paradise, stopping at several islands

2. Seaplane flight over the underwater waterfall – A breathtaking experience to live at least once in your life!

3. Day cruise to Ile aux Cerfs (with onboard barbecue) – Sail in the sublime lagoon of the East, snorkel and explore Ile aux Cerfs

4. Private Southwest tour – Discover Chamarel, Black River Gorges, Grand Bassin and more, accompanied by a passionate local guide

5. Guided ascent of Morne Brabant at sunrise – THE essential hike in Mauritius, with exceptional views at the summit!

BONUS – My personal favorite: Kayak tour on Amber Island – An off-the-beaten-path adventure in the heart of a mangrove forest!

4. Saint-Julien Vanilla Garden

The Saint-Julien Vanilla Garden is a charming family-run cooperative that’s worth a visit, away from the traditional tourist trails in Mauritius.

It’s located in Saint Julien d’Hotman, a small agricultural village in the north of the country. Click here for the exact location (Google Map).

For only 200 rupees per person, you’ll enjoy an exciting guided tour, including explanations about the plantation, a delicious tasting of local products such as jams, fritters, and many more, as well as the chance to buy products like organic vanilla pods.

The family running the cooperative is not only professional but also incredibly kind.

Your guide will teach you everything about the production of organic vanilla and other local spices, in a super friendly atmosphere with clear explanations in French (or English if preferred).

The tasting is a real treat, featuring sugar cane juices with lemon made on the spot, chickpea or cassava flour-based appetizer biscuits, a variety of jams (including pineapple, coconut, and olives), and many more local products.

This visit is a must-do activity to discover and support Mauritian local crafts.

Saint-Julien Vanilla Garden is open from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 5:30 PM, and on Saturday from 8 AM to 5 PM.

vanilla pods
Vanilla cultivation in Mauritius

5. The Quartier des Serres

Do you feel like doing some shopping during your stay in Mauritius?

But not just anywhere! Remember, we’re here to explore Mauritius off the beaten path. 😉

That’s why I recommend a stop at an unusual and brand new shopping center, opened in 2021. It is located in the north, on the estate of the Château de Labourdonnais.

Unlike other shopping centers that can be found across Mauritius, the Serres District is truly one-of-a-kind. It is designed like a small open-air village and is structured around several alleys lined with magnificent tropical plants.

Here, you’ll find several exclusive boutiques that you won’t find elsewhere in Mauritius, including a jewelry store, home decor shops, a grocery store, and a beautiful nursery.

Created by a talented landscaper, it’s a shopping center where you feel surrounded by nature. It’s the perfect place to stroll around, do some shopping, and have lunch. The Serres District is also known for its charming restaurant and terrace.

My Advice

Plan to stop by the Serres District before or after visiting the Château for a snack, lunch, or a walk. A great idea is to also stop here on your way to Grand Baie, as it’s on the road leading to the northern coast.

quartier des serres
Serres District

6. Rochester Falls

If you’re looking for a place in Mauritius that’s little known to tourists, don’t miss the Rochester Falls.

Located in the south of the island, between the villages of Surinam and Souillac, near the famous Gris Gris beach (which is one of the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius!), to find it, you must follow the “Rochester Falls” signs from either Souillac or Surinam. You’ll then reach a rocky path amidst sugarcane fields, which you’ll need to follow at a walking pace.

After about a hundred meters, you’ll see a sort of parking area facing a little wooden stand selling coconuts. At this point, the path becomes very narrow, and you should continue on foot.

Leave your car and embark on an adventure. You have another 10-minute walk through the forest before reaching the waterfall!

My Advice

A tip: bring a good pair of sneakers or hiking shoes. Avoid sandals and flip-flops as the path is uneven, and it can become quite slippery when it rains.

Lastly, avoid going there after or during a period of heavy rain as the path can get very muddy, and there can be dangerous water rises.

The sound of the water, which gradually intensifies, will let you know that you are getting close to the falls. Once you arrive, you can move between the trees to discover an impressive waterfall that is 8 meters high and about 23 meters wide, plunging into a pool surrounded by trees.

