Visit Grand Bay: Top Things To Do and Must-See Attractions


Things to do in Grand Bay: The Best Places to Visit and Highlights

Grand Bay (or Grand Baie), located in the north of the island, is among the essential places to visit during a trip to Mauritius.

This popular tourist harbor town draws many visitors with its stunning beaches, restaurants, and abundant entertainment options.

Spending a day in this area is a chance to enjoy the white sand and turquoise lagoon, set sail to discover offshore islets, or try scuba diving.

In this article, I’ll detail the best things to see and do in Grand Bay and its vicinity. From dreamy beaches, seaside restaurants, water and outdoor activities: there’s plenty to keep you busy!

At the end of this guide, I will also share my selection of the best hotels to stay in Grand Bay, my favorite restaurants and even some less touristy spots to discover, off the beaten path.

With all this information, I hope to make planning your Grand Bay stay easier and ensure you have a fantastic time!

So, what to see and do in Grand Bay?

Let’s get started!

1. Discover the Most Beautiful Beaches in the North

The Public Beach of Grand Bay, Picturesque

With its colorful little boats and white sand, Grand Bay Beach is irresistibly charming. Skirting the main avenue where all the restaurants are located, it serves as the heart of the town.

Several street vendors have set up their food trucks here. It’s the perfect time to sample local specialties facing the ocean (roti, dholl puri, samosas, mine frit, fried rice, fresh fruits…).

The ambiance on this beach is peaceful, and the sunset is magnificent!

Grand Baie Mauritius
Grand Baie Mauritius

Pereybère Beach, Family-Friendly

About 3km from Grand Bay, the small village of Pereybère also has a must-visit beach during your stay in Mauritius.

Here the atmosphere is friendly and the water is shallow, making it a favorite meeting spot for families.

This small cove nestled in the blue turquoise lagoon is lined with villas. You’ll also find several small food stands offering snacks, pineapples, and fresh coconuts.

My Advice

While it’s great for swimming and sunbathing, don’t bother bringing your snorkel gear to Pereybère Beach. Too clean and well-attended, there’s no fish in sight (unless you venture really far from the shore, but be careful in that case).

Pereybère Beach
Pereybère Beach

La Cuvette Beach, Intimate

Situated between Grand Bay Beach and Pereybère, you will find La Cuvette Beach, less well-known.

It’s personally my favorite. It is small and friendly, mostly frequented by locals.

The beach is lined with black volcanic rocks and trees providing shade.

If you fancy doing some snorkeling in Mauritius, this is a great spot for it. The rocks on the right are home to numerous fish that are easy to observe without venturing too far from the shore.

La Cuvette beach
La Cuvette beach

Cap Malheureux Beach, Authentic

Here’s my favorite spot in Mauritius! There’s something authentically special about Cap Malheureux Beach that can’t be found elsewhere. It’s distinguished by its bright red roofed church, a popular wedding location.

Not very crowded, it’s a quaint, intimate beach, a bit wild and incredibly refreshing, just 10 minutes away from Grand Bay.

In front of the beach, you have an incredible view of Coin de Mire, one of the northern islets that can be reached by boat.

Cap Malheureux Mauritius
Cap Malheureux Mauritius

Mont Choisy Beach, Peaceful

Located 5min from Grand Bay, the expansive Mont Choisy Beach is also among the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius’ north.

If you’re looking for a calm, beautiful and tranquil beach, this is the place to be.

Moreover, a real postcard setting awaits you, with deserted spots where you can enjoy the idyllic surroundings without a tourist rush.

Mont Choisy Beach
Mont Choisy Beach

Trou aux Biches Beach, a Postcard Setting

Following Mont Choisy, the stunning Trou aux Biches Beach is an essential stop near Grand Bay.

It’s considered by many to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius. You’ll immediately understand why, with its pristine white sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters.

It’s no wonder that Trou aux Biches Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa, one of the most prestigious hotels on the island, is located along this beach.

Highly popular in peak season, this beach offers a variety of water sports activities: stand-up paddleboarding, sailing, boat tours…

At the beginning of the beach near the parking area, you’ll find several vendors selling all sorts of snacks.

