Hiking in Mauritius | Top 25 best Hiking Trails and Nature Walks (All levels)


The Most Beautiful Hikes in Mauritius

Are you planning to go hiking during your stay in Mauritius?

Excellent idea!

Mauritius isn’t just about dreamy beaches; it’s also a true paradise for walkers!

The island is crisscrossed by miles of trails through the tropical forest, leading to spectacular waterfalls or up the summit of mountains.

Among the must-do hikes in Mauritius, you can mention the ascent of Morne Brabant, the route of the 7 Cascades or the hike up Le Pouce Mountain, which you may have already heard about.

And there are many more!

But before you start, I must warn you: most of the hikes in Mauritius take place in the mountains. Although the Mauritius mountains aren’t very high (the highest peak is 828 meters), they can sometimes be quite challenging.

So, if you plan on hiking in Mauritius, it’s essential to be in good physical condition and prepared to climb a lot, and sometimes even scramble.

Another important thing to know: hiking in Mauritius is an activity that is still under development, with trails often poorly or not marked at all. You’ll be venturing into untamed and pristine environments, which can be risky without a good knowledge of the area.

That’s why I strongly recommend hiring professional local guides for hiking in Mauritius.

They will ensure your safety while providing fascinating information about their island. Throughout the article, I will advise you on certified guides for each hike that requires one.

Finally, be aware that most hikes in Mauritius are located in the west and south of the island, where nature is the most unspoiled.

To help you choose the routes that best suit you, I have divided this article into three categories:

  • Easy hikes, accessible to families with children and those who are not very athletic
  • Intermediate hikes, requiring a certain fitness level
  • Difficult hikes, reserved for sports enthusiasts and experienced hikers.

So, what are the most beautiful hiking trails to do in Mauritius?

Let’s go!

Easy Hikes in Mauritius

In this section on easy hikes in Mauritius, I’ve listed those that can be done with children, and which don’t require too much physical effort.

Among the easy hikes in Mauritius, here’s my top 11 of the most beautiful ones you shouldn’t miss.

1. Hiking Le Pouce Mountain

Le Pouce Mountain is the third highest peak in Mauritius, standing at an elevation of 812m right in the heart of the country near the city of Moka.

This mountain gets its name from the shape of its summit, which indeed resembles a thumbs up ??.

I must admit, I hesitated between classifying it as an easy or intermediate hike. After all, it’s still a mountain hike, so it definitely has some climbs, especially the first half-hour. But overall, it’s accessible to everyone unless you really have a hard time going uphill.

I’m lucky to live nearby, so I hike it regularly. On the trail, I often come across families, and the last time I went, I even saw a couple with their newborn who they were carrying in a baby carrier. Well, I must admit that might be a bit of an exaggeration ??.

To give you an idea of the trail, the first kilometer is fairly steep, with a rocky path, but it can be done at your own pace quite calmly. Along the way, you’ll get plenty of stunning viewpoints overlooking Port Louis and the center of the island.

Later on, the trail becomes dirt and flatter, leading to a more relaxed and bucolic walk. The vegetation is denser, with many flowers perfuming the air with their scent. After about 1h15 of walking, you reach a vast meadow with breath-taking views over the north and center of Mauritius.

It is from here that the final part of this hike in Mauritius begins: the ascent to the peak, which is the most vigorous part but also very short (15min max).

You’ll need to use your hands to climb and there are a few dizzying passages. You don’t have to do this last part if you’re not up for it. The view is already magnificent from the ledge just below.

Once at the summit of Le Pouce, you are rewarded with a magnificent 360° view after the climb.

Expect about 1 hour for the descent, amounting to 3 hours in total for the round trip.

If it’s your first time going on this hike, it’s best to be accompanied by a professional local guide. It’s not only safer but also an opportunity to learn interesting things about the plant and animal species you’ll encounter.

Book your guided hike on Le Pouce Mountain in Mauritius by clicking directly below:

Le Pouce Mountain Mauritius
Le Pouce Mountain Mauritius

2. Hiking in Black River Gorges National Park

The Black River Gorges National Park is a true paradise for hikers. It’s the largest nature reserve in the country with 60km of trails winding through lush and wild vegetation.

Black River Gorges offers hikes for all levels, from the easiest to the most strenuous.