It is possible to climb down to swim in the pool by following the grassy path between the trees.

It’s also a great spot for a picnic!

My Advice

Take notice of the rectangular rocks that form the cliff where the river cascades down.

The abundant and continuous waterfall over hundreds of years has created these surprising and unique rock blocks. The water that falls has distributed in such a way that it has flattened the surface of the rocks over time.

To end on Rochester Falls, here is a short list of essential items to bring for your visit:

  • good walking shoes, and definitely not flip-flops as mentioned before
  • mosquito repellent
  • water as you’re going to walk and it can get very hot here, especially in summer
  • Optionally, a swimsuit if you want to take a dip in the pool!
rochester falls
Rochester Falls – Credit: Kurt François

7. Le Souffleur

If you want to explore Mauritius off the beaten path, you should definitely plan a trip to the island’s wild south.

There you can discover Le Souffleur, a breathtaking site (pun not intended :D) that is rarely visited due to its challenging access.

Le Souffleur is a volcanic rock formation onto which waves crash and funnel into, creating a powerful roar and impressive water sprays. The spectacle is absolutely majestic.

It is recommended to visit the site when it’s windy. If there isn’t any wind, you won’t see much as the waves are too weak to be “blown.”

Once there, watch for the larger approaching waves, get your camera ready, and prepare for the show!

To reach Le Souffleur, start from the village of Trois Boutiques or L’Escalier and follow the sign for Omnicane.

Pass by the sugar cane factory and continue for about 2km through the cane fields. Be cautious as the road is bumpy. The last 500 meters are a bit difficult but manageable if you drive slowly.

By the way, I advise against following the GPS directions. That was my mistake, and it led me on ridiculous detours through the sugar cane…

My Advice

On the same day, don’t miss also visiting:

Le Souffleur Mauritius
Le Souffleur Mauritius

8. Savinia Beach

Are you dreaming of lingering on a secret beach where you can feel alone in the world during your stay in Mauritius?

Your little slice of paradise is just a few meters from Le Souffleur, at Savinia Beach.

This spot unknown to most tourists in Mauritius stretches along the country’s wildest coast, in the form of a long white sandy beach flanked by volcanic rocks.

Several small pools between the rocks create inviting natural swimming pools. It’s truly a picture-postcard setting.

You can swim or relax on the fine sand, to the sound of the waves, far from any civilization.

A real gem of the south, Savinia Beach is one of the sites not to be missed for a holiday off the tourist trail in Mauritius.

My Advice

There is no road leading to Savinia Beach. To get there, you need to walk along the coast from Le Souffleur, through hills and rows of casuarina trees. Expect about 10 minutes of walking to reach the beach.

Again, in this wild environment without any signposts, it is safer to be accompanied by a guide.

I recommend this 3-hour guided tour in the wild south combining several magnificent sites including:

  • Gris Gris and La Roche qui Pleure
  • Le Souffleur and Savinia Beach
  • the Natural Bridge
  • Bain des Négresses
  • Andrea Lodges Waterfall
  • Mamzelle Waterfall

Book your wild south guided tour now by clicking on this button:

Savinia Beach
Savinia Beach, a secluded spot to see in the south of Mauritius – Credit: Steeven Fierjaun

9. Hiking at Pieter Both

Among the 17 must-see off-the-beaten-path places in Mauritius, I absolutely have to tell you about the Pieter Both mountain.

It’s a really astonishing Mauritian natural curiosity, which still amazes me every time I lay my eyes on it, even after seeing it regularly for over 10 years 🙂

The peculiarity of this mountain, which is the second-highest peak on the island, is its truly unique and, I think, world-unique peak. At its summit, a sort of large round rock appears to be balanced precariously.

Of course, when you get closer, you realize that the rock is really huge and is far from hanging by a thread. But to see that up close, you need to climb it!

The Pieter Both hike is a very physical trek, reserved for those who are fit. It’s one of the excursions not well-known by tourists in Mauritius, but it’s surely one of the most beautiful hikes on the island (and one of the toughest too!).

