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Seaplane Tour in Mauritius: A Magical Experience to Live!

Do you want to have an extraordinary experience during your stay in Mauritius?

Treat yourself to a seaplane flight over the lagoon!

Among all the activities available in Mauritius, this is probably the most memorable.

I had the chance to fly over the North Lagoon with Sealoy Flights and I’ll tell you all about it in detail in this article.

It was sincerely one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had!

Flying over Mauritius by seaplane provides a completely different perspective of the island. From the sky, the ocean and the Mauritian coast offer a unique spectacle of incredible colors. And there’s no way to see this from land or from a boat.

It truly is an experience to have to spice up your holiday in Mauritius even more!

So where and how does a seaplane flight in the north of Mauritius take place? Where do the seaplanes take off from? How do you book and what are the prices?

I’ll tell you everything!

I flew over Mauritius by seaplane and it was extraordinary!

At the start of 2024, I wanted to try a new experience. I was craving thrills and to discover Mauritius from a fresh angle. So I thought: why not from the sky?

Flying over Mauritius by seaplane was an adventure I’d been tempted by for a long time, and I decided to do it over the beautiful North Lagoon.

So I met the Sealoy Flights team early in the morning, on the Azuri beach in the northeast of the island. The temperature was mild and the sky blue, dotted with a few clouds. I had opted for a 30-minute flight that would take me from Amber Island to above Cap Malheureux at the very north.

After a friendly coffee with the team, the lovely Karen equipped me while explaining the flight details and safety instructions. Then I settled aboard alongside Daniel, the pilot.

With the final instructions from Dylan, seatbelt fastened, noise-canceling headset on, I was ready. The adventure could begin!

After a short ride on the water to move away from the beach and pick up speed, the take-off was smooth. In just a few seconds, we were already a hundred meters above the sea, it’s impressive!

By the way, it’s worth knowing that the seaplane isn’t completely closed but open on both sides. This provides an unobstructed view of everything we flew over.

However, if you want to take photos, be careful to keep your arms and phone inside the cockpit, otherwise, with the speed of the air, goodbye smartphone!

We then followed the northeast coast up to the north of the island.

And throughout the journey, it was a true festival of beauty and colors. From the seaplane, you get a crazy view of the islets, the lagoon, and the reefs. You have a palette of blues before your eyes, a real painting. It’s simply beautiful.

In these incredible landscapes, I was able to spot tropicbirds flying, boats, and even turtles swimming around Amber Island!

It’s said that you can also regularly see rays. I wasn’t lucky enough to see them that day, but I hope you will be!

Arriving at Cap Malheureux in the far north, Daniel made a 180° turn to head back towards Azuri Beach. At that moment, I was trying to soak up as many images as possible of these colors and patterns because I knew the flight was almost over.

It must be said that time flies extremely fast up there: the 30 minutes went by without me noticing! If you can afford it, I recommend taking the longest flight offered (the 60-minute one) to enjoy it to the fullest.

After passing back over Amber Island to fly over its other side, it was time for the descent back to the beach. Once again, the landing was extremely smooth and gentle thanks to the pilot’s expertise.

And here we were back on the beach, me still overwhelmed by the incredible show and sensations I had just experienced.

You too, don’t miss out on this unique experience during your stay in Mauritius!

North Mauritius seaplane flight
North Mauritius seaplane flight – Credits: Jonathan Naïgon

Seaplane Flight in Mauritius Over the 7 Northern Islets with Sealoy Flights

Located in Azuri near Rivière du Rempart, the team at Sealoy Flights offers seaplane flights ranging from 15 to 60 minutes departing from the Northeast coast of Mauritius.

The team is incredibly lovely and instantly makes you feel confident and relaxed, warmly greeting each customer with a smile and a small coffee.

Sealoy Flights is one of the few providers offering panoramic flights over the Northern lagoon. Their uniqueness lies in the flight over the 7 northern islets, taking off from the northeast and flying all the way to Cap Malheureux at the northern tip of Mauritius.

When you fly with Sealoy Flights, you’ll have the privilege of admiring from above:

  • Amber island (île d’Ambre), the first and largest of the northern islets
  • Îlot Bernache
  • Îlot Gabriel
  • Flat Island (Île Plate)
  • Round island (île Ronde)
  • Coin de Mire
  • Île aux Serpents

Depending on the chosen flight route, you may also be able to reach Île aux Cerfs, located to the extreme East.

It’s an unparalleled experience to have in Mauritius. The view over the 7 Northern Islets and the lagoon is breathtaking.

From the air, you can spot unique formations, patterns, and colors that you wouldn’t be able to see from land or from a boat. At one point, you can clearly make out what looks like a river in the sea. It’s the kind of thing you have no idea about until you rise above!

seaplane flight mauritius
seaplane flight mauritius

The flyover above Île d’Ambre, with its mangrove, crater, dense vegetation, and the turtles swimming around was also one of my favorite moments.

seaplane flight mauritius
seaplane flight mauritius

And then, as we reached Îlot Coin de Mire (which I didn’t even recognize at first, it looked so small from above!), you can clearly see the famous red church on the beach of Cap Malheureux. It’s just stunning!

seaplane flight over mauritius
seaplane flight over mauritius
My Advice

If you want to keep a memorable souvenir of this experience, Sealoy Flights offers to capture photos and videos for you during the flight, using a camera mounted on one of the plane’s struts.