Here are two easy hikes I recommend if you’re not very sporty or if you want to explore this nature reserve with your family:

The Gorges View Points Trail

This is the most accessible route in the park, perfect for families and casual walkers.

It provides a great overview of the reserve and the chance to spot its endemic animals, including fruit bats and the Mauritius parakeet (cateau vert).

Head to the park entrance near the village of Black River to find the start of this trail. Pass through the gate, leave your car in the parking area, and walk past the Visitor’s Center. Continue following the path. After crossing the river twice, follow the sign that reads “Macchabee Viewpoint”.

After about 1.5km, you’ll find a kiosk next to the river. Cross the stream on your left and follow the uphill path.

The next landmark is the Plateau Remousse Viewpoint, where you can enjoy a magnificent view over the gorges, the forest, and the ocean on the horizon.

You can turn back here to return to the parking lot. The more adventurous can continue the walk to the next viewpoint, located about 4km from the starting point.

Then, you’ll need to head back down following the same path.

You can easily undertake this short hike on your own, as the trails are well-maintained and well-signposted.

However, if you want to explore Black River Gorges more thoroughly, have the best chance of seeing wild animals (monkeys, giant bats, parrots…), and learn a lot about the history of this place, it’s best to be accompanied by an expert guide!

You’ll embark with them on a 3-hour exploration of the reserve, ending with a swim in the river to finish this adventure in style.

Book your guided hike in Black River Gorges by simply clicking this button:

hiking mauritius black river gorges
hiking mauritius black river gorges

Piton Savanne Trail

Here’s another wonderful hike that you can enjoy with your family in the Black River Gorges Park: the Piton Savanne trail, another summit in Mauritius.

This walk is longer than the previous one, with a distance of 7km to cover in about 4.5 hours of hiking. However, it’s an easy route that can be undertaken with children as young as 6 years old.

Piton Savanne stands at 700m above sea level in the southwest of the island, near Chamarel. You’ll head towards its summit for about 2 hours, on trails lined with guava bushes and traveller’s trees. The hike features stunning viewpoints overlooking the West and South of Mauritius.

The last part is the steepest as you make your way up to the summit. There, a wooden platform awaits you, allowing you to appreciate the panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

The starting point of this hike is located at the other entrance of the park, on the side of Grand Bassin and Chamarel.

This relaxing paced trek isn’t marked, so I highly recommend hiring a guide. Besides ensuring your safety, the guide will share their knowledge of the endemic fauna and flora you’ll encounter along the way.

Book your guide for the Piton Savanne now, for your chosen date, by clicking the button below:

randonnee maurice piton savanne
Hiking in Mauritius – Piton Savanne

3. The Wild South

We now head to the southern coast for one of the most beautiful hikes to do in Mauritius.

A walk along the rugged coastline awaits you, complete with waterfalls, natural pools, and cliffs of black volcanic rocks – all absolutely off the beaten path.

Mauritius’ southern coast is unique because it’s not protected by the coral reef. As a result, the landscapes are very distinct in this part of the island.

The sea is rough, and the cliffs are pounded by waves. This can even remind you of the landscapes of Brittany in France at certain places!

During this 3-hour guided hike, you’ll successively discover:

  • the Bain des Négresses waterfall
  • the beach of Gris Gris and its natural pool
  • the Mamzelle waterfall (arguably the most beautiful on the island!)
  • the Weeping Rock, a striking geological formation

The excursion includes snacks and drinks, as well as photo taking by your guide.

It’s accessible to all, except for those who are afraid of water or have a fear of heights, as there are a few steep passages.

You can book this half-day guided hiking tour in the wild south of Mauritius directly by clicking here!

sud sauvage ile maurice
Guided hiking in the Wild South of Mauritius

4. Chamarel Mountain Hike at Sunrise or Sunset

How about a mountain hike at sunrise or sunset?

That’s what Horazis offers you with this guided excursion on Chamarel Mountain at the hours when the sky dresses in its most beautiful colors.

You can choose to start just before dawn, or late afternoon before dusk.

The trek takes you to the top of Chamarel Mountain in about 1.5 hours of walking, to admire the sun rising or setting on the horizon from the heights.

The spectacle is simply marvelous, with a panoramic view, the ocean on the horizon, and the palette of colors in the sky.

The calmness of the location and the immersion in nature enhance the feeling of serenity experienced during this extraordinary adventure.

