Whale Watching in Mauritius | The Definitive Guide


Whale Watching in Mauritius

Are you captivated by wildlife and dreaming of seeing whales during your stay in Mauritius?

You’ve come to the right place!

Mauritius is the perfect location in the Indian Ocean to observe these animals in their natural habitat.

In this article, I’ll explain everything about where, when, and how to observe whales in Mauritius.

These majestic creatures inhabit the warm waters of the Indian Ocean only part of the year, and they must be approached with caution.

That’s why it’s important to choose the right service providers for your sea excursions to watch them.

So, are you ready to dive into the adventure and meet the whales of Mauritius?

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable encounter with these wonderful cetaceans.

Let’s go!

Whale Watching in Mauritius: what’s the best time of the year ?

The warm waters surrounding Mauritius are a sanctuary for several species of marine mammals: colonies of dolphins, sperm whales, and humpback whales!

While dolphins and sperm whales are residents that can be observed all year round in Mauritius, humpback whales are not always present as they are migratory.

They can only be seen during a specific season!

Humpback whales make their way to the waters around Mauritius and Reunion Island around May to June, and stay until October to November.

If you’re determined to see whales in Mauritius, the season to aim for is the Austral winter, specifically between May and November.

These few months are the only time you can have the privilege of observing them in Mauritius.

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The humpback whales migrate to the Indian Ocean to breed.

The rest of the year, they live in the cold polar waters where they feed and build up strength.

Once their reserves are stocked up, they head to the warm waters of the Indian Ocean to mate, give birth and nurse their young. Throughout this period lasting up to 6 months, the whales do not eat and live off their fat reserves!

humpback whale
Witness the dance of humpback whales during your stay from May to November in Mauritius!

Can You Swim with Whales in Mauritius?

It is (thankfully) forbidden to swim with the whales in Mauritius. Simply because these are protected and sensitive animals that need tranquility and should not be disturbed.

The same rule applies to swimming with sperm whales in Mauritius.

There are exemptions only for scientific monitoring conducted by NGOs, as well as for film shootings.

For us, mere onlookers, whale watching in Mauritius is therefore done strictly from the shore or aboard a boat.

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If you’re keen on swimming with marine mammals, you’ll be glad to know that it’s possible to swim with dolphins in Mauritius.

But not just in any manner, of course. It’s a regulated activity and it’s important to choose operators who are respectful towards the animals.

I’ve detailed everything about swimming with dolphins in Mauritius in my comprehensive article, which you can read right here.

sperm whale mauritius
sperm whale mauritius

The Best Whale Watching Tours in Mauritius

While it’s possible to spot whales from the shore, it requires both luck and good eyesight.

So, the most thrilling way to see whales in Mauritius is to join a boat tour that takes you closer to them in the open sea.

These tours are organized from May to October, when humpback whales are present near the Mauritian coasts.

In Mauritius, whales and dolphins are mostly found along the west coast of the island, near Flic-en-Flac, Tamarin, and Morne Brabant.

If you’re looking to take a whale watching boat tour during your stay in Mauritius, please make sure to choose a provider that is certified, responsible, and respectful of the marine environment.

Whale encounters must be approached in the right way, and tours are regulated by strict rules to ensure the safety and tranquility of these magnificent animals.

Here are the key points to consider when choosing your provider:

  • ensure they have the certificate for dolphin and whale watching issued by Mauritius Tourism Authority (don’t hesitate to ask for it before booking your tour!)
  • opt for tours using small boats (rather than large ones like catamarans). This guarantees a more discreet and less intrusive approach for the whales, making your experience more genuine and intimate.
  • choose a well-known operator that comes recommended or has numerous positive reviews.

During the tour, the operator must adhere to a strict code of conduct set out by the current animal welfare regulations in the Mauritian tourism industry, as follows:

  1. Approach marine mammals at a slow speed, parallel to their direction of travel.
  2. Do not approach the animals from the front or from behind
  3. Turn off engines during whale watching
  4. Forbidden to approach closer than 50 meters
  5. No disturbing noises or throwing anything towards the cetaceans to gain their attention.
  6. It is prohibited to touch the whales or enter the water with them.

If all these guidelines are followed, you can look forward to a magical and unforgettable experience, all while respecting the ocean and its inhabitants.

My Advice

Dolswim is among the best service providers in Mauritius for whale watching, as well as for dolphins and sperm whales.

Marine environment experts for many years, they conduct ethical tours where the respect for the animals is paramount.

The guidelines for approaching and observing the cetaceans are strictly adhered to, and they use small boats. They are also flexible with their timing and routes, always keeping their clients’ best interests in mind to maximize the chances of whale and dolphin encounters during the excursion.

With Dolswim on your Mauritian whale watching boat tour, you’re guaranteed an exceptional sea excursion.

Their tours combine swimming with dolphins and whale and sperm whale watching during the season (from May/June to October).

You’ll depart early in the morning, in a small group, for a full morning of discovery and adventure at sea.

You may then have the honor of witnessing males in mating display, mothers with their calves, tail slapping, and breaching.

An absolutely unforgettable show that will make your trip truly unique!

Be aware that Dolswim tours are in high demand and they only take 8 passengers per boat. If you already have your travel dates, I recommend booking your spots as early as possible!

Book your Mauritius whale + dolphin tour directly by clicking on the button below:

humpback whale mauritius
humpback whale mauritius

Which Whales Can You See in Mauritius?

In Mauritius, 2 species of whales can be encountered during sea excursions:

  • the humpback whales, stars of the seas, are migratory and frequent the Indian Ocean only during the southern hemisphere winter
  • and the sperm whales! In Mauritius, you can observe them all year round near the coasts, especially in the west.

Expanding to marine mammals, Mauritius is also home to resident dolphin colonies. The dolphins in Mauritius are present all year, mainly on the West coast (from Le Morne to Tamarin Bay). Among them, you can find 2 different species:

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I tell you everything about the dolphins in Mauritius and the best sea excursions to meet them in my dedicated article, which you can read right here: Swimming with Dolphins in Mauritius – Complete Guide

Do you dream of seeing these majestic animals up close?

In that case, the best way to meet them is to go on an excursion with Dolswim, one of the experts in ethical cetacean watching in Mauritius.

Book your sea excursion to observe dolphins and whales in Mauritius by clicking on this button without delay:

whale tours in mauritius
Whale watching tour in Mauritius

Travel Insurance for Mauritius: My Advice

My Advice

Many travelers mistakenly think that healthcare in Mauritius is affordable and that they don’t need travel insurance. But in reality, the public healthcare system is fragile, and even the most minor private clinic consultation can be very expensive!

That’s why it’s essential to get a travel insurance with good medical coverage before you leave.

For a safe trip, I recommend the following two insurance companies (both include epidemic guarantees – like for Covid-19 -, very important!)

To subscribe, it’s very simple, just click on the orange links below:

And you, do you plan to go on an whale watching tour during your trip in Mauritius?

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