Trou aux Biches Beach
Trou aux Biches Beach

2. Discover the City through its Cuisine

Among the activities I recommend in Grand Bay, there’s the culinary guided tour. It’s the best way to explore the city and its most picturesque nooks while tasting various local specialties.

Your guide, who knows Grand Bay like the back of their hand, will take you on a roughly 3-hour walking tour through the alleys and most interesting spots of this iconic coastal town of Mauritius.

Along the way, you will stop at the area’s most renowned restaurants and snack bars to try the delicious curries, rougailles, samosas, and other Creole delights.

Most travelers and even Mauritians only know Grand Bay for the beach and the shopping avenue. Thanks to this guided tour, you’re going to discover the city more deeply, learn its history, experience the real Mauritian life and interact with the locals.

Book your culinary guided tour in Grand Bay with just a few clicks via the button below:

3. Northern Islets Cruise

During your stay in Mauritius, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for boat excursions. Sea cruises, speedboats, glass-bottom boats, catamarans… everything is possible!

In Grand Bay, the most popular outing is the catamaran cruise to the Northern islets.

There are three of them, namely: Coin de Mire, Flat Island, and Gabriel Island.

Each islet hosts a precious biodiversity and all three are protected nature reserves.

This full-day excursion around the Northern islands will allow you to get a closer look while enjoying the comfort of a spacious catamaran.

Here’s what awaits you for the day, in summary:

  • Departure in the morning from Grand Baie beach
  • Breakfast served on board
  • Stop at Flat Island
  • Return to the catamaran for a barbecue
  • Heading to Gabriel Island and stopping at its beach
  • Time for swimming or snorkeling for those who want to
  • Then onto Coin de Mire Island
  • Stop at the island’s natural aquarium to swim and observe the abundant reef fish
  • Return to Grand Bay around 4pm

This outing is really very popular, so you should book your spot now by clicking on the button below:

Northern Islets Cruise Mauritius
Northern Islets Cruise in Mauritius

4. Shopping in Grand Bay

At Sunset Boulevard

Right in the center of Grand Bay, shopping fans can indulge in window-shopping and hit the plastic hard at Sunset Boulevard, the “Shopping Village”.

Sunset Boulevard is the main avenue of Grand Bay that runs along the coast. There are lots of craft shops, clothing stores and beach accessory shops.

At La Croisette

You can’t miss it when arriving in Grand Bay: La Croisette is the largest mall in the north of the island.

Located right at the entrance to the city, off the highway, it has everything: restaurants, luxury boutiques, clothing stores, decoration shops, local crafts, supermarket

In the open-air area in the center of the mall, concerts and events often take place on weekends.

If you want to go to the movies in the north of Mauritius, it’s also at La Croisette where it happens.

My Advice

To support local craftsmanship and bring back beautiful souvenirs from your trip to Mauritius, I recommend the “Le Rendez-Vous” boutique at La Croisette, which offers objects, clothing, beauty products, jewelry and other items 100% “made in Mauritius”.

More info on their official website here.

5. Scuba Diving

When visiting Mauritius, you’ll find multiple opportunities to go scuba diving. The northern seabed is among the richest and most enjoyable to explore.

So, there’s no shortage of diving clubs in Grand Bay and the surrounding area!

Among the most reputable ones I recommend:

  • Sunset Diving, a diving center located on Sunset Boulevard in Grand Bay
  • Bubble Diving Center in Trou-aux-Biches
  • and Dive Spirit Mauritius also in Trou-aux-Biches.

If you’re looking to take your first dive in Mauritius, the team at Sunset Diving is really top-notch. After an introduction to safety rules, your instructor will take you to one of the best diving spots in the North, at a shallow depth, for your first underwater dive.

Save time and book your first dive in Grand Bay directly by clicking this button:

And if you’ve already achieved Level 1 in diving, you can book your exploration dive at one of the 30 magnificent diving spots between Grand Bay and Trou aux Biches, again with Sunset Diving.

And all that starting from just 47€ per person by booking your spot in advance via the button below:

6. Thrilling Water Sports Activities

Got energy to burn? Want to let off some steam? There’s also no shortage of water sports and activities in Grand Bay.