Your guide will be there to accompany you to the summit and teach you all about the endemic fauna and flora you will encounter on the way.

This hike is accessible to children from 8 years old. If you have back problems or poor physical condition, I advise against it as it does require quite a bit of climbing.

Book your Chamarel Mountain hike at sunrise or sunset by clicking below:

Chamarel Mountain hike in Mauritius
Chamarel Mountain hike in Mauritius

5. Hiking in Ferney Valley – 5 km Loop

If you want to hike in Mauritius and discover stunning landscapes without much physical effort, Ferney Valley offers the perfect setting.

This nature reserve located in the southeast of the island, near Mahébourg, offers several hiking trails suitable for all levels.

You can choose between a 5 km loop, a 13 km one, and another 20 km one.

It’s the first one that I recommend here as it really poses no difficulty. The walk lasts about 1.5 to 2 hours round trip and the path is flat throughout.

You’ll walk through beautiful landscapes, including forests, hills, and lush meadows. Along the way, you’ll cross a river arm, have the opportunity to approach giant tortoises, and perhaps get the chance to spot some monkeys and endemic birds like the Pink Pigeon or the Mauritius Kestrel.

Near the tortoise enclosure, you can also visit the nursery, where a vast variety of endemic plants are grown as part of the conservation program to restore the native Mauritian forest.

This hike can be done every day, without the need to book in advance. Ferney Valley is open Monday to Sunday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Entry costs around 10€ per adult.

My Advice

Other activities are also available at Ferney Valley, by reservation:

  • a guided hike, to observe wildlife and explore the reserve more in-depth
  • 4×4 tours

Find all the information on their official website.

Ferney Valley in Mauritius
Ferney Valley in Mauritius

6. Hiking in Bel Ombre Reserve – The Two Waterfalls Itinerary

Here’s another beautiful easy hike to enjoy in Mauritius, this time within the natural reserve of Bel Ombre.

Located in the southwest of the island, the Bel Ombre Reserve offers several walking paths through lush and wild nature.

The Two Waterfalls Itinerary is the easiest but is still forbidden for children under 8 years old due to some steep passages.

Hikes in Bel Ombre must be done with a guide.

On this tour, you’ll start off in a 4×4 vehicle that takes you to the starting point of the walk. Then, you’ll trek through the reserve, among forests, valleys, and rivers, for about 2 hours. And as the name suggests, you’ll have the chance to marvel at two stunning waterfalls.

This guided hike also includes a picnic (provided) by the Frederica waterfall.

Book your guided excursion in Bel Ombre Reserve directly via the button below:

bel ombre nature reserve
Bel Ombre Nature Reserve

7. Easy Hike in Mauritius from Rivière des Anguilles

Also in the south of the country, this easy hike will delight those who love rugged coastal landscapes.

You can look forward to a seaside walk of about 4.5 hours round trip in the region of Souillac, a small village emblematic of the South.

The hike starts through sugarcane fields and leads to the volcanic cliffs where the ocean waves crash spectacularly.

The trail continues to showcase wild waterfalls, natural pools, and exceptional coastal landscapes, quite different from the island’s typical white sandy beaches.

Several swimming breaks are planned along the way, allowing you to cool off in the natural plunge pools and under the waterfalls. The hike concludes upon reaching the Senneville waterfall, close to the Gris Gris beach.

This half-day adventure covers mostly flat terrain and is accessible to casual walkers and children from the age of 6.

Book your guide now by clicking here.

cascade senneville
Senneville Waterfall

Bonus – Beach Hikes in Mauritius

While hiking in Mauritius is mainly done in the mountains, that’s not all there is!

Here are 3 beautiful easy hikes to do along the beachfront, with your feet in the sand.

8. Beach walk from Tamarin to Flic-en-Flac

This tranquil hike along the beach from Tamarin to Flic-en-Flac takes about 2.5 hours.

To find the starting point, head to the public beach of Tamarin right here (Google Map point).

There is parking available for your car. Then head to the right to reach the estuary, where the Tamarin River meets the Indian Ocean.

Cross the shallow estuary to reach the other shore and start your walk. Follow the beach to the trail that begins near the rocks and continues under the trees. A few meters further, you will find the beach again.