It takes about 4 to 5 hours to reach the summit. The last part involving climbing to the peak is done rappelling along a rope, with a helmet and a harness. The reward after the effort is an incredible view of the entire center and the north of the island.

But this ascent is not something to take lightly. To climb Pieter Both, you absolutely need an expert guide.

You should contact Jah Yesh, a professional local guide and mountain enthusiast, who will be happy to accompany you on this amazing mountain in the center of Mauritius. He will organize all the necessary equipment for your comfort and safety.

To book your guided hike on Pieter Both, send a Whatsapp message to +230 59024487 specifying your travel dates, the number of hikers, and everyone’s age. The rate is 4000 Rupees per person (about 80€).

pieter both
pieter both

10. Sophie Nature Walk

For those who love nature walks, the Sophie Nature Walk botanical reserve, untouched by tourism, is worth a detour.

You’ll find it in the south of the island, about 5 minutes from Grand Bassin. It’s therefore an ideal stroll to do before or after visiting the sacred lake.

This small 10-hectare forest reserve allows for about an hour’s walk amidst greenery, in the heart of the Mauritian endemic forest.

Parking is available to leave your car safely before starting the tour. The visit begins with the medicinal plant garden, followed by a well-maintained trail that leads into the forest.

Much less known than other forest parks like Bras d’Eau, Sophie Nature Walk offers a privileged setting for a stroll.

Several kiosks and picnic tables also allow you to stop for a snack in this enchanting decor.

The more curious visitors can also explore the small Forest Museum at the entrance.

It’s a great family outing idea in Mauritius. Be aware that it closes at 3 PM.

One last important thing: arm yourself with a good dose of mosquito repellent to be at peace as these little critters are numerous in the forest, especially if the weather is humid!

My Advice

Look up during the walk: it’s not uncommon to spot groups monkeys frolicking in the trees!

plaine sophie nature walk
plaine sophie nature walk – Credits: Saleem A Sam

11. “Feuilles et Fleurs” Botanical Garden

Keeping with the theme of botanical gardens, let’s explore an artisanal herb farm that grows various aromatic plants and turns them into herbal teas, elixirs, and 100% natural, organic, and local cosmetics.

This small business, named Leaves and Flowers, is located in the northeast of Mauritius, in Rivière du Rempart.

Nathalie is the creative mind behind this wonderful botanical garden, where she has perfected the process of crafting these marvelous products.

She offers self-guided and group tours of her garden and workshop.

You can also purchase her products at the on-site artisanal shop.

The site is open for visits on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 7 AM to 3 PM, as well as Wednesday from 7 AM to 12:30 PM.

12. The Powder Mills Walk and the Old Orphanage

In Pamplemousses, near the famous botanical garden, you can discover another little-known forest trail.

It’s truly a secret spot in Mauritius. I myself only discovered it a few months ago.

It’s the Powder Mills walk, more often referred to as the Powder Mills Nature Walk.

A car park is available near the Visitor’s Center; don’t hesitate to go inside to ask for information.

Then, cross the road to find the start of the walk. The path is not well-maintained and is rarely travelled. You will spend about an hour walking among the trees, accompanied by the sounds of crickets and bats.

The walk forms a loop that naturally brings you back to the road.

Powder Mills Nature Walk
Powder Mills Nature Walk

If you are interested in heritage and remnants of the past, make sure to visit the Old Powder Mill, just a few meters away. It is located near SSRN Hospital, in the courtyard of the dialysis center.

You will find there old buildings dating from the 19th century, abandoned but emanating a truly special aura.

Successively a gunpowder mill, prison, leper hospital, and orphanage, this historical site is definitely worth a detour.

And it’s certainly completely off the beaten path in Mauritius!

old powder mill

Old Powder Mill 2
The Old Powder Mill, a historical site off the beaten path in Mauritius

13. The Pyramids of Mauritius

Pyramids in Mauritius? Yes, you read that correctly. These intriguing structures aren’t talked about enough, yet they are surrounded by much mystery.

You may have spotted them on the road to and from the airport. They are visible in the sugar cane fields along the Southern highway.