Between speedboat trips, skydiving, kitesurfing, paddleboarding, and Seabob diving, you’ll find plenty of options to satisfy your craving for thrills!

You can easily find providers on the beaches and near the hotels.

On Mont Choisy beach, Wildwind Adventures Mauritius offers surfing and paddleboarding sessions, for example.

The company Wanderlust located in Cap Malheureux offers speed-boat excursions.

About 5 minutes from Cap Malheureux, you can also try kitesurfing in the small bay of Anse-la-Raie.

If you want to try something unique, you can also test out Seabob diving in the lagoon of Grand Bay! It’s a truly original experience where you move at high speed on and under water while holding onto a motorized device.

To save time and ensure availability, it’s best to book your Seabob excursion by clicking on the button below:

seabob mauritius
Seabob diving in Mauritius

7. Other Activity Ideas in Grand Bay

An Electric Bike Ride

Want to explore Grand Baie in a different way? I suggest taking a leisurely electric bike ride. It’s the perfect activity to discover the northern coast in every detail without getting tired.

E-Lab Mauritius and Fun Bike located in Grand Bay are two providers that offer electric bike rentals for free rides or guided tours, some with picnics and visits included.

Trying Aerial Yoga

Looking for a relaxing activity during your vacation in Mauritius?

Near the Trou-aux-Biches beach, you can try aerial yoga!

What is it?? Aerial yoga is simply yoga with a twist: a large fabric supports you while suspended and allows you to transition from one position to another while floating in the air. It’s super pleasant! A perfect activity to start or end the day gently.

For that, head over to Yoga Paradise Garden. And for more information, check out Aerial yoga mauritius

8. Even More Ideas for Things to See Around Grand Bay

Visit Labourdonnais Castle

Looking for a cultural visit near Grand Bay? Then, you should check out the Labourdonnais Castle, which is about a 15-minute drive away.

This former colonial residence built in 1856 has been transformed into a museum dedicated to the 19th-century Mauritian lifestyle and the history of the family who built and lived in this castle for over 150 years.

The complete visit includes:

  • exploring the various rooms of the castle,
  • touring the gardens and orchards,
  • and a tasting of rums, juices, and fruit pastes produced on the estate.

It’s a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

You can also have lunch or dinner at the Table du Château, the estate’s gourmet restaurant. Reservations are required at +230 266 71 72.

Labourdonnais Castle Mauritius
Labourdonnais Castle Mauritius

Visit the Sugar Museum

If you’re wondering what to do in Mauritius when it rains, here’s an idea: visit the L’Aventure du Sucre museum.

This museum, dedicated to the culture and trade of sugar in the country, is one of the must-visit cultural attractions of Mauritius.

It’s located at Beau Plan, along the highway leading towards the north coast (about 15 minutes by car from Grand Baie).

The L’Aventure du Sucre site includes:

  • a museum dedicated to the cultivation, harvesting, and processing of sugar cane in Mauritius;
  • a restaurant;
  • and a shop.

The sugar trade is closely linked to the history and culture of Mauritius. As such, it’s a very interesting visit to learn more about the country’s heritage.

All the information you need for your visit can be found on the official website.

Where to Eat in Grand Bay?

The variety of restaurants in Grand Bay is vast. From Chinese restaurants to Italian pizzerias, Indian specialties, to American fast food, there’s something for every taste.

In terms of budget, prices are higher than in the less touristy areas of the island but remain very affordable for Europeans.

I personally have a soft spot for these 3 restaurants that I recommend:

Le Poivrier

On the coastal road leaving Grand Bay, Le Poivrier welcomes you in a very friendly plant-filled setting. The tables are in fact set in a beautiful tropical garden.

The cuisine is varied (Asian, French, American…) and flavorful. You can also taste many flavors of homemade infused rums.

Les Canisses

If you’re looking for a beachfront restaurant in an idyllic setting, head straight to Les Canisses! This restaurant-bar located on the beach in the heart of Grand Bay promises a great time.

It’s one of my favorite spots, especially because the menu includes a delicious vegetarian selection.

For brunch, lunch, or dining on the beach, it’s the best!