From there, you just need to follow the coast north and enjoy the sublime landscapes of the lagoon. You’ll pass by the grand hotels of the West coast before arriving at Wolmar and then Flic-en-Flac.

You may continue to the small secluded beach of Villa Caroline (here on the map), which will make your walk about 7km long.

For the return journey, you can take the bus back to Tamarin beach or walk back the same way if you still have the motivation and time.

Of course, you can also do this hike in the opposite direction if you prefer to start from Flic-en-Flac and end at Tamarin.

My Advice

If you take this walk in the late afternoon and the sky is clear, you’ll be able to witness some of the most beautiful sunsets on the island along this trail.

Wolmar Beach
Wolmar Beach – Credits: I&S Clicks

9. Walk around Île aux Bénitiers

Île aux Bénitiers is an uninhabited island located 500m off the West coast, near Morne Brabant.

Shaped like a large seashell (hence its name), it is only 2km long. You can easily walk around it in about 2 hours.

To get to the islet, you must of course take a boat.

You can choose between a day-long catamaran excursion that includes lunch and a stop on the island (book here), or a crossing in a small private boat with a local from the village of La Gaulette.

Personally, I recommend contacting Michaël, a lovely Mauritian who will take you to Île aux Bénitiers on his motorboat from his house located just opposite the islet.

He will have prepared a delicious lunch for you to enjoy on the beach upon arrival. Naturally, the meal is complemented with flavored rums and/or fruit juices. Afterward, you can start a 2-hour digestive walk around the island.

Book your visit to Île aux Bénitiers with Michaël by contacting him directly on Whatsapp at +230 57499777.

Another option to get to Île aux Bénitiers is to opt for a private catamaran crossing for a VIP experience, which can be booked by clicking here.

My Advice

I’ve written a complete guide on Île aux Bénitiers, which you can read right here: Visiting Île aux Bénitiers – Complete Guide

10. Amber Island

In the northeast of Mauritius, Amber Island is another uninhabited islet worth exploring.

It is on this small island that the ship Le Saint-Géran famously wrecked in 1744, inspiring the story of “Paul and Virginie“.

The island, surrounded by a turquoise lagoon, is crossed by a well-maintained trail that offers a great opportunity to discover its nature and history on a hike of about 4.5 km (approximately 2 hours round trip).

To reach Amber Island, there are 2 options:

  • Option 1: Head to the village of Poudre d’Or and its pier to take a taxi-boat (you can book your shuttle to Amber Island with Le Grand Bleu Excursion at +230 59031609).

You can then walk the trail independently. Ask the taxi-boat to pick you up on the other side of the island at the 2nd pier if you don’t want to walk back the same way.

  • Option 2: Join a kayak excursion to Amber Island and visit the islet with a guide. This fantastic combination of kayaking and hiking must be booked in advance by clicking the button below:

My Advice

If you’re going for a hike without a guide, here are some directions to help you navigate:

Once you disembark the boat, climb a few steps at the pier to reach a wide avenue lined with cut volcanic stones. Further ahead, turn right, and then left. Soon you will pass the ruins of an old encampment.

Continue to a second pier and a gazebo, located opposite a round pond. The path continues under the pines. Go around the crater on the right and end your walk at a small beach further along.

You will then need to retrace your steps to return to the starting point.

kayak ile ambre
Kayak excursion to Amber Island

Hiking in Mauritius – Intermediate Level

Let’s move on to more technical trails, reserved for experienced hikers.

Intermediate-level hikes require a bit more endurance and physical fitness. There’s usually more elevation gain, additional kilometers, and sometimes a few vertiginous passages.

However, with an expert guide, you’re guaranteed to have a great time amidst breathtaking natural scenery.

Here are the 6 intermediate-level hiking trails I recommend during your stay in Mauritius.

1. The Ascent of Morne Brabant

This is probably the best-known and most essential hike in Mauritius.

Indeed, Morne Brabant is an iconic mountain, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

It’s located at the southern tip of the island, on its western flank, at the end of a peninsula.

And it’s possible to climb to its summit in about 1h30 of hiking (3 hours round trip), with a rewarding 360° panorama awaiting you at the top.

From its height of 465 meters, Morne Brabant offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding forests and lagoon. From up there, you can even spot the famous underwater waterfall!