There are seven pyramids in total. They are located close to one another around the village of Plaine Magnien, 5km from the airport.

These symmetrical stone mounds closely resemble the Guimar pyramids in Tenerife. The ones in Mauritius have the exact same shape and, like those, are not taller than 12 meters.

Do they share a common origin? The mystery remains unsolved to this day.

Historians debate several hypotheses to explain the presence of these remarkable edifices in Mauritius:

Hypothesis No. 1: the pyramids might have been built in the 1940s when the Mon Trésor Mon Désert sugar company acquired the land for sugar cane cultivation. The stones could have been simply gathered and piled up to clear the land.

Hypothesis No. 2: the pyramids of Mauritius might have a much more ancient origin, dating back to Antiquity.

They could be the work of a seafaring people who arrived on the island long before the official explorers of the 16th century. The same people might also have erected the pyramids of Tenerife, as well as those near Mount Etna in Sicily, which are very similar.

Some even claim that the arrangement of Mauritius’ seven pyramids is aligned with the constellation of Orion!

Historians, archaeologists, and even egyptologists have studied these pyramids, and their origin remains a contentious issue to this day.

I’m genuinely surprised at how little these pyramids are mentioned, and that they are never featured in tourist guides.

So if you’re fond of mysteries and want to explore Mauritius off the beaten path, don’t miss out on visiting them!

The pyramids are freely accessible from Plaine Magnien. You’ll need to park by the field and enter from there.

pyramide ile maurice
The mysterious pyramids of Mauritius, an off-the-beaten-path site

14. Trou aux Cerfs

Here’s another secret spot in Mauritius to add to your itinerary.

This time it’s located in the center of the island, near the town of Curepipe.

Trou aux Cerfs is a volcanic crater about 300m in diameter, which has now become a natural lake.It is surrounded by forest and features a walking path around it.

From the heights surrounding the crater, you can also enjoy beautiful panoramas of the area, including Curepipe, Trois Mamelles Mountain, and Mount Saint Pierre.

A walk in Trou aux Cerfs is an excellent excursion idea in Mauritius for a peaceful nature break, away from tourists.

My Advice

This walk will take you no more than 1 hour. While you’re there, take the opportunity to explore the surroundings.

For instance, take a trip to Curepipe, a town that is not often visited but nevertheless has a rich cultural heritage. Its attractions include the colonial town hall, the Royal English College and the Forest Side neighborhood with its charming period houses.

You can also combine your stroll in Trou aux Cerfs with other emblematic locations in the South by joining a guided day tour.

Accompanied by a guide-driver, you’ll be driven to various spots to discover the picturesque south of Mauritius. The itinerary for this excursion includes:

  • Chamarel, with its distillery, waterfall, and colored earth
  • the coastal village of Cap Bay, which is not touristy at all
  • the sacred lake of Grand Bassin
  • Black River Gorges
  • Trou aux Cerfs
  • and as a bonus, a visit to an authentic ship model factory in Curepipe.

This private day tour must be booked in advance by clicking the button below:

trou aux cerfs maurice
Trou aux Cerfs, Mauritius

15. The Flacq Market

You simply can’t visit Mauritius without at least once checking out the market!

If you’re looking for a local, non-touristy market, you should visit the one in Flacq. And it’s no ordinary market: it’s the largest open-air market in Mauritius.

Located in the East, just a few kilometers from Bellemare, Flacq Market plunges you into the true essence of Mauritian life.

Locals shop here for fruits, vegetables, and other fresh produce to the sound of vendors loudly calling out their prices to attract customers.

You can also taste some delicious street food and peruse various clothing and craft stalls.

If you’re looking for a souvenir from Mauritius, you’ll definitely find something special at Flacq Market.

The best days to visit are Wednesday and Sunday when all the stalls are open.

marche flacq ile maurice
Flacq Market, Mauritius

16. Tien Tan Pagoda

Located in Port-Louis, the capital of Mauritius, this stunning Chinese pagoda remains untouched by tourist crowds.

It is situated a little outside the city, in a secluded area at the foot of Signal Mountain.