In the evenings, there’s often live musicians playing to accompany the meal. A guaranteed good atmosphere 🙂


I always make sure to spend some time at Shlomo when I’m in the North.

This little hip coffee shop on the coastal road of Grand Bay serves super delicious plant-based gourmet dishes, all homemade with fresh and local ingredients!

Once again, the choices are varied: from burgers to poke bowls and pizzas, burritos to tropical salads, all accompanied by fresh juices and artisanal infusions!

My Advice

If you’re planning to dine at a restaurant in Grand Bay on the weekend, or during the peak tourist season, you should book your table in advance to ensure you get a spot.

Where to Stay in Grand Bay?

There’s a wide range of accommodations in Grand Bay and the surrounding villages. Fully equipped apartments, guesthouses, villas, or hotels: it’s up to you to choose based on your desires and budget!

Here’s a small selection of the best accommodations for staying in Grand Bay:

  • Bano Beach Residence: Seaview apartments. Fully equipped kitchen. Right in the center of Grand Baie, across from the beach. Studio starting at 25€ per night. An ideal and comfortable option for budget travelers!
  • La Tonnelle Guest House: Guesthouse in Trou-aux-Biches, 3 minutes walk from the beach. Rooms with private bathrooms. Outdoor pool. Warm welcome and idyllic setting. Starting from 45€/night for a single room, with breakfast included.
  • Azur Beach Boutique Hotel:Nice and comfortable small hotel a stone’s throw from Grand Baie beach, on Sunset Boulevard. Starting from 60€ per night for a single room (breakfast included). Direct ocean view. An ideal location for a stay in Grand Baie.
  • Sakoa Boutik Hotel: 4-star beachfront hotel in Trou-aux-Biches, 15 minutes from Grand Baie. Very attentive staff and truly paradisiacal setting. Around 200€ per night for a double room.
  • Canonnier Beachcomber Golf Resort: Luxury large hotel 5 minutes from the center of Grand Baie. Access to the pool, spa, and beach. 3 restaurants. The perfect accommodation for those seeking a high-end stay in the north of Mauritius. Starting from 250€/night.

How Much Time to Visit Grand Bay?

During your trip to Mauritius, you can dedicate 1, 2, or 3 days to exploring Grand Bay and its surroundings. It depends on your holiday pace and how much time you plan to spend on the beaches, but the region is small and the sights are very close together.

How to Get to Grand Bay?

The easiest way to get to Grand Bay is by renting a car.

For this, I recommend using Booking Cars which guarantees total peace of mind.

By booking your rental car in Mauritius through Booking Cars, you’ll enjoy several benefits:

  • the ability to easily compare prices online,
  • comprehensive insurance protection,
  • quick reimbursement in case of issues,
  • and the option to cancel your booking for free up to the last minute.

To compare rental car offers in Mauritius, click on the button below:

My Advice

I’ve prepared a complete article about car rental in Mauritius with plenty of advice. Read it here: Renting a Car in Mauritius – My Tips and Good Deals

Regarding the travel times to Grand Bay, here they are (to help you plan your itinerary):

  • If you’re already staying in the North, you won’t spend much time on the road.
  • From the South, it will take about 1 hour and 15 minutes on the main road.
  • From the East Coast, count 30 to 45 minutes to get to Grand Baie.
  • And from the West, expect about an hour’s drive.

You can also take the bus to get to Grand Bay. The journey is direct from the Port-Louis bus station (about 30 minutes with the Express bus).

My Advice

If you prefer to be guided and enjoy a condensed visit of the North of Mauritius in one day, I recommend this great guided tour with a driver who takes you to discover Port-Louis, Pamplemousses, Grand Bay, and the northern beaches:

Travel Insurance for Mauritius: My Advice

My Advice

Many travelers mistakenly believe that healthcare in Mauritius is affordable and that they don’t need travel insurance. But in reality, the public healthcare system is fragile, and even the simplest consultation in a private clinic can be very expensive!

That’s why it’s essential to take out travel insurance with good medical coverage before leaving.

To travel to Mauritius safely, I recommend the following two insurance options (both include epidemic coverage – like for COVID-19 – which is very important!)

Signing up is very simple, you just need to click on the links below:

And you, what have you planned to do in Grand Bay?

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