This hike up Morne in Mauritius can be done independently, but it’s always better to hire a guide to ensure complete safety and learn a great deal about the rich natural and historical heritage of the mountain.

Book your expert guide who will lead you to the summit of Morne Brabant by clicking below:

My Advice

This hike can be done with the family but I do not recommend it for those who have a fear of heights as some passages are quite steep!

randonnee morne brabant
The incredible viewpoint from the summit of Morne Brabant in Mauritius

2. The 7 Waterfalls Hike – Half Course

Among all the hikes in Mauritius, the 7 Waterfalls is in my opinion the most beautiful on the island. It’s certainly my favorite ??

It’s also known as the Tamarind Falls circuit.

The hike is quite physical and rather long, so guides often suggest splitting the journey in half. If you’re looking for a hike that’s not too difficult, you should opt for the half course, which lasts about 3 hours.

It’s a hike that you must absolutely do with a guide since it’s not marked, and the terrain can be quite tricky if you’re not familiar with it.

You’ll often need to climb using trees for support during ascents, scale rock faces, and cross river streams.

The half course allows you to discover 4 of the 7 waterfalls, in a canyon with a spectacular setting.

Your expert guide will ensure your safety throughout the hike while introducing you to the magnificent nature of this place.

Between forest and rocks, you’ll follow the river and the series of waterfalls where you can take a swim during well-deserved breaks.

This hike is restricted to adults (18 and older) and individuals under 60 years of age. You need to be in good physical condition.

Book your guided hike in Mauritius to the Tamarind Falls now by clicking directly below (this is a highly sought-after excursion, so don’t delay as places fill up fast!):

(to choose the half-course, once the number of participants and the date are selected, choose the first option “Mauritius: 3-hour exploration of the Tamarind Falls”. You have the choice between a morning or early afternoon departure).

randonnee 7 cascades ile maurice
Hiking the 7 cascades in Mauritius

3. Chamarel Waterfall Hike

The tallest waterfall in Mauritius is located at Chamarel, in the southwest of the country.

You can admire it from the viewpoint set up opposite, but it’s even better to see it up close by taking part in a guided hike!

Access to the Chamarel waterfall is regulated, so you must book a guide in order to go there.

You’ll embark on a 3-hour adventure, descending into the gorges until you reach the pool below the waterfall.

Along the way, you will need to climb rocks, cross the river multiple times, and sometimes even swim. This excursion is therefore reserved for experienced hikers who love adventure.

Once you arrive, you’ll be rewarded with the sight of the tallest waterfall in Mauritius (plunging from a height of 100 meters!), where you can swim and enjoy a massage from the waterfall.

For this exceptional hike in Mauritius, you’ll need to come prepared: waterproof shoes, a towel, and a swimsuit are essential.

Book now your adventure hike to the Chamarel waterfall by clickdeling below (I advise you to book well in advance as this is a popular activity!):

Chamarel Waterfall Mauritius
Chamarel Waterfall Mauritius

4. Climbing the Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire

And here’s the champion: the Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire, the tallest mountain in Mauritius!

Contrary to what one might think, this climb is quite accessible. Reaching an altitude of 828m, it doesn’t involve any overly difficult passages, even though it’s quite a climb all the way up.

The round trip journey takes about half a day (approximately 3 to 4 hours). The first part is fairly easy, followed by a more technical trail with magnificent views of the southwest coast and the Black River Gorges.

The final 50 meters are the most challenging. You’ll need to use a rope to reach the summit and enjoy a breathtaking 360° panorama.

Children aged 12 years and older can take part in this medium-difficulty hike.

Once again, I recommend booking your ascent with an experienced instructor for your safety, but also for all the knowledge they can provide!

Click below to join the guided hike to the highest peak in Mauritius:

piton de la petite riviere noire
Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire

5. Hiking to Cascade Léon

Let’s continue with waterfalls, this time with Cascade Léon located at the very south of the island, above the villages of Souillac and Surinam.

Cascade Léon is another hidden gem of Mauritius, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country, nestled in the heart of the tropical forest.

To find it, you’ll need to be accompanied by a professional local guide, who will take you on an adventure for half a day.

This 4.5-hour hike is family-friendly for children as young as 8 years old. It’s quite active but easier than the hikes to Chamarel waterfall or Tamarind Falls.