The scenery is splendid, and the place exudes a special energy. Everything is calm and peaceful, with the rhythm of birdsong.

Built in the 1960s, Tien Tan Pagoda is famed as the most beautiful pagoda on the entire island.

pagode thien thane ile maurice
Tien Tan Pagoda, Mauritius

My Advice

Also, just a few meters away, lower down the road, don’t miss the Sanatan Dharma Temple. It’s a beautifully colorful Hindu temple. The decor is sublime, with all those colors set against the mountain backdrop.

temple sanatan dharma port louis
The Sanatan Dharma Temple, a hidden haven of peace in Port Louis

My Advice

There are many other wonders to discover in Port-Louis, many of which are little known to tourists.

I tell you all about it in my complete article dedicated to the island’s capital: How to visit Port-Louis? The 18 must-see attractions

17. Takamaka Winery

Here’s another great spot in Mauritius to discover the local culinary heritage.

The Takamaka Wine Cellar is located in the south, a few minutes away from the Sophie Nature Walk reserve I mentioned earlier.

And this is not your ordinary wine cellar: here they produce lychee wine!

The fruits are harvested from the finest orchards on the island, selected by oenologists, and then processed on the estate. The Takamaka team has developed a unique vinification protocol to turn these lychees into a delicious beverage.

The winery is open to the public every day (except Sundays and public holidays) for tours and tastings.

It’s really an interesting visit off the beaten track in Mauritius. And even though I’m not a big fan of traditional wines, I thought the lychee wine was pretty good!

It is also possible to have lunch on-site, at the estate’s excellent restaurant called Le Bistrot.

All the information can be found on their official website.

Great Places to Eat in Mauritius – Where to Eat Like a Local?

Looking for authentic places to eat in Mauritius like a local? Here are some restaurants that are off the tourist radar, where you can savor delicious home-cooked Mauritian cuisine.


This little restaurant is literally hidden away at the end of an alley in a small mountain village in Mauritius. Yet, its reputation among the locals is well-established!

Customers come from all over the island to enjoy a friendly moment in this authentic establishment. And what makes it well-known is not only the kindness of the owners but especially the delicious cuisine they serve.

The decor is not exactly modern, or rather completely outdated but remains warm and adds to the picturesque charm of the place.

The menu is quite varied, with many typical Mauritian dishes, adapted according to the seasonal produce.

Besides, the portions are extremely generous and the prices very affordable.

If you’re unsure what to choose, I recommend the bol renversé, a typical Mauritian dish, hearty and full of flavor. The best I’ve tasted on the entire island was at this restaurant!

Malibu isn’t easy to find, here’s the GPS point for your directions to get there (it’s better to call ahead to reserve a table: +230 2434020).

Le Domaine Restaurant

This authentic Mauritian restaurant, tucked away in The Vale (a village very close to Grand Baie), is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

Mostly frequented by locals for its delicious and hearty cuisine at Mauritian prices, it offers a memorable off-the-beaten-path experience in Mauritius.

The warm atmosphere and efficient service make it an unmissable spot (even if it’s hard to find without a GPS!).

The eclectic decor and setting in a former garage add to the charm of this place, known for its unbeatable value for money, variety of Mauritian and European dishes, and attentive hospitality.

Chez Tante Athalie

The homely eatery Chez Tante Athalie is located near the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden.

This beautiful and unique restaurant nestled in nature offers an authentic Mauritian culinary experience.

It first stands out for its unique decor: guests are welcomed by a collection of vintage cars passionately restored by the owner and displayed in the garden.

The warm welcome from the hostess, the variety of delicious local dishes, and the friendly atmosphere also make this place one of the best restaurants in Mauritius.

Chez Tante Athalie is a must-visit for those seeking an authentic experience on the island.

Le Palais de Barbizon

This small family-run restaurant is located in the village of Chamarel, in the southwest of the island, and it’s one of my favorite places to eat in Mauritius.

I highly recommend it for lunch, on the day you go exploring the region (there are plenty of things to see over there! I talk about it in my dedicated article: Visiting Chamarel).