This allows you to fully enjoy the journey and bring back beautiful pictures and live in the present moment (without risking your smartphone flying away!).

One last thing: the seaplane can only accommodate one passenger, besides the pilot. If you want to enjoy a seaplane flight in Mauritius for two people, you will need to book 2 flights and take turns flying.

That’s what I did that day with my husband. It allowed us to watch each other’s takeoff and landing, and it was great to share our impressions afterward!

Seaplane in Mauritius: Prices and Bookings

So, are you tempted by a seaplane flight in the north of Mauritius?

Here is what you need to know about the rates:

Sealoy Flights offers 3 packages:

  • The Amber Island Flight at 135€: a 15-minute discovery flight to Amber Island and return to Azuri
  • The Turquoise Flight at 190€: a 30-minute flight to Cap Malheureux, flying over the 7 northern islets (the one I tried)
  • The Mythical Flight at 300€: a 60-minute flight along the North coast, all the way to Ile aux Cerfs.
Seaplane flight over the northern isles of Mauritius
Flight over the 7 northern isles with Sealoy Flights

It’s an investment, for sure, but the experience is definitely worth the cost! If you can afford it, I highly encourage you to treat yourself to this gift during your stay. This unique experience will make your holiday in Mauritius even more unforgettable!

You can book your chosen flight directly by clicking here.

Booking your seaplane flight in Mauritius via the Manawa platform ensures you get the same price as if booking directly through Sealoy Flights while saving time. The payment is 100% secure, and once you’ve made the reservation, you will receive all the flight details (date, time, what to bring) by email and SMS.

Sealoy Flights will then contact you directly to confirm the flight and provide you with practical information.

You should book your flight as early as possible because it’s a highly requested activity on the island, there aren’t many flights per day, and thus spots fill up fast!

To do so, click the button below:

Seaplane flight in Mauritius
Seaplane flight in Mauritius over the Northern lagoon

What do you need to prepare for a seaplane flight over Mauritius?

On the day, wear a comfortable outfit, preferably shorts or boardshorts because you’ll need to walk in the water to board the plane.

Since you’ll be entering the water, it’s best to wear flip-flops or sandals. If you come in closed shoes, you’ll have to remove them and leave them at the Sealoy Flights office to board the plane barefoot. I personally was in sneakers and that’s what I did.

Sunglasses are not necessarily needed. Personally, the team advised me to take them off to see the real colors of the lagoon, which the sunglasses can sometimes diminish or alter.

They’ll tell you when making your reservation but be sure to arrive 20 minutes before the scheduled flight time. This is necessary for the safety briefing and for you to get settled in.

Another important point to note is that the seaplane is a very light vehicle that has a weight limit, set at 105kg per passenger.

Finally, be aware that the flight may be rescheduled in case of bad weather. In such an event, you’ll be notified directly by email and SMS.

So here’s a summary of what you need to prepare for your seaplane flight in Mauritius:

  • shorts, boardshorts, or capris
  • sandals or flip-flops
  • Be there 20 minutes in advance
  • A smartphone or camera if you want to take photos yourself
  • For minors (from 14 yrs old): a signed authorization from a parent/legal guardian.

And if you want Sealoy Flights to take photos and videos for you, the option is available for an additional 50€. You will receive 20 photos and a high-definition 15-minute video.

Can Two People Take a Seaplane Flight in Mauritius?

As I mentioned earlier, a seaplane is a small aircraft with only two seats. Therefore, it can only accommodate one passenger at a time, in addition to the pilot.

If you want to fly over Mauritius in a seaplane with your significant other or your best friend, it’s necessary to book two separate flights, one after the other. You will take turns experiencing the flight. The hardest part will be deciding who gets to go first! In my case, I flew first and then my husband followed.

I didn’t find it bothersome not being able to do it together, as it’s impossible to talk up there with the noise of the plane. The experience is all about living in the moment with your eyes. You will have plenty of time to share your impressions afterward.

It also allows you to film each other taking off and landing if you want to keep the memory!

Don’t wait any longer, book your seaplane flight in the northern part of Mauritius by clicking below:

seaplane flight north mauritius
The incredible colors of the lagoon, seen during a seaplane flight in the north of Mauritius

Travel Insurance for Mauritius: My Advice

My Advice

Many travelers wrongly believe that healthcare in Mauritius is affordable and that they don’t need travel insurance. But in reality, the public healthcare system is fragile and even the most minor consultation in a private clinic can be very expensive!

That’s why it’s essential to get a travel insurance with good medical coverage before you go.

To travel safely, I recommend the following two insurances (both include epidemic coverage – like for Covid-19, which is very important!)

Sign-up is very simple, just click on the orange links below:

And you, when do you plan to do your seaplane tour in Mauritius?
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