You’ll make an initial stop at Cascade Cécile before arriving at Cascade Léon, where you’ll have the chance to take a dip before heading back to the starting point.

Book your guided hike to Cascade Léon, in the south of Mauritius, by clicking right here.

Cascade Léon, Mauritius
Cascade Léon, Mauritius

6. Black River Gorges National Park – Intermediate Level Trails

As I mentioned earlier, the Black River Gorges National Park is the largest nature reserve in Mauritius and it offers several hiking trails for all levels.

Here are the best intermediate level trails:

The Ascent of Piton Canot

This hike in Mauritius is of medium difficulty and suitable for children aged 8 years and older. It starts at Chamarel and takes you to the summit of Piton Canot, which stands at 526m high.

You’ll embark on a roughly 3.5-hour walk, with some rather steep sections that require good endurance.

Once at the summit, you’ll be amazed by the 360-degree view of Le Morne and its lagoon, as well as the Chamarel plain. From above, you can also admire the Île aux Bénitiers and the Black River Gorges. On a clear day, the panorama of greens and blues is simply breathtaking!

It’s advisable to undertake this hike with a professional local guide to ensure your safety and to enjoy a serene and enriching experience.

Book your guided hike to Piton Canot, in the southwest of Mauritius, by clicking the button below:

The Macchabée Trail – Colophanes Trail

This is a rather sporty hike covering just over 10km. Expect about 4.5 hours of walking there and back.

You’ll move between dry coastal forest and high-altitude endemic forest. The trails are well-marked, so it’s possible to do this without a guide.

The starting point for this hike is located at the Western entrance of the park, near the village of Grande Rivière Noire.

Once in the park, park your car in the parking lot at the entrance, and pass in front of the Visitor’s Center.

Follow the shaded track and cross the river twice. At the next intersection, turn right towards “Macchabée Viewpoint.”

After the gazebo, cross the river on the left and start climbing the gentle slope on the winding path. Further on, pass by “Remousse Viewpoint” and continue on the narrowing trail, following signs for “Colophanes Trail.”

After about 2.5 km, turn left towards “Macchabée Viewpoint.” You’ll find another gazebo further ahead. From there, descend via a sporty track and turn right towards the “Black River Information Center.”

Lower down, follow the signs to “Pilgrims Trail”. The path is quite challenging at this stage. You’ll then turn left to return to the starting point.

My Advice

Please note: the park opens at 6 am and closes at 6 pm. Keep these opening hours in mind to avoid getting back to the parking lot too late, as you risk getting stuck until the next morning ??

The Macchabée Forest Loop Hike

This circular trail starts at the park’s other entrance on the Grand Bassin side (GPS point here).

During this hike, you will walk along a very well-maintained beautiful path, which includes a stretch on a narrower and more challenging trail. The route is dotted with stunning viewpoints over the gorges. On this approximately 3-hour walk, you’re likely to encounter monkeys, flying foxes, parrots, and other endemic birds and insects.

Here are the directions to follow for this hike in Mauritius:

Start on a wide dirt track, from the Petrin Information Centre. At the next crossroad, follow the trail marked “Macchabée Forest Loop Trail” to reach a first viewpoint over the gorges.

After a straight path, continue straight at the crossroad. At 400m, turn left, following the sign for the “Macchabée Forest Loop”. Here, the track is wide and well-maintained.

Further on, take a left onto a small descending trail that leads to a stream. Enjoy the view of the waterfall. Then, there’s a more strenuous climb through the undergrowth until you return to the track. Take a left and follow the signs for “Petrin Visitor Center” back to the parking area.

7. Ferney Valley – 13km Trail

To finish this list of the most beautiful hikes in Mauritius, for an intermediate level, is the 13km trail of the Vallée de Ferney.

This trail stretches 13km and delves deep into the reserve, with paths through the forest and steeper routes. The trail has an elevation gain of 530m.

You will enjoy superb panoramic views over the valley from higher points along the trail.

Between 3h30 and 4h should be allocated for this hike.

You can plan to do it with your children as it remains accessible, but they have to enjoy walking, especially on uphill trails.</It’s>

La Vallée de Ferney is open every day from 8:30 am to 5 pm. The last departure for this 13km trail is set at 12 pm. (If you arrive later, you will only be able to take the shorter 5km trail mentioned earlier).

Note that it’s also possible to take part in guided hikes in the reserve, but by reservation only.