The owners are super welcoming and very friendly. The food served is an exquisite home-cooked Creole cuisine, made with fresh and local ingredients.

You can enjoy delicious Mauritian curries, accompanied by their pickles and chutneys. Personally, these are the kind of dishes I relish and never tire of!

And you’ll likely have eyes bigger than your stomach because everything is served with a lot of generosity.

Also, the prices are really very reasonable and rather inexpensive for the quality of service.

The Bus Snack

For an uncommon and truly typical experience, stop by for lunch at The Bus Snack, a small restaurant set up in a bus!

The setting is unusual: you enter the bus and sit down on the original bus seats, between which small tables have been installed.

Once again, it serves typical dishes from Mauritius: boiled noodles, fried noodles, fried rice, or Mauritian curries. Everything is homemade and really very tasty. A simple and flavorful cuisine to be desired!

Le Bus Snack is located in the south of the island between Bel Ombre and Baie du Cap (about 20 minutes from Morne Brabant).

Most of the customers are locals so you’ll really be off the tourist track. And you can eat a full meal for less than 5€.

bus snack mauritius
bus snack mauritius

La Demeure Saint Antoine

This restaurant is also one of my favorite spots among the places to eat in Mauritius.

However, it is quite different from the previous ones as it is located in an old colonial estate, meaning it’s set in a very posh environment!

The restaurant at La Demeure Saint Antoine is more like a guest table. It is set up in an old Creole colonial house.

Tables are placed under the house’s beautiful veranda, overlooking a vast green garden.

La Demeure Saint Antoine is located in Goodlands, in the north of the island a few kilometers from the coast. It’s a magnificent venue that still remains somewhat a hidden gem to tourists.

They offer guest rooms and also welcome customers just for lunch or dinner.

It is essential to book in advance by calling +230 2821823.

The cuisine is local and the dishes served are refined and delicious.

It’s a 3-star establishment, but prices remain much lower than in France for a comparable establishment. Expect to pay about 45€ per person for a starter-main course-dessert menu.

La Demeure Saint Antoine Mauritius
La Demeure Saint Antoine, an exceptional guest table in Mauritius

Renting a Car in Mauritius

Most of these lesser-known sites for tourists in Mauritius are not easily accessible without a car. For the off-the-beaten-path itinerary, forget buses. You could use taxis but that means being tied to someone else’s schedule, not to mention the cost.

For the freedom to explore all these incredible places during your stay in Mauritius, the best solution is to have your own vehicle, which means renting a car.

My advice: to rent a car in Mauritius, avoid the small individual renters. When it comes to insurance in case of damage (not to mention scams), it’s not the best idea and it would be a pity to spoil your stay because of this.

To get the best price and the best insurance for your vehicle rental, you should go through Booking Cars.

In my opinion, they’re the best provider, and I always use them for my trips.

With Booking Cars, you can be sure to:

  • easily compare prices of all available car rentals in Mauritius
  • get a comprehensive insurance coverage
  • receive a quick refund in case of any problems
  • have the option to cancel your reservation for free until the last moment.

They are really professional, available, with impeccable customer service. Plus, if you find a cheaper offer elsewhere, they will refund you the difference!

To compare offers and find your rental car in Mauritius, it’s very simple, just click below:


My Advice

To assist you, I have also prepared a complete guide on car rental in Mauritius.

Inside, I give you plenty of advice on driving in Mauritius, road conditions, and my best tips to rent a car safely at the best price and avoid scams!

It’s available right here: Renting a Car in Mauritius – My Tips and Deals

Travel Insurance for Mauritius: My Advice

My Advice

Many travelers mistakenly think (wrongly) that healthcare in Mauritius is affordable and that they don’t need travel insurance. But in reality, the public healthcare system is fragile and even the slightest private clinic consultation is very expensive!

That’s why it’s essential to take out travel insurance that provides good medical coverage before you leave.

To travel safely, I recommend the following two insurances (both include epidemic coverage – like Covid-19 -, which is very important!)

To subscribe, it’s very simple, just click on the orange links below:

What about you, are you planning to rent a car in Mauritius?

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