Vallée de Ferney
Vallée de Ferney, a paradise for hikers

Hiking in Mauritius – Expert Level

Now let’s move on to the expert level: the most intense hikes in Mauritius! These are reserved for seasoned hikers who are accustomed to tramping through nature, aren’t afraid of climbing, and are in excellent physical shape.

These technical hikes are strongly discouraged for minors, the elderly, people with heart conditions, pregnant women, those with a fear of heights, or any health issues.

I highly recommend hiring a guide for these hikes in Mauritius, which require a thorough knowledge of the terrain.

1. Climbing the Pieter Both

The Pieter Both is the most challenging peak to climb in Mauritius!

At 820 meters tall, Pieter Both is the second-highest summit on the island. This mountain, rising in the center of the country, is recognizable by its astonishing rocky globe that seems to balance precariously on its peak. It happens to be one of the must-see natural wonders in Mauritius.

The hike to Pieter Both is the most difficult one in Mauritius. Therefore, it’s reserved for true adventurers, tough sports enthusiasts, and climbing aficionados.

To climb Pieter Both, you need to head to the island’s center, near the town of Moka. And you absolutely must go with a professional local guide. You will indeed require guidance, especially since the last section of the hike involves scaling cliff faces using ropes, a helmet, and a harness!

Your expert mountain guide will provide all the necessary equipment and ensure your safety throughout the climb, all with joy and good spirits for an unforgettable experience.

The great Pieter Both expert in Mauritius is Jah, who will be delighted to accompany you on this adventure, in a group of no more than six people. You will set off with him on a long excursion lasting 7 to 8 hours.

The climb is highly sporty and includes several climbing passages! During the ascent, you will enjoy breath-taking views of the entire island.

Here is a sneak peek of what awaits you, with your guide Jah!

So if you’re not afraid of climbing the great Pieter, book your spot with Jah, the expert guide, by sending a Whatsapp message to +230 59024487. In your message, please specify the number of participants, their ages, and the desired date(s).

I’m already excited for you for the extraordinary adventure that awaits!</to you for the extraordinary adventure that awaits!

pieter both mauritius
The Pieter Both mountain in Mauritius

2. The Tamarind Falls Full Trek

If you’re the athletic type, you can take on the full trek of the 7 Cascades (or Tamarind Falls).

As I mentioned earlier, the Tamarind Falls hike is, in my opinion, the most beautiful trek in Mauritius.

It takes you through an incredible canyon with a series of waterfalls that are each more beautiful than the last.

This is a very demanding excursion, with many steep passages, moments of rock climbing and river crossings.

The full trek allows you to reach the top of the canyon and see all the waterfalls. The hike takes about 4 hours.

It is essential to hire a local guide for this hike in the remote and wild area.

Book your guided hike to the Tamarind Falls of Mauritius by clicking the button below:

(to choose the full trek: After entering the number of participants and date, select the 2nd option “Mauritius: 4-hour Tamarind Falls Exploration with Lunch“)

7 cascades Tamarin
7 Cascades Tamarin

3. The Trois Mamelles Mountain Hike

Near Flic-en-Flac lies a range of 3 mountain peaks called Trois Mamelles, with the highest point reaching over 600m above sea level.

At the top, you can treat your eyes to an unparalleled panorama over the West Coast of the island and the Indian Ocean.

Though rather short (2.5 hours return), this hike is very technical and thus reserved for mountain climbers and experienced adventurers.

You will first reach the mountain ridge, which already offers a breathtaking view of the surroundings. The final part, climbing to the summit of the highest peak, is very vertiginous and similar to rock climbing. If you’re scared of heights, don’t even think about it!

To ensure your safety during this perilous hike, I highly recommend being accompanied by a local guide.

They will pace you comfortably to the top of Trois Mamelles mountain and even provide a snack for you to enjoy at the peak to regain energy before starting the descent.

Tempted by this adventure? If you already have your travel dates, don’t delay and book your guide for this hike in Mauritius by clicking here.

randonnee ile maurice 3 mamelles
Hiking in Mauritius – Trois Mamelle Mountain

4. Hiking in Mauritius – The Parakeet Trail

Here’s a technical trek designed for experienced hikers looking to deeply explore the Black River Gorges National Park.

The Parakeet Trail is a 17km trek within the Black River Gorges National Park. The starting point is at the park entrance near the village of Rivière Noire.

With an elevation gain of about 850m, be prepared to climb and sweat! I recommend planning this hike during the Austral winter (between May and October) rather than in full summer, to avoid the intense heat.

Also, make sure to manage your time well as it will take you around 7 hours to complete the hike. Just a reminder, the park closes its gates at 6 PM.

This trail is relatively uncrowded but well signposted by the park’s signs. Along the way, you’ll have spectacular viewpoints overlooking the southwest coast, cross rivers, and encounter numerous endemic species.

Here are the directions to follow for the Parakeet Trail hike:

After parking at the entrance, take the shaded trail and cross the river twice over concrete bridges.

Head towards the “Macchabée Viewpoint”. After reaching the kiosk, turn right towards the “Parakeet Trail” (marked in sky blue and purple).

Continue on a wide track, then cross a river before beginning a strenuous climb on a narrow 3km trail with a 600m positive elevation gain.

Further up, near the pylons, turn left onto the road. After 400m, turn left again and follow the grass-covered track on the right.

Keep left, then follow the signs for the “Macchabée Trail” and finally the “Black River Information Center” to get back to the starting point.

Black River Gorges National Park
Black River Gorges National Park

5. Ferney Valley – 20km Hike

I’ll wrap up this list of the best hikes to do in Mauritius with the longest and most challenging trail in La Vallée de Ferney.

This is a roughly 20km long route that crosses the reserve and climbs to its heights to explore nearly every corner of it!

This hike is diffosteicult, with an elevation gain of 970m. Expect 5 to 6 hours for the round trip.

I haven’t personally done it yet, but it’s on my list for this year!

If you’re an experienced hiker and you want to truly immerse yourself in this stunning nature reserve for a day, this is the trail to choose for your visit to La Vallée de Ferney.

The last departure for this 20km trail is set for 11:30 AM. You can embark on it independently, as the trails are very well marked, but you also have the option to book a guided hike if you prefer. For that, visit the reserve’s official website.

Make sure you’re well-equipped for this day of hiking: bring sunscreen, mosquito repellent, a hat, a raincoat just in case, plenty of water, and some snacks!

What to Pack for Hiking in Mauritius?

To fully enjoy your hiking experiences in Mauritius, it’s critical to equip yourself wisely.

On the island, the climate is tropical, meaning you’ll encounter mosquitoes, sometimes stifling heat, high humidity, and occasional torrential rains.

My Advice

Regarding this, the best season for hiking in Mauritius is during the Austral winter, which is between May and October.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t hike outside this period, but during the winter, the conditions are generally better for walking. You’ll avoid the extreme heat and the weather will be drier. However, during this season, nightfall comes earlier (around 18:00) so make sure to plan your outings to avoid getting caught out after dark.

To help you prepare for your stay, I’ve detailed more about Mauritius’s seasons in this comprehensive article: The Best Times to Visit Mauritius

Wondering what to bring for a hike in Mauritius? Here is a list of important things to pack:


Here are the essential clothes and accessories for hiking in Mauritius:


  • Mosquito repellent: don’t forget it, especially if you plan to hike in the forests, or you’ll have a very bad time!
  • Sunscreen to prevent burning under the Mauritian sun
  • Light and ergonomic water bottle
  • A picnic or some snacks (obviously!)
  • First aid kit (if you’re hiking without a guide)
  • Solar charger, to recharge your phone just in case
  • Flashlight or headlamp for safety
My Advice

If you’re also looking for a map of hiking trails in Mauritius, I recommend getting the book “Mauritius – 46 Hikes” by Austral editions which lists all the island’s trails, each with a QR Code to scan for the route on your smartphone.

Travel Insurance for Mauritius: My Advice

My Advice

Many travelers mistakenly think that healthcare in Mauritius is affordable and that they don’t need travel insurance. But in reality, the public healthcare system is fragile, and even the most minor private clinic consultation can be very expensive!

That’s why it’s essential to get a travel insurance with good medical coverage before you leave.

For a safe trip, I recommend the following two insurance companies (both include epidemic guarantees – like for Covid-19 -, very important!)

To subscribe, it’s very simple, just click on the orange links below:

  • And you, what hiking trail in Mauritius are you planning to